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Mr. Blumenkrantz started the job but he did not follow through...

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*** Update 2015

Asubsequent contractor determined that the effluent pipe from the toilet which Mr. Blumenkrantz installed was put in a place in the floor from where it is impossible to connect the toilet to an effluent pipe. Thus the planned location of the toilet had to be changed to the opposite wall, obviating the work Mr. Blumenkrantz had done with regard to that effluent pipe.

So, this work Mr. Blumenkrantz did with regard to the pipe routing was for naught and the new contractor had to extended and encase this pipe in the unit on the floor below the bathroom.

The wall to define the bathroom proper had been constructed in the wrong place by Mr. Blumenkrantz's employee; it had to be torn down.

Things which were done correctly by Blumenkrantz -
   There is an existing vertical sewage riser in a wall of the downstairs unit to which the effluent of the upstairs unit was connected by Mr. Blumenkrantz. This connection was done correctly by Mr. Blumenkrantz. Encasement, in white bathroom tile, of horizontal effluent pipe traversing downstairs unitís bathroom ceiling was also done correctly.      -30

Downstairs effluent enclosure:
I wanted sound-proofing insulation in the box. I paid for insulation in this enclosure.  When it was opened later, it was discovered that Blumenkrantz didn't put insulation there.

Mr. Blumenkrantz of Arrowhead Construction bid $8,200 to install a bathroom after examining my detailed construction plan.  This was a two-part project: a bathroom, upstairs and its effluent piping, downstairs.

In early April, a completion date for the downstairs work was agreed upon which was indeed met by Blumenkrantz. $3,500 was paid to Blumenkrantz at this time - just before he left on his vacation.  The upstairs deadline for completion had been left open.  It was understood that it would take some weeks because of Blumenkrantz's other commitments and because of his vacation.

After many delays, broken promises on the part of Blumenkrantz (over 40 emails on file) regarding commencement of construction, by October only minimal work had been done upstairs by Blumenkranz's Arrowhead Remodeling company.  A partial wall had been constructed albeit in the wrong location - misplaced by 4 inches.

In mid October, after nothing further had been done Blumenkrantz and I amicably agreed to terminate our verbal contract.  I expected a refund, what with having paid almost half of the total agreed upon price even though much less than half of the work (maybe 18%) had actually been completed.

Blumenkrantz refused a refund, first sending erroneous billing (on file) and saying that his time spent "emailing" was included.

I could be wrong, but I think that Dennis Blumenkrantz made a mistake in his original bid or purposely gave a low bid in order to sucker me into hiring him to do this job. Or perhaps he later realized that he had bid too low and purposely delayed returning  to finish the work, in the hope that I'd tire of delays and thus look elsewhere; I don't know.

If the latter is indeed so, it worked!

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 Upstairs -

Upstairs - wall built by Blumenkrantz is in wrong location!    
Partially constructed 2x4 wall but Blumenkrantz did not return to complete the work.  He left for more than 4 months.  I had paid Blumenkrantz over $500  in labor to make this wall, not counting the cost of the lumber.  The wall was 4 inches West of its proper location and had to be destroyed and be re-built by subsequent contractor.

The next contractor relocated this wall and made it stronger, using 2x6 lumber.


 Downstairs -

Effluentt of pipe - work completed on time and to satisfaction.

Existing sewage riser was connected correctly.


This is the plan from which Blumenkrantz made his construction bid in April.


  Emails (emphasis, links added - ed.)  All emails on file. There are over 40 emails, many promising that construction is about to begin...
           My invoice from Blumenkrantz -

From: Dennis Blumenkrantz <>
Date: October 17, 2013 at 10:01:27 PM MDT

If I just give you what it cost me to get your project to where it is now it breaks down like this

Frank 16.5 hrs @ $31.00 =$511.5

Home Depot (HD)/Tile=314.24
HD/Lumber refund=(44.70)
HD/grout and paint= $76.76
Kwal Howells/paint=$22.43
Ace Hardware/insulation $19.19
Plumber $1,084.40

That equals $2,680.30
and that leaves only $819.70 to cover my time which is 22 hrs. @ $50.00= $1,100.00

I could be wrong -- it appears that for the work (pictured above), I'm to pay $2,680.30. On a subsequent "corrected" billing Blumenkrantz says that I really should have paid Arrowhead Construction $3,627.46 and that I now owe $127.46 more!