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~ Job Description ~ 5/29/2014 ~


 This project is to be  "turn-key" completed,  100% ready  for use at time of final payment.



This project is to be "turn-key" completed, 100% ready for use at time of final payment. Items herein are not intended to describe this project fully but each item is important and must be understood and addressed before construction begins.


Quality of construction and precision of workmanship is important!




Doors. Hallway door is to be relocated to the east and the existing doorway area, floor walls, ceiling is to be refinished so that the old doorway does not remain. Bathroom shall have a new door.  There shall be a door stop.
00 - See diagrams / Blueprint]
20 "Medicine" Cabinet.  A corner medicine cabinet shall be installed over the sink. Another cabinet have shall a door with magnetic latches, and it shall have at least two shelves. Cabinet is to extend into shelf area of an existing cabinet in the adjacent bathroom. A Finish Carpenter may be required to accomplish this or an appropriately sized door may be purchased by contractor, with client approval.
25 Mirrors.
  East wall shall have a large mirror commencing from 4ft above floor to ceiling. Area behind mirror is to be painted the same as the other walls.
2.)  The corner medicine cabinet's door over the sink has a mirror which is to cover the door entirely [see diagram].
27 Windows. The 6 in foot span at North wall of the house represents an existing window which is to be split:
1.) A brick partition 12 in  maximum width is to be constructed to split the existing window in two; bricks are to match the exterior bricks of the house as closely as possible - re-use existing bricks. Brick work is to be staggered.
2.) Glass Block is to be used for lower bathroom window;
3.) Upper double pane bathroom window hinges toward inside (awning window) at top;
4.) A standard single or double-hung window for the existing adjacent bedroom;
  Bathroom window has a (marble) window sill of width 4.5'
30 Shelves & Sills.
1.)  A MARBLE window sill of width 4.5in is at the foot the Glass Block Window.
2.)  A corner medicine cabinet is to be installed over the sink. A marble sill of width 5- '. is to be under this medicine cabinet above the corner sink.
3.)  Shower walls and shower-partition wall between shower and toilet area is to have recessed shelves as per blueprint. These In-wall tiled shower shelves are tiled and have MARBLE sill; height of recessed shelves is 12'.
32 Wall & Insulation
1.) The existing, partially constructed wall is to be insulated, R13 minimum and  North shower wall is to have R13-insulation added - none exists at present.
35 Tiles & Cladding materials. Cladding materials for floor, walls and ceiling are to be determined by customer in consultation and agreement with contractor.
1.)  Bathroom floor and shower floor is to be tiled.
2.)  Shower walls and ceiling are to be tiled.
3.)  Remainder of bathroom walls are to be tiled to a height of 4 ft w/ "bull-nose".
4.)  Recessed selves shall have a ledge / sill and shall be tiled or have a marble sill.
The soap holders are to be installed into the tiled walls [See Order URL].
38 Paint. Upper walls and bathroom ceiling (1 coat primer 2 coats of oil paint) are to be painted; remodeled area in hallway (where the old door was and where the new electrical panel is) are to be painted similarly.
39 Bathroom floor and shower area shall have a waterproof underlayment which extends at least six (6) inches upward against all wall sections. Floor slopes towards linear drain and also slopes from behind the partition wall.
40 Entrance.  Entrance may be raised above existing hardwood floor of hallway approximately 1 in; a raised threshold or marble "lip" to prevent outflow of water onto hallway floor is to be installed. A wedge-shaped ramp is needed in hallway.
41 Fixtures. Urinal, Wall-hung toilet, in-wall tank with ( no Access Panel), Louvres,  Flush Actuator, Wall hung shelf, towel racks, towel ring, towel bars,  curtain rod, coat hangers, Soap dishes tile, hose bib, etc. [See diagrams and Order URL].
42 Shower fixtures.  Overhead shower, Wall-mounted Body Spray (2 ea.) Slide bar Wand Shower (optional) [See parts at Order URL].
Automatic Thermostatic shower valve - set water temperature if possible.
43 Hose. Hose connector (Hose bib) for cleaning the  bathroom (no sweeping:) -location to be determined.
45 Floor drain. One linear floor drain shall be installed to separate the shower area from the toilet area [See diagram and parts at Order URL].
47 Heating ducts.  Air from a duct in existing bedroom is to be split as to divert part of the air flow into the new bathroom and an air duct is to remain in the existing bedroom.
49 Plumbing.  Plumbing is to be copper (not PEX).
53 Circuit breaker box. Sheetrock near box needs to be repaired and repainted. 

~ Electrical ~

NB:  Electrical work has already been contracted - JP Electric.

Ceiling fan.  Ceiling fan (Panasonic FV-11VH2; (Order URL) ) - Exhaust is to be vented to outside via soffit, not attic. NEED PICTURES!

Heater is on separate circuit with its own circuit breaker.

Electrical. [Contractor is JP Electric] New Circuit Breaker Box to service the new bathroom and the existing wiring of the unit. A multitude of ceiling and other electrical lamps and electrical outlets are to be provided [See electrical diagram). East wall is to have electrical outlets and switches to serve bedroom.

Three timer switches [See Order URL)  are to be instilled, one for ceiling fan, one for ceiling heater and one for the lamp of Panasonic FV-11VH2 unit.