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W o r d   C l o u d   o f   t h i s   w e b   p a g e:

Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009
To: Arno
Subject: Arno and Kodachrome


Dear Arno, 
After your graduation from high school, you evaded the military draft to avoid being sent to Vietnam and so you spent time in Austria to attend a school to learn how to become a hotelier / restaurateur.  Your father paid for almost everything.
You had visited me once at the Fliegerhorst Kaserne, where I was stationed in Germany, at the US army base, near my dwelling in Langendiebach, where I lived with my wife when I was overseas in the army.
Next, you went to Canada to continue evading the draft. There, our father, financed a large house near the Pacific ocean's edge for you, complete with three or so apartment units. You did a lot of work to bring that place up to par. Our father also financed the acquisition of a nearby restaurant, Peter's on Broadway, in Vancouver BC, which you eventually had to abandon due to debt; you became a taxi driver in Canada, before you returned to the US.  Your then-girlfriend Barbara dumped you the day she graduated from dental school and could afford her own place to live.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the family you had fathered your son Julian, in Europe. Julian's Italian mother doggedly tracked you down 15 years later after you had settled in USA and she eventually contacted our parents. Your semi-successful evasions of paternity seem moot now; Julian's mom found our parents. Our mother then flew to Austria to meet Julian whose existence and responsibility you seemed to have done your utmost to hide. She did that in order to establish a family connection.

Concurrently you had borrowed tens of thousands from your fellow restaurateur, Norbert Buchsbaum of Vancouver, BC (the fellow whose wife was tragically murdered in a parking lot in that city), and you never repaid a cent of that; correct me if I'm wrong.


3201 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

In the early 1970's you repeatedly asked me for money, loans, etc., citing imminent dire circumstances. When I loaned you money you have never repaid.  You continued to beg me to loan you more; "borrow” and never repay seems to be your modus operandi. Listen to yourself on these tapes: Please loan me more money
In the 1980's you and your second wife visited Julian's mother in Italy who gave you a tepid welcome. Before that time period you had also dropped in, on a circuitous vacation trip, on one of your previous farm employers in SD whose reception turned out to be "lukewarm", as you said.
Julian, your estranged son, a bright young Austrian-Italian young man, entered university in a European country and studied to become a medical doctor like his grandfather and like your sister. Your father financed Julian's education -- you paid nothing, evading responsibility again. I believe this because you would have bragged about or mentioned it if you had done what's right.       Nov. 20, 2011  

"...Why should people with no kids in school pay for the education of other people's children?"

"...Parents [...] should pay a per student fee for their children, as they do in most European countries where education is much superior."   
Arno Illig,  Richland                             Source:     Link  

Later, Julian visited you in USA, but you still paid almost noting towards Julian's education as far as anyone in the family knows; our father continued, for years, to make monthly payments to your estranged son so that he could attend medical school in Europe.  If your son loves you, it's not obvious; and I think you don't even know where in the world he is.  Nobody in the family knows where he is or what became of him.
Our sister financed your entry into the ultra light airplane business, which failed... Thereafter, our sister had some unsatisfactory business dealings with you as I remember; then, at least one ultra light airplane was stolen from our sister's hangar – this is how I remember it.  Soon after your divorce from your first wife Laurel our parents "experienced" a burglary at their house for which they blamed you explicitly and unequivocally. Some months thereafter, on the telephone, you admitted to me that you knew the whereabouts of some of the stolen items -- our mother's jewelry.  You admitted to me on the phone that you had discovered our mother's stolen jewelry in a pawn shop near your town and that you had contacted no one -- no authority, about this.

Arno's step son,  has a huge
SWASTIKA  tattooed on his

Mein Kampf 
Mein  Jihad

On a later occasion, your current wife's young son, stayed at my house overnight, whilst in transit, escaping to a nearby state. He was a neo-Nazi skinhead with a huge swastika recently tattooed onto his torso, which he proudly displayed to us. He told us  that had driven from your city to Colorado in order to avoid paying child support at home. My woman and I remember this as your step son Jamie's stated reason for his sudden relocation.

Our Mother always said, "Der Aplel Fällt nicht weit fom Baum", yes?

I had remained your friend, your ally; I think you can concede that while no other member in our family would have anything to do with you that I remained your friend and faithful brother. I had visited you and your wives; you and your second wife visited me for Christmas and other occasions. During one such visit you said of her, in her presence, that "she's dumber than a mud fence", remember? (We still have that X-mas video).
On one occasion you dropped in unexpectedly at my house in in order to gain access to your estranged parents who, as you  knew, had flown here to visit me on the occasion of my 50th birthday. Unfortunately they had wanted to avoid meeting you after discovering that you had driven half way across the US to my house, just to meet them! I took you in.
In 2001 you received from me some memorabilia which I had only borrowed myself from our father and our sister -- because of your nagging request.  You had to ask me to do this for you because nobody else in our family would have anything to do with you.
You tricked me into hand-delivering those items, the now 55-year old historic Kodachromes from Ethiopia, which are now the controversy here and which are rotting while in your possession -- to loan them you. You pretended as if you intended to make copies of them, and that then you'd return the originals afterwards.  I had flown to your city for the only purpose to loan these slides to you.  You didn't even have the courtesy to drive me to the airport for my return flight.

