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Initial scan -- color fileX-Rays --

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Initial Scan B & W; Enhanced
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Contrast-Contour Contrast-Contour
Implant broken off Fixed; (Scott G. Ferguson)

Feb 2009

Kinda gross
How this web page came about

Circa 1996 my friend Anees (Andy) Kisana developed the idea that it might be good for people to be able to post their medical history on the web -- if one became ill, a doctor would have the patients' information available from anywhere.  We obtained the domain name  Anees developed an ID bracelet and dog-tag with that URL engraved.  Now we needed a patient, and thus the first page came into being, with me and him as the victims... er subjects.

Kisana's never came to fruition.  By now someone else has that name.

LINK Kisana's Common Sense Religion
and     Bridge Between East And West

LINK:  GI / Endoscopy

  I wanted a copy of the panorama X-ray Dr. Christiansen took in April of 2015.  I had to ask him three times before he sent it and even then he 'dumbed it down' and only gave me this low-res JPEG file.

Kyle Christiansen
1268 W. South Jordan Parkway
Suite #200
South Jordan UT 84095


2015  Dr. Christiansen panorama X-ray

Missing a tooth, 2001

My woman, QianQian (Amy)  July 2008

2010 audiology