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A fellow from INVENTHELP.com called me and explained that I'm invited to come to his Sandy, UT office to talk about my invention.  Before the end of the conversation I asked him if I'd be asked for money after this consultation.  He said that it depends on what I want to do.

I asked what would be the maximum I'd be asked to pay.  He said that the Federal Trade Commission made a law that prevents him from giving such information on the telephone.  I don't believe him, but I could be wrong.

I know that the FTC can't make laws.  That fellow told me that I could look it up myself by going to the FTC website.  I guessed that I'd find nothing about that there, so I asked him if he'd be helpful and do this lookup for me and report back. 

This fellow, who wants to help inventors refused to do that; INVENTHELP isn't trying to be helpful.  So, I think it's a scam.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

I recommend for you to read this book, which shows you how you can do all that yourself.

9160 South 300 West
Suite 26
Sandy, UT 84070
1-800-INVENTION (1-800-468-3684)


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