After repeatedly having been asked many times by me for their return, you stalled, making excuses such as that you were too sick, etc. and eventually refused to give them back, emailing me that you don't have the money just now to make copies for yourself: "I have been extremely ill for a long time and we just have not been able to deal with this. You said "please have some more patience on this matter...", etc.

Your ploy changed from "you hate me because I earn a lot more money than you do” and / or "we are so broke right now we could not even pay [to have the slides copied]". Finally you used that old cliché, possession is nine tenths of the law... stonewalling that you would not give them back until you're treated better (by the family?). Correct me if I'm wrong; I still have your emails from that time. Back - how it all started.
That sleazy act of yours broke the proverbial camel's back, brother.
Yes, we had had some "political” conversations via email during this time, such as when you identified Rush Limbaugh as your hero ("listening to Limbaugh is like church to me”, you once explained) and berated or belittled Al Gore as a villain and as when you stupidly denied the reality of global warming and so on. I think our political differences are what made you angry with me and decide not to keep your word to return these slides. I could be wrong. Please correct anything here which is wrong.
Maybe you never intended to return those Kodachromes. Now I think you suckered me into "borrowing” them by after my hand-delivery of them to you. I'm not sure.
Then this, my blog with your emails and threats to me caught your attention. Yyou asked me to expunge this blog from
Google even though Google does not host my blog! Only Google can delete things from Google.
In, 2009, and 2010 you threatened a lawsuit using Peter Moore as your attorney. Before you had threatened to do me physical harm as is documented on the blog. The blog has the effect of protecting me in case your threats become reality, no? You have slandered. I find it disadvantageous to tell you more about any blogs "out there" because you are trying to harm me.
Recently you called our sister to talk about what could be done to achieve reconciliation between us siblings (as far as I know she still may believe or think that you stole her airplane); nevertheless she now offered some quite constructive suggestions, which I thought, were very good and proper and agreeable, for a reconciliation.
It's my understanding that you now offered to have those slides copied and that you would return them (not the originals, mind you, as you had agreed and promised in 2001).

Be that as it may, at the same time that you phoned our sister in Alaska about a possible reconciliation, you fired off a fulminating email to me saying that you would sue me, you duplicitous snake. What am I to make of that!
It seems that throughout your life you have had a streak of dishonesty. In the early 60's you and your childhood friends were apprehended stealing a little red Radio Flyer wagon's load heaped to the brim with candy stolen form a vending machine in the State House in Pierre, SD. Our father feared that you might become a juvenile delinquent. Now you have become a successful salesman.
It is informative to me to know what is at the root of this. What set you off to feud with me in the first place? How have I wronged you before all this happened and how can we fix things?

 Here's how this all started...

Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 13:32:57
Subject: RE: ur so-called uncle/Your only warning!!! Pay attention!!!!!!!

Great language, spelling, grammar. THIS IS MY ONLY WARNING TO YOU HARALD!!!!!! If you do NOT expunge the lies you posted about me on Google  (*) IMMEDIATELY, I will sue you for libel, and you will not enjoy it. If need be, I will personally see you will get exactly what you deserve.

Arno  * -- emphasis mine - ed.

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 15:27:51
Subject: RE: ur so-called uncle/Your only warning!!! Pay attention!!!!!!!/ E-mail to my Attorney, Mr. Perer Moore

I've sent this to my attorney, Peter Moore, If you do not expunge this garbage about me from Google  ASAP, will direct him to sue you for slander/libel, and defamation of character. This is your last chance to make things right!!! If you really want to be sued, do the right thing. Otherwise you will pay $$$$$ dearly. Arno

You'd think that yes, by now.
 it's Important, for christ's sake!

Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 12:57:33 -0700
Subject: Spam: Lawsuit against Harald
/Cc to my Attorney, Mr. Perer Moore,  Attorney at Law.


 I see, that you have not yet removed/expunged your slanderous posting about me on Google  . I have advised my Attorney, Peter Moore to sue you for libel/slander and defamation of character with actual action of malice. If it still appears on Google  and not removed, by no later than August 31st, 2009, I have instructed Mr. Moore to commence with legal action against you. It WILL hurt you in your pocketbook, I will $ue you for the max $$$$$$$$. I don’t care about my legal cost$, because you will more than pay for them with my award that I will win from you. Last chance to make things right before it will co$t you megabuck$.

Arno. Cc to my Attorney, [...], $ Lena.

