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Scott R. Hale
Plumbing and Heating, In
5490 Riley Ln, Murray, UT

(801) 942-5752

HALE Plumbing Heating & Air

I received this coupon in the mail and so I called. Mike Miller, the friendly fellow from Scott R. Hale Plumbing and Heating, Inc came to the door:

 Mike Miller from HALE Plumbing Heating & Air

After ringing, Mike Miller tries the screen door

 My review

It's overpriced by a lot !
I got another estimate.  I saved about $1,750 for the EXACT same thing -- a new air conditioner (below). 
The saving is more than the price of the air conditioner!

The new Rheem Air Conditioner is being installed;  I think I saved a bunch by NOT using HALE.

The contractor I chose was Hill Heating & Air, (801) 860-6055, located at 980 W. Pages Lane, West Bountiful, 84087. (Tell them I sent you -- and that this fellow needs to get a web page for his business :)  The work was done quickly by Steve.



Stay tuned...

To be fair, Mike Miller said that I'd also get a "Free" iPad (to go with my iMacs, iPod, iPhones and the other iPad!)

Mike Miller recommended that I call PeachTree Insulation, a company which specializes in insulation.  I called PeachTree (801) 390-0873, 920 W. Heritage Park Blvd Suite 200, Layton, Utah, 84041.

I engaged this company to insulate my attic.  Peachtree didn't show up on the appointed day.  A week later, someone from PeachTree called apologized and we rescheduled for another appointment.  PeachTree didn't keep the second appointment either.



From: mike miller
Subject: A/c bid
Date: July 19, 2012

Sorry I was off sick Monday. For a Rheem 14 seer 3.5 ton with a 4 ton coil, which brings it to a 15 ARI rating. Installed complete for $5,250. Book price on that is $8,280
[sic]. If you want we will install a 95% 100 BTU for $3500.00.
Thank, sorry it took so long, I've been off sick.
Mike Miller

Subject: 14AJM
Date: July 23, 2012

Hi Mike,
There seem to be many 14AJM model numbers for Rheem, so I'm still not 100% sure you mean the one in the attached picture below.

My best guess is, from the estimate / bid you gave me is that I'd be buying the model 14AJM42A01, the 3.5 Ton 14.5 Seer Rheem.
Is that correct? Is this exactly the one I'd be buying? That would be nice, it think, because it's a bit more Seer than what we talked, 14.5, instead of 14.0. And combined with that 4-Ton radiator-thing, everything seems copesetic to me.

The price for that unit on Amazon is $1,400.
Your quote for the equipment and installation was $5,250,
So the difference is $3,850

Shipping [from Amazon] would be $159.95, if purchased via Amazon. I know you can get things cheaper than I can, I'm guessing the calculation would be a fair estimate.

If you were to work 80 hours [one full week] on this installation at $46 dollars per hour which, like you said is how much you earn, then not counting the other incidental materials, and not counting the cost of the radiator- thing -- that would come out to $3,690, the number, in my calculation, including shipping costs from Amazon. (I know I didn't include the cost of the radiator coil because I don't know which specific one I'd one I'd be buying, so that's the best I can do.)

Q: What's the best you can do?

My third bid, the fellow I mentioned to you before, maybe, is standing me up and he was supposed to come by last week, so you're all I have, besides the first guy who added some Freon-like stuff (R-22?) and who told me this unit can't be fixed.

Thank you kindly in advance for your reply,


PS: If this takes much longer, I think maybe we're looking at replacing the tenant's furnace now, instead of the air conditioner. Maybe I can suffer thru the rest of the summer with this limp unit which I have now. If we do the furnace, I'd like to have an email on that exact model number that you'd recommend, too, so that I can stay on top of the costs.

Below is the picture of the unit, Rheem 14AJM42A01 which I think we are talking about, yes or no?

 After this email, I didn't hear from Mike Miller again.


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