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Star City, Russia

Charles Simonyi's description of the Soyuz control panel

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New Soyuz Control Panel  ca. 2009.     Source: charlesinspace.com


Updated Soyuz  Control panel

No snickering please, as the spacecraft itself does not run Windows, this simulator does. It requires more complex software that simulates not only the spacecraft functions, but the spacecraft's environment as well.


Previous generation Soyuz control panel

Before the last update, this is how the Soyuz control panel looked. The navigation computer in the upper right corner is a mechanical analog device where one sets the orbital parameters (as given by ground control) and then the clockwork turns the earth in the proper fashion. If you watch old WW2 submarine movies (Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) you can see similar analog computers directing torpedo fire. The small CRT in the middle is a TV screen that shows some re-entry parameters in the style of an old Atari game, and it can also show video of the rendezvous. The new panel simulates the old one using an Intel 386 chip – selected for its reliability and resistance to radiation in the space environment.                           Source: charlesinspace.com

Vintage Soyuz Control Panel      Source: charlesinspace.com

     Soyuz at Star City   October 2000

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