  "If It's Important To YOU, It's Important To Me"

Who, moi? It seems this guy can't open his mouth without lying. 

From: Arno
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 21:53:23 -0700
Subject: Spam: RE: Spam: Harald is unblocked

Don’t forget Harald, my lawsuit against you will commence September 1, 2009 for slander/libel if you don’t expunge your hateblog against me on Google. My attorney is looking forward to his 33.33%. Have another drink, enjoy it while you still can afford to go to the liquor store. Arno. C/c to Peter Moore, Attorney At Law.

Subject: Do the right thing Subject: failure notice
To: Arno


Please be more specific, Arno.  
I can't expunge things from
Google because I don't use Google! No one except Google can expunge things from Google. Your 'thief'-page is NOT hosted by Google for christ's sake.  Let me know what's wrong or false and I'll gladly fix it for you!  One thing I loathe to do is to get any fact wrong.

And again, as before, your emails or letters are NOT private; I can show them to anyone I please.

You know what you need to do.  Do the right thing... soon or later, whenever you find the time...

Kindest regards,

ps... Your attorney works quite cheaply!  As you may know, in the lawsuit which we won against the Hospital which you refused to join but in which you benefited anyway, we had to pay much more, plus expenses, too.  I don't know if you ever thanked your sister for that.  I know you didn't thank me. 

From: Arno
Cc: [sister]
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 14:36:10 -0700
Subject: RE: Arno and Kodachrome

Hi [sister],

Please don’t bother getting yourself involved in this as “mediator”. As you know, I never asked you to do this for us, as Harald just claimed (below). It is not your problem and I don’t want you to waste your precious time on his hateful lunacy against me. If you still wish to waste your time, of course, it is entirely up to you. But as you can see from Harald’s still continuing hatemonger ravings below, what you could do, is to offer psychological treatment to him. I would welcome setting things right between you and us.  To us it is obvious that 60ish year old adult siblings should be rational and let brotherly/sisterly love prevail. We cannot see that Harald is ready to not let hate continue to govern his life. He enjoys hate, that’s just the way he is and probably always will be. He enjoys leading his life this way.

Lastly, we will commence our lawsuit against Harald for malicious slander/libel if he does not instruct Google to remove his hateblog by no later than August 31, 2009. If it is still there on Sept. 1, 2009, my suit against him WILL commence.

Again, thanks for your generous attempt, but I recommend you not waste your time on this seemingly futile effort.


Sara Palin steered me to "DEPARTMENT OF LAW" in the White House for legal advice.  According to the DEPARTMENT OF LAW there, it's actually legal to show others any email one receives.  Correct me if I'm wrong!

From: Arno

Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 10:02:15 -0700
Subject: RE: expunging things from
Thread-Topic: expunging things from Google

I have no idea as to how to expunge things from Google. You always bragged and claimed to be the computer expert and I'm sure with your great knowledge, you can do this. You put it on, you take it off. Even if I wanted to, I have no idea out what and how to do it. Please don't forget the August 31st deadline. Arno


To: Arno
Subject: You must remember this...
I  have to make this quick because Olbermann, then Maddow are coning on soon.

You didn't answer this:
Are you still considering at least copying the slides now, as you told promised?
What set you off
to be so angry with me in the first place -- I asked you before!

Your blog exists because you threatened to do me harm.  That's my protection in case anything happens.  Now you threaten to harm me again, while saying you want reconciliation, you snake.

For the last time, do the right thing; quit whining, be a man; your deadline is still in place, too; for the good of all try not to waste the time you have remaining... gotta go now.

Kind regards, as applicable.

InternetS publisher's statement:  Any inaccuracies will be corrected, if brought to publisher's attention.   Emails received will be posted here, in toto.
Do these things suck? ~~ Unpleasant experiences with people, companies, professionals and organizations. Scams.




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Returning It

From: Arno
To: P.I.
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 22:03:01
Subject:  Another one of Haral's psycopathic
Google postings / Riggs High School, Pierre SD.  Class of 1963

[ Arno emailed this to me.  It's from here ]

From: Arno
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 22:26:29 -0700
Subject: RE: You must remember this...

I NEVER THREATENED TO DO YOU HARM, I SIMLPY SAID I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE. Remember August 31st is your deadline to remove your malicious slander/libel. It has already caused me harm from people asking me about it. Financial harm to me for customers/clients inquiring about my business ethics. My attorney is already licking his lips for one third of the BIG $$$ judgment against you we WILL win. Malicious, intentional defamation of character in a public forum was your BIG mistake which already cost me my reputation and $$$. Sept 1st, 2009 will be a great day for me. Enjoy the next  11 days. I already have pulled the value tax assessed value of your house to which we will attach a lien if you don?t have enough money or unwilling to pay to pay the full amount of the judgment . As your buddy Hussein Obama?s Reverend Jerimiah Wright said: ?The chickens will come home to roost?.

Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 03:07:36 -0600
To:  <Arno>
Subject: Arno's Treat-Denial: "...I promise to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU BIG TIME." -- An Inconvenient Truth.

I asked before: Are you now considering at least copying the slides now, as you promised our sister?   What set you off to be so angry with me in the first place?

You lie about everything, you snake.  Dishonesty is your first choice and your last last refuge. The more you lie, twist, thrash about and try your famous crocodile tears the less believable you seem. (crocodile tears - as our mother often said).

 Link   Arno Crying

Look:  "You will pay dearly..." ---  "Do I have to come over there and beat the shit out of you again like Barry Temprely and Steve Shultz did..." ---  "...he is a 63 year old loser and could be dangerous, especially toward young women..."  ---  " leave me no choice but to come to your house and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AGAIN"  ---  "...I promise to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU BIG TIME." --- "I would bet you wouldn't have the guts to spew your hateful lies if you lived close by

THIS does not  count as a threat -- "I NEVER THREATENED TO DO YOU HARM" ?  What is your home planet?

And to my beautiful (now deceased) ex-wife you wrote:
"Linda, Looks like my Bro still cannot fight his own batles [sic] and still needs to hide under a woman's skirt. (and get a look at her snatch, the pervert, as YOU well know)"

... And, the winner is...
This is a promise, you will pay for these untrue lies[sic]about me, no matter how long it takes, you will pay... (His email font was like that).
(I kept your original fonts, Arno.  On my email screen your font was almost an inch tall.)

Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 04:57:07 -0600
To: <Arno>
Subject: If It's Important To YOU

As for your business ethics, I can only guess what that could mean mean.  I do know of your ethics with your estranged family, son, father, ex-wife and with me.
Are you still considering at least copying the slides?

Your development seems to have arrested at the little red Radio Flyer Wagon stage.   Grow up.  Consider doing the right thing!

It's important to me to get this resolved.  Yes, It's important to me to expunge your things from
Google. Before, I gave you a week with helping me find out how to do it and we still have a few days left.  Have you contacted Google or achieved ANYTHING at all on this?  Do you intend to do nothing?  If so, then that's easy for me to do to...

You promised that you'd make copies of the slides.  How's that coming -- are you really going to do it?
What set you off against me in the first place?


Best regards.

   Tennants at the Home for the Unpleasant - Near Portland, OR.


Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 8:41:03 -0700
From: Arno  <Arno>
Subject: Re: If It's Important To YOU
Sensitivity: Normal

You have bragged for decades what a brilliant computer expert you are. Surely you know how to expunge your hate-blog against me from Google yourself? I'm justs a simpleton idiot when it comes to the internet/computers, as you have told me repeatedly. You put it on, you take it off PERIOD. Constantly insulting me will not win me over you your dilema. I've already got the printout of the tax assessed value ot you house and after I win my jugment against yopu you will either become my tennant or have to find another place to live. I prefer the latter. Don't forget August 31st, 2009, midnight. D-Day.

Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 21:08:44 -0600
To: ARNO <Arno>
From: KRP

Again, do you intend to copy the slides, as you promised our sister? What set you off to be so angry with me?

Best regards


Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 12:08:51 -0600
To: ARNO <Arno>
Subject: Re: If It's Important To YOU

Are you now considering at least copying the slides now, as you promised our sister? What set you off to be so angry with me in the first place

And you still owe me money:


  "I promise !!!!!!!"
 Really, really this time, 
    for sure. Period.

Sunday, August 23, 2009 10:49 PM
From:  ARNO
To:  nowscape@yahoo

Please don't send me any more of your political hate-mails. They are really tiresome. Your hatemongering is very boring. As far as YOUR slides are concerned, this is my LAST response concerning them, PERIOD.

It is a good thing that I did not make copies of them. They are washed out of color and don't even deserve copying as they are.What a waste of $ that would have been to make slides from slides. Mr. computer genious, you should have figured this out years ago. Why are you so fanatical about them anyway? You don't even apper on them at all, you were in Germany with Oma getting a "proper German education" You fool!!!

I have decided, WHEN I CHOSE TO DO SO!!!!  to didgitally revitalize them to their original color and have them professionally put them on DVD so I can watch them in their original splendor on my new digital projector. Then, the originals will be worthless garbage. I will not respond to any of your manias again.

Don't forget midnight, August 31st, 2009. After that date, you will be my new tennant in your ex-house in SLC, unless, of course your hate-blog against me on Google has been expunged.

You asked me "why do I hate you so much"? Look into a mirror, and you will easily find the answer.

'Till September 1st, 2009, when you will hear from my attorney. Bro

No doubt;  No
   Trust me me.  No Joke... 


Pick one up for a friend!

