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STILTZ Elevator Problem Log

STILTZ Installation

TIMELINE   Problem




8-16-2016       Payment to STILTZ installer to get things going


1st day of installation
2nd day of installation

10-13-2016 Henk van den Ende (STILTZ) promised
to supply  extra remote control for elevator
    Nothing yet
11-07-2016 Missing dust cover:
& Dent in cab: Ugly 220V conduit
11-07-2016 Installed dust cover:
Painted dent in cab: Conduit fixed
Preston of Western Stair Lifts
10-05-2016 One doorstop is loose 10-05-2016   Removed and switched off one door
11-15-2016 On Nov 15, 2016 12:37 AM, "G M" wrote:
My elevator is trapped between floors!
I escaped but the thing is stuck now!
11-16-2016 Problem with elevator door. Daniel
of ESK came right away to fix it.
ESK Quality Remodeling LLC came right away.
Western Stair Lifts replied by email @ 20 hrs
later. STILTZ replied by email some time after that.
  Ugly 220V conduit (see above) 11-7-2016   This was fixed by Western Stair Lifts
11-7-2016       Time, start to finish: 83 days
11-21-2016 Questions about warranty (Henk of STILTZ)   no resolution yet waiting...
11-29-2016 Kevin Hill delivered the promised
remote control
  Delivered and programmed From 10-13-2016
11-29-2016 Henk van den Ende said that STILT's
written warranty is in the mail
12-02-2016 Arrived in mail  
TIMELINE   Problem

Customer Follow-up (2017...) -- Problems, Resolution (?)

12-25-2016 Email to Henk van den Ende  - STILTZ

Elevator safety battery not working

      Subject: ~~|~~ Stiltz Elevator
      Date: December 25, 2016 at 5:18:18 PM MST
      To: Elevator Stiltz <>

...The safety feature catches the cab and locks in-place. Unfortunately what doesn't work is the
battery-back up. When the power goes off the cab freezes in the shaft but it will not go gently
down. It doesn't move, nothing happens.

Please reply after Christmas to let me know what to do.

12-25-2016 A quick reply (Xmas day) -       On Dec 25, 2016, at 6:17 PM,
      Henk van den Ende <> wrote:

Merry Christmas to you as well

If traveling down and the power goes off you will have to wait about 30
seconds for the lift to switch over to the battery backup and step up
transformer. Then turn the key to the off position to reset, and then
back to "on" and it should go down on the battery. It will not travel
upwards. Only down in an emergency 
   Henk van den Ende
  The home lift company

*** UPDATE 2017***


A deficiency:  When 2 or 3 people are in the elevator, many times the cab
can twist just enough (because it's made of light weight metal - and that's
good!) because the weight of occupants is not distributed evenly on the
cab floor. That twisting of the cab floor can cause the elevator door to
register as open, even though the door appears to be closed. I mentioned
this problem in email to my local STILTZ representative / installers
(Western Stair Lifts - they said that they'd report it to STILTZ) and I've
not received an answer after having waited for many months. For example,
when 2 people are in the elevator, the cab floor can twist just enough
to prevent the elevator door from closing. When this happens, it's
obvious (now, with experience) that passengers must attempt to reshuffle
their positions in the cab -- to rearrange so as to shift their weight
on the floor in order to circumvent this problem. It's a pain and it's
embarrassing when one has visitors. Some months ago, Western Stair Lifts
told me -- in response to my complaint about this -- that they would
mention this problem to STILTZ but as of APR-2017 I have not been
contacted concerning this problem.

Subject: ~~|~~ Stiltz Elevator
Date: May 19, 2017 at 11:31:12 PM MDT
To: Stiltz Elevator <>
Cc: Stiltz Elevator <>

Hello, Henk -
Elevator stopped working!  Cab ceiling lights flicker, none of the remotes work;
their batteries are new / good. Cab buttons work only sometimes. I did all the
normal resets and the problem remains.  I need some help!  Soon :-(

Thank you kindly for your soonest reply.
CC: Madeline, Western Stair Lifts

7-12-2017 Emailed to Henk & to Western Stairlifts
Power transient occurred -
Elevator worked for only about one
second afterwards and
died between floors.
It broke:  Nobody was in the elevator cab when the failure happened. 
I emailed Henk &
Western Stairlifts; nobody replied, but I got them
on the phone eventually.
I reported this problem and Preston from Western Stairlifts came 12 hrs later, 5-13-2017.
He discovered that a circuit breaker had blown and he reset the circuit breaker.

The backup battery had drained.  Preston said that the four ceiling LEDs and the remote
control's receiver are powered by the backup battery and this explains why the
ceiling lights had run down. I think that's a DESIGN FLAW.

  !    The elevator should have better surge protection!  (I don't use surge protectors
on my computers because a good power supply has surge protection built in.
None of my powered-up computers suffered during this power transient / surge.)


The elevator died again.

From: G M
Date: Tuesday, January 9, 2018 5:27 PM
Cc: Elevator Stiltz <>;

I called the local service company, Western stair lifts, no response there is only a message saying that they are on vacation until January 15

My elevator is stuck! I'm guessing it's the battery problem which I mentioned to you last year. Please reply as soon as possible!



The elevator repairman is on vacation in Mexico.

From: Kevin Hill <>
Date: January 11, 2018 at 6:22:34 AM MST
To: G M
Cc: Madeline Cassino <>

As per my voice mail, we are currently on a family vacation in Mexico all week and will be returning home late Sunday evening.

I will have Preston contact you on Monday January 15th.


Kevin Hill

Western Stairlifts

2-28-2018   !     The elevator died again.  The cause was that the battery had discharged because the cabin lights remained constantly ON,
discharging the battery.  The remote control's radio receiver in the elevator relies on the elevator's battery in order
to function.  It seems that this is a DESIGN ERROR.  The remote control receiver in the elevator should be powered by
The MAINS supply, in my opinion.  This has caused several malfunctions before and I've notified STILTS about this problem last year --
There has been no reply from STILTZ.

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