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The count is very easy! That's the beauty of the system.


What you do...

You basically count only two kinds of cards: 10's an non-tens.
It's a simple plus-minus count.

You don't need to keep a side-count of Aces.
You can mentally group clumps of cards, and thus avoid counting them individually.

What it is for...

     Estimate the goodness of the deck during play -- bet accordingly.
        It works with one or more decks.

           It will tell you when it is time to bet more, and when to wait.
              It will tell you when to hit, stand, double down and split.

                 You will not have to think what to do. Use the strategy.
                    Your work will be in sticking to the strategy’s demands.


Find out how to  use the +Plus Perfect Strategy  --  order it!   (...Here is a preview)
You will   likely get back your investment in no time!


Compare the +Plus Perfect Strategy
... with the "Mother of all Strategies", Thorp's 10-Count strategy ("Beat the Dealer").
You will appreciate the Power and Ease.

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