Evolve Beyond Belief


So...Arno says -

"I have decided [...]  to have them professionally put [...] on DVD..."

What a great decision, and how quickly and magnanimously you reached it!  I was afraid that I may have to brow beat you into this, eventually, but no, you volunteered to do the fight thing!

Here are some
professional services

    Search Google

He might decide to go along with the program after all.  Nah!  I could be wrong -- this may drag out a bit longer

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2009 03:30:36 -0600
To: Arno
Subject: RE: "the originals will be worthless garbage"

Arno, during a slow time at work this month I scanned about 1,900 slides and reams of negatives into my computer, including some of the ones from the same batch with which you have absconded. It's not true that I'm not in a single one of the Ethiopian slides -- I saw them, remember, when I was at your house and I know that some of the 400+ shots were taken of me at / near the Haile Selassie Hospital, some on the balcony and some of my beloved Fips der Affe monkey, my green vervet monkey why again, this, your knee-jerk default dishonesty about a little thing that? Jesus fucking christ, be a man ! It was I who I took a lot of those pictures with dad's Edixa camera! I still have that SLR camera. I viewed those slides with you & Sherry when you projected them at your house in your Jadwin converted duplex that October 2001 evening, after I had trustingly hand-carried them to your city. (And the next morning when it was time for me to return home, you threw me $10 for a $25 cab fare to the airport, being too lazy or hung over -- I think hung over -- drive me to the airport.


The gizmo... It's easy but a bit tedious; try it if you don't want to pay to have the copying outsourced. This is a  one-time-only-use  gadget.   After all,  nobody wants  to scan their slides and negatives twice.

You see, I remember perfectly -- holding a grudge helps with this :)

Be that as it may, I did scan my slides and correct the colors using PhotoShop. It's tedious but it doesn't demand a brain surgeon to fix the colors of those original old slides. When you and I and your beautiful wife Sherry watched them at your house in 2001 these Ektachromes were still quite good!

How did you store them... take care of them since then, for them to have deteriorated so badly like you say now? Below I show you just one random sample slide from this same Ethiopia batch, so you can appreciate how well I took care of these heirloom slides -- the ones in my care... they are still vibrant to say the least. They were treated with respect and maintained in a hermetically appropriate copasetic temp / humidity environment, unlike the slovenly treatment which those that you commandeered received, according to your account. No respect.

You say, "I have decided, WHEN I CHOSE TO DO SO!!!! to didgitally revitalize them to their original color and have them professionally put them on DVD so I can watch them in their original splendor on my new digital projector." ---  You should know that it's not entirely reasonable to expect to suzel colors out from where there ain't none.

The originals, "worthless as they are" as you say, will be valuable enough to me, as 1950s family memorabilia --- "the originals will be worthless garbage", you believe, OK, and I still want them to be returned, like you promised.

RE: "
the originals will be worthless garbage" --- I want that "worthless garbage" back, which you borrowed from me, OK? Thanks for understanding.

As I told you, Google is a difficult thing to get things off of; I've never tried it before and you should help, too, adding your arguments to the thing. You've done nothing towards that end yet. Since you held off until now, how will I know that you won't sue me anyway, if I were start this process by myself now?

You say, "
What a waste of $ that would have been to make slides from slides." No, not really. It would have cost, max, 200 dollars back then and we'd have copies now, and... we'd have had no fight! That's not a waste, brother. It is you whose idea it was to borrow the slides in the first place.

I appreciate that you now at last are talking sense, and agree to a reasonable solution to our impasse by caving in and making the long-overdue copies for yourself. Good for you!  All of them there bad feelings could have been avoided -- correct me if I'm wrong -- if you had done the right thing to begin with and had never thoughtlessly quipped "
possession is nine tenths of the law", regarding ownership in this slide controversy; I feel better now.

In this whole trail-of-tears affair, you have made the white trash decisions as far as the guardianship of the slides goes and their return / copying, letting them decay.  But now you seem to have come around to the right way and I give you credit for that.

Bill Maher is on TV as I write. It's billed as a liberal-biased exposé
of Sarah Palin apologizing for a Faith-based Kenyan Witchdoctor misleading her about Down's syndrome. I'll keep you posted.

And again, what is it that set you off against me in the first place? Please tell me.

-- Thanks in advance

To: Arno

You say "Don't forget August 31st, 2009, midnight. D-Day."
If I start working on this, calling
Google, etc... then How do I know you'll really wait until then and not commence legal action before?


I can't  b e l i e v e  this

Sunday, August 23, 2009 10:56 PM
From: Arno

I gave you my word, should be good enough for you ‘nest pas mon ami?   ... it sounds good in French :)

Is your global warming, Dear?
Kindly tell me, if so
Yes, my global's warming, Dear,
But in the morning, no

If Obama's the president
Makes short shrift in the big tent
Say bye-bye, party of NO

Sung to the tune of  - ( )
But In The Morning, No!
COLE PORTER by Julie Wilson

Hear a Free Sample:
hen my old Gunga Din
Brings the Bromo-Seltzer in
That's the time when I'm in low
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 22:45:49 -0400
From: ARNO
To: <  >

Subject: Your answer AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Cc: ***
Sensitivity: Normal

Oh, exclamation points !

