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Roulette Prediction Project -

ThisWheel is



"Prediction is very difficult,
 especially if it's
about the future"
  --    Niels Bohr


This Roulette Wheel is FOR SALE


The Eudaemonic Pie; Thomas A. Bass; Hardcover
®  The Eudaemonic Pie; Thomas A. Bass
A computer attack by  iconoclastic whiz-kids, using the KIM microcomputer!

All About Roulette; John Gollehon
John Patrick's Roulette : A Pro's Guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel; John Patrick

Playing Roulette As a Business : A Professional's Guide to Beating the Wheel; R. J. Smart
The Basics of Winning Roulette;

® = Recommended  (stay away from betting-scheme books -- that does not work:)

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Our roulette prediction project - What we did

Email / Correspondence

Data plots -- Graphs
Correlation of Position with "Time To Touchdown"

Correlation between Revolution-time and Position
The distance the ball landed from predicted pocket
The distance the ball bounced from target
Distribution of Position

Raw data are available

Data Set 3 N=528

Data Set 4 N=528

Data  Set 1 N=62

Data  Set 2 N=252

A Concealed Roulette Predicting Computer Suitable for Casino Play -

In the mid 1980s two intrepid pioneers tackled the question of re-entry: How to predict in which pocket the ball would land? This website describes, in pictures and words, how they did it. Also -- a home-brew computer that tells you how to play and how much to bet.

It's FUN PLAY...
Andy's Amazing Card Trick

Breaking Vegas (History Channel)

This Video parallels what we did.

Casino Lisboa, Macao
Wearable Computers
   Nathan's 1979 US Patent 4,357,659

   First Wearable Roulette Computer  [pdf ]
  Gang arrested after £1.3m win at Ritz casino

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