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Lenin's Tomb 


The Mummy of Lenin            Link: Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen in Mannheim

  Lenin's Tomb October 2000

View towards Lenin's tomb from St. Basil church window  October 2000


View of Lenin's tomb from window across from Red Square 
July 2003.
Customer review:

Forget the Amazon review, this is one of those rare cases in which the movie is actually better than book (it eschews the books unbelievable ending, replacing it with one that is far more plausible). A stellar cast and the great Lee Marvin's last movie, terrific acting and fine direction, what more do you need.

Customer review:

"Mr. Remnick has given us a masterwork. He seamlessly meshes intimate portraits of Soviet citizens within the larger landscape of the last days of the Soviet Empire. He has a rare ability to blend the micro and the macro in a soul-stirring narrative. This is a profound work that is filled with compelling stories. Lenin's Tomb is so superb that even those who avoid "history books" will relish it. Could not more highly recommend this book. The scads of glowing reviews below are all well deserved."

  Russia shuts Red Square
China's "Shenzhou III" April 1, 2002
(AP Photo/Xinhua, Li Gang)


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