This is a sure signal that he's in charge.

 L I N K :
    The Sure Sign

And I told you before, look into your bathroom mirror, and you will see the answer. I told you again and again I want not more (political) hate mail from you. The ONLY exchange of correspondence between us I wish is between your and my attorneys, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 more days left for you to expunge your hateblog on
Google against me.You will finally get what you deserve. If you don't pay the jugement against you I will attach your house, and then decide whether or not to allow you to remain there as a tennant.

You made your bed, now sleep in it.

To: <  >
CC: p***
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 20:31:59 -0700
From: ARNO
Subject: RE: "the originals will be worthless garbage"

I really don
?t care about the 6 slides. What is a  Jadwin duplex? Never  heard of it. Go back to the liquor store down the hill to refresh your memory.
They really are worthless garbage to me, haven
?t seen them since 2001. Probably never will again soon. I don?t want to be reminded of the dysfunctional heritage I stem from, ESPECIALLY YOU
[sic], just look at your (political, psychotic) rantings and ravings below. Look into a mirror and see for yourself, Mr. digital computer genius.  Why should I care about YOUR nostalgic cravings anyway? PLEASE, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. D-Day is only  five days away.

Bcc [sic] to Peter More, Attorney at Law.

From: Arno
CC: P***
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 22:09:33 -0700

Subject: RE: Re: Fwd: Review of my NewSpace Speech

Why should I help you out of the pile of shit you have heaped upon yourself (and me & my family)? Even If I WANTED to help, remember I am the too stupid to understand computer stuff, as you have repeatedly told me. You are the computer genius as you have bragged to everyone (me) for decades. Should be a
cinch for you fix it and ?do the right thing?. You made the poison soup, so eat it yourself.


Dear Mr. Moore,

This is written to Arno, my estranged brother; he asked me to email you and not him from now on.  Please tell him this, what I'm saying here; this is what I want to tell him;  thanks in advance.

Arno, if you will ask I will tell you why I'm angry with you, and I'll not give some goofy platitude as a reason, such as when you tell me "look in the mirror".

  "I like Michigan, 
 the trees are the right height,   just like on the planet    Kolob"

So, really, please say what it is that set you off, anyway? Is it the current political situation?  It seems to have set off some Republicans as of late to do and act irrationally. Many are literally up in arms, as you know.  And your favorite presidential contender, Romney1 lost miserably in the last election.  I can't think of what I did to set you off against me.

Play your didgeridoo, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Ah, like, keep playin' 'til I shoot thru, Blue
Play your didgeridoo
Altogether now!

Now you show just how mean spirited you are! You say you don't care about the slides except to "have them professionally put them on DVD so I can watch them in their original splendor"  In  the same breath you say that they are "worthless garbage" to you and that you will have this garbage reproduced and put on  a "DVD".  Ok, I believe you.

Really, please say what it is that set you off against me to begin with.  These Internets web pages are to help identify who threatened me in case anything happens.  OK?

BTW, When you broadcast, as in your email, "Bcc to Peter More, Attorney at Law",  you are stupidly defeating the purpose of the blind part of Bcc, aren't you?  After all, the "B" in Bcc is to keep the recipient unaware that you've sent a copy to someone else, yes?  What part of Bcc don't you understand?  Which of us, really, is drunk tonight?

When you say "...reminded [me] of the dysfunctional heritage I stem from, ESPECIALLY YOU..." you say something really strange.  You don't stem from my heritage, for christ's sake. You are your own man.  You are the  Hampelmann.   I am not your progenitor, as you say -- I am, sadly and unfortunately -- your sibling.  And your victim.

It would be quite easy to put this feud behind us if you were to do just a couple of easy to do no-cost things!  But you choose to hold on to these "really worthless garbage" slides which you never look at, anyway.  How queer! Be nice!

 'Cc' to Peter More, Attorney Law -- as per Arno's instructions



You should do something to demonstrate good will, too. I cleaned up the Internets' Backup Repository (WayBack Machine) and you should now contact Google like I told you; remember, I gave you until August 27 2009 to help with this.  And demonstrate a set of balls.  Please let me know what they say and whom to contact there.

And again, what is it that set you off against me in the first place? Please tell me.

FYI -- Here are some professional duplicating services:
  Search Google

    "I like Michigan, 
 the trees are the right height,   just like on the planet    Kolob" 

Arno wrote last year: "Did you know that Mitt Romney(R) is a MOMORON... he is Faith Based?" "... [this] Must really rankle you. What goes around, comes around. And it is quite possible, that the next President of the United States (2009) will be a Mormon too, again, ever heard of Mitt Romney, former Governor of the most liberal State, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the home or Ted Kennedy? Chaps your hyde, no doubt."

