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   LIGO - Richland, Washington  USA   June 2016   

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     On your GPS device, use this address to navigate to it: 127124 North Route 10 United States Richland, Washington, USA      |     Driving Directions

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This is what it looks like after entering the visitors' center.








There is an auditorium.
The tour begins at 3 pm.


Some previous-generation mirrors are on display in the visitors' center.

       This thing from the 1960s didn't work - the Weber Bar is on display at the LIGO Visitor's Center.












The 1.2m diameter vacuum tunnels are centered in a 4 km long concrete tunnel -
 this shows a demo section of it.




 ← Demo section -
 The vacuum tunnel needs thermal expansion / contraction joints as a first defense.



 ↓ There are explanations posted on the grounds.








There are two legs at right  angle to each other, each stretching for 4 kilometers. Each has a mirror at its end.


     (Wikipedia link.)

The front-and-center screens and consoles of the control center.


To-do list (above) and only-god-knows-what else (right).

 Link -    LIGO Official Site at Hanford WA

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