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Wally's Literature
(December '98 Web Page)

"These [candle] methods may soothe by warming and soothing the ear, but studies need to be made to determine the actual effects and any benefits."

Hmm... Is Wally telling us this may not work?

Wally continues: worm.gif (3649 bytes)

This procedure DOES NOT necessarily assist healing or cure any disease... The EAR WILL NOT IMMEDIATELY excrete wax and other substances from this procedure.

Wally cautions:

DO NOT BURN TOO CLOSE to the ear, and USE SAFE, NON-FLAMMABLE MATERIALS (like aluminum foil to catch the ash and damp towels over the head and shoulders) to protect from fire.

DON'T PLACE ANY OBJECTS DIRECTLY IN THE EAR! Make sure the candle or cone is ABOVE the ear opening...

. . . BUT-- Step 2 of Wally's Instructions say:
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