FIJA FICTION: Deadly Care by Richard W. Fulmer

Now here's a novel plot for a novel: a man needs to obtain heart surgery for his 4-month-old daughter. But because the monopoly government health service had predicted the problem late in his wife's pregnancy, and had recommended abortion at the time, it will not now authorize performance of the desperately needed surgery. Worse yet, it's illegal for the man to shop anywhere else for medical services.

Of course he does try to find a surgeon on the black market anyway, gets busted, and now the government wants to make a dramatic and lasting example of him...

Can FIJA save the day? That's for you to read and find out--and getting to the dramatic jury-room conclusion is more than half the fun. What's also exciting to us is the fact that FIJA has now officially been included in a published work of fiction!

Deadly Care will be available in bookstores or by direct order in late November, but you can reserve a copy today by sending $9.95 to Vantage Press, 516 W. 34th St., NY, NY 10001.