Perhaps embarrassed that he repeatedly misspelled the word tenant as tennant, Arno, the long-time experienced real estate landlord, fired off duplicate emails to me...   here is an actual un-retouched screen shot.  It looks like junk spam, quite discombobulated; for fun it's shown here...


 Link:  "We went to the park & this is what we saw! It's on it's [sic] mayden [sic] voyage! Around 250 people on board occupancy is close to 500." 4/14/2014
 Link:  It's the Apostrophe HELL web page !


Subject: Re: Harald is unblocked
Hey Mr. compurer genius:
My attorney will correspond with your attorney only. But since you are the smartest person on this planet other than Hillary, I'm sure you can be a lawer in your own defense too. "Go ahead, make my day".  I will enjoy watching you in a court of law acting as your own attorney. Oh, to be a fly on the wall that day!!!!
I suggest you sober up for a few days prior to your spectacular court appearance.
Can't wait, A
 "My attorney will correspond with your attorney only."

I will fix anything on the web that's not true... you know that I am honest with you on this and everything else.

RE: "
My attorney will correspond with your attorney only."   Wait, wait, don't tell me! That's a good idea, attorney to attorney!  Why didn't I think of it?

I cc-email your attorney about everything, even this, just as you instructed me to do.  You don't receive my correspondence because you now block email from me.



Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 16:56:21 -0700
Subject: Re: To what?

Please, next time you send me an e-mail have a subject filled in so I know whether or not to bother opening it. Yes or no to what?
My attorney is still on vacation
hiking the Continental Divide from the Canadian border south. Don't know when he'll be back. Should be close to SLC by now. Maybe you could head him off at the pass and ask him yourself?
No subject line, no more responses.

 Links    "Hiking the Appalachian trail"             The Appalachian trial

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 18:57:11 -0600
Subject: Re: To what?

I asked you several times 2 weeks ago if you want to settle out of court. Try to be civil in your response next time, and quick.
Date: 9/18/2009

As you've seen no doubt your
Google entry has been removed from Google. Now you need to do your thing as it won't be removed from Google forever. YOU NEED TO CALL THEM or it will be put it back automatically by Google's spider in the Internets. Only you can prevent this -- I told you before I can't do everything. Don't believe me? Google yourself, "Arno Illig"!

Let me know if you changed your mind about wanting to settle, this is my last on this.
Date: 9/26/2009

It's been removed from
Google!  Try it! But now I see it's still on YAHOO. Do you want that removed also...

 "Please, next time you send me an e-mail have a subject filled in so I know whether or not to bother opening it!"

HA Ha haha Ha!

Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 14:22
Subject: Re:

Yes, please.



Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 18:21:31 -0700
Subject: Re: Peace Bro

I'm really not interested in engaging in another fight with you. Please leave me alone, go away, and stop harrassing me.



 "respect my with for privacy"

He had a bit of trouble writing about respect... Freud is looking down on him.

Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 13:17:17
Subject: Austana Grad Pic

PLEASE stop sending me your daily hate-mails. I really don't appreciate them.
All I want is peace. Do you think that you could at least respect my with for privacy from you?
Thanks for understanding,


  Link    [ Arno emailed me this Nigerian 419 scam and other similar scams in July and August 2011 ]

Great... so the lawsuit is off! THANK YOU! I

What was his interest in threatening a fight in the first place, then


Nein, nein, nein...

"Because he is very straight forward, knows what he is talking about with his 9,9,9 plan.      Also a very like able fellow. This is what we need for our country to get back on track!"

From: Arno Illig <>
Date: July 30, 2020

Subject: NPR: Herman Cain, Former GOP Presidential Candidate, Dies From COVID-19

Only a Cowadly leftie, WOKE "Progressive" Antifa, Snowflake swampcreature like YOU could find joy in another's death. Despicable.


It's cowards like you, hiding on a hill behind your mouse, afraid to come out into sunshine.

Shame on you, looooser.

You are a microorganism in the Sewage Great Dark Swamp TRUMP will continue to drain. You ain't seen nothing yet, looser.

Just wait till the Hussein Obamagate/KillarygateDNC, criminal investigation attemted Coup'dêtat comes out from our great Attorney General, hopefully before the election.

Good 'ol bumlin' uncle Joe Biden (where's Hunter) and his fake Doctor wife whispering the words in his ear at speeches so won't forget where's he at, will go down bigger than Reagan's 49 state Victory. Can't wait for the Münchhausen on you. How Sweet It Will Be!!



