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Government-approved Prayer

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The U.S. the constitution is offended when we do not keep the State separate  from the church. 

Today there is a controversy about prayer -- about praying in schools, praying in city council meetings -- about hiring chaplains in congress, and so on.

Sometimes this issue is brought before a court.  Often the court comes down on the side of religion.   Sometimes the courts mistakenly rule that it's all about giving equal time to all religions.  Sometimes the court even rules that prayer is not a religious thing, so it's OK, after all! (We are not making this up).


We think this is wrong.
We think that religion has no place in government at all. 
Uncle Sam should not be in bed with the church.  Nobody should get a special break from government just because they are religious!

In Utah (Salt Lake City) this issue has come up again.  It was ruled that in order to keep prayer in the city's council meetings, an effort should be made to invite believers of all faiths (and infidels:) to pray.  They will be allowed to give a prayer at the start of council meetings.  You can say anything you want.

That's why we made this web page.

We invite invite anyone*, any organization to email us here so that we can co-ordinate and schedule the prayers.  You can also tell us what you have in mind.  We'll contact you. 

The idea is this:      If so many unconventional prayers are given, atheists hope that  County Councils will soon realize that it's just too uncomfortable.  If this works, we will have the recipe to stop this praying business in government!  Think about it!

LINK:  Two shot dead; seven hurt at Wichita wake...

  Who is invited?


We'll help you get in line at the government's official meetings to say a benediction *, or prayer or anything you want -- straight or far out.   

You can be from any religion -- you can even have no religion (Atheism).

We'd like to hear from people of these religions.  (Organizations and businesses welcome):

Mormons Ku Klux Klan
Christians Shamanism *
Vegans Druids
Hindus Scientology
Animism * Seventh Day Adventists
Satanists Atheists
Skin Heads Moslems
suggest a religion


"Every man has a natural, and, in our 
country, a constitutional right to be a 
 false prophet, as well as a true prophet." 

--Joseph Smith, King Follett
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Must our government judge if a religion is TRUE or FALSE?


Mormon Temple US daped in huge US Flag

The Mormon Temple is draped with an enormous 45-starflag.
This photograph was taken in 1897, when the flag 'adorned'  the
Temple for the  50th anniversary of the arrival of the Mormons.
Marriott Library photo archives.  GEORGE REED Collection.



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an·i·mism n. 1. The attribution of conscious life to natural objects or to nature itself. 2. The belief in the existence of spiritual beings that are separable or separate from bodies. 3. The hypothesis holding that an immaterial force animates the universe. [From Latin anima, soul.]

ben·e·dic·tion  n. 1. A blessing. 2. An invocation of divine blessing, usually at the end of a church service. 3. Often Benediction. Roman Catholic Church. A short service consisting of prayers, the singing of a Eucharistic hymn, and the blessing of the congregation with the host. [Middle English benediccioun, from Old French benedicion, from Latin benedicti˝, benedicti˝n-, from benedictus, past participle of benedicere, to bless : bene, well.

sha·man·ism n. 1. The animistic religion of certain peoples of northern Asia in which mediation between the visible and spirit worlds is effected by shamans. 2. A similar religion or set of beliefs, especially among certain Native American peoples.

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