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    I am a traditional Chinese women, 35 year sold. Have a daughter, 11 years old as of this year. Now I live together with her. She is reasonable and clever, the love study, and I love her very much.

    I divorced 3 years to have another. Has been be occupied with my work and shine on to see the daughter this several years, has been have no boyfriend. Now my daughter grows up with each passing day, very quickly will throw in the row or column of the study culture. My parents all 60 many year old, the father is retired, I have two elder sisters, a younger brother and a younger sister.

This is I!

I like to exercise, climbing a mountain and traveling; I like to sing and enjoying the classical music, liking to enjoy the race here to dance. I once was music teacher, now I am employed by railroad. in China, I am very satisfied to the work of now.

    I live a green city in Chinese south- the south is rather, here a year, the four seasons are all springs, is all the bird rain fragrance of flower everywhere, a lot of foreign visitors all come the south to travel rather. I have own ideal and purpose, I have ever owned the true love, was also love to hurt, so I wanted to protect the oneself, forgetting past everything, after all I am a women, a mother.

    I want to be in a home that is warm, I am looking for me another half of love, I will hold hands to create the fine life with him together. 

    Dear, if you are that person that I am look for, pleasing the hands of stretch out your enthusiasm, let us faster acquaintanceship, understand, walk together to create our own fine life.

   (My English is not very good, English is worse, asking you to forgive me;

   My email address is

Sincerely Jiaping


I at the left picture.


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