Shari  About me
I am a retired Hairstylist, Mostly due to health. I do have some clients come to my home, I have a small salon in my house. I love sewing, scrapbooking cards, knitting, & crocheting. I'm married to a great guy, he's a
subsitute Teacher & also a Realtor. We have 4 married kids & 10 grandkids, they keep us very busy. Thanks Shari
Sites I've joined:  Craftster Community       Crafty Like Lindy        Herman Cain for President!!        Hope Studios       
Iggy Planet

  "I like Michigan, 
 the trees are the right height,   just like on the planet    Kolob"

"Did you know that Mitt Romney(R)is a MOMORON? How come I have not heard you mention this as he is Faith Biased? As I have said before, Liberalism is a mental disorder, you guys only complain about conservatives when it is an inconvenient truth [DVD], even though your senate leader is a MORON. Must really rankle you. What goes around, comes around. And it is quite possible, that the next President of the United States (2009) will be a Mormon too [...] Chaps your hyde, no doubt."
~ Arno    

Arno Illig commented on GET ON THE CAIN TRAIN  on October 14, 2011 12:13:51 PM MDT



From: "Arno Illig" <>
Sent: November 19, 2011 5:58 AM
Stop The Obama Abortion Agenda

Pummel Obama, Protect Babies...
What Could Be Better?

Hello Pro-Life Patriot.
How would you like to pummel Obama over the next few weeks with Television ads? I mean really clobber him, like he has never been clobbered before?

It is just 14 days until we begin blistering Obama with TV ads across Iowa, and then New that are so powerful that the cowards at YouTube MAY take them down, and television "mainstream media" won't let you see them...

Until they are forced to show them!
I intend to pound Obama in TV ads - politically speaking of course! - like no-one else has since this evil man first announced his bid for the Presidency in 2007. I will say what millions of Americans think, and show TV ads that motivate viewers against this man with their vote in a way that will make any true patriot rejoice.

Would you like to know more?
In this letter, I will explain what we are doing...and how YOU can be part of MAKING HISTORY. Please read this closely and carefully.

Are you ready? it is: Federal law requires that TV stations air the ads of federal candidates - uncensored and unedited - beginning 45 days before a primary
[sic] , and 60 days before a general election.


Arno's second choice:

Date: April 2, 2012 9:08:07 PM MDT
To: KRP < >

"I like Michigan, 
 the trees are the right height,   just like on the planet Kolob"


79 AARON DRIVE # 200

Off (888)323-7868 x 4303
Fax (509)946-0113
Cell (509)948-1122

On Dec 15, 2011, at 3:07 PM, Arno Illig <> wrote:

Since you still refuse to take this off the public domain, having begged you to remove it many times before, you leave me no choice but to still believe you wish to continue your hatemonger campaign against me. Hate is an ugly thing, but you do enjoy it so much. I know that there will be justice in the end, and you will get what you deserve in the long run. I don't hate you, I pity you for the despicable excuse of a MAN you are, at the level of coelenterate. I have never known a worse COWARD than you. How you must hate yourself. Pity.

If there is anything I can do to help you recover from you obvious serious mental disorders, please feel free to ask.

I'm willing to help you. Otherwise I BEG you again to stop sending me your emails, I don't want them. Stop harassing me please. Arno
Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2011 8:07 AM
To: Arno Illig
Subject: Re: "If there is anything I can do to help you recover from you obvious serious mental disorders, please feel free to ask."
Importance: High

What set you off to be against me, in the first place?
From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: RE: "If there is anything I can do to help you recover from you obvious serious mental disorders, please feel free to ask."
Date: December 17, 2011 3:54:09 PM MST

Your love of hate.

Subject: I'm willing to help you. Otherwise I BEG you again to stop sending me your emails,
Date: January 7, 2012 6:04:46 AM MST
To: Arno Illig <>

RE: "I'm willing to help you. Otherwise I BEG you again to stop sending me your emails"

OK, you are willing to help. What will you do in return? And what set you off against me in the first place?


  2001From: about me
Sent: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 9:36 AM
To: Arno Illig

So, what set you off against me in the first place? What will happen if I remove it from Google ?

Sent from my iPad

From: Arno Illig <>
Date: January 12, 2012 9:08:23 PM MST

We can attempt to renormalize our brotherly relationship IF you expunge ALL the hate & lies you have published about me on all the internet outlets such as Google & Yahoo as well as others,
and others that appeared in the public domain. I will be checking them, and if they are not gone soon, nothing will have changed, and I will still hate you 'till you have the courage to do the right thing you have promised many times before. If you haven't all of them expunged, then there is nothing left form me t0 do except appeal to your decency and regret to proceed with legal action. You have given ne a lot of grief with job applications because of this hate mail from you read by prospective employers. And I have to justify it. It is hard to get a good paying job with you destroying my character. Please stop it. Arno

Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 8:59 PM
To: Arno Illig

OK. So, what set you off against me in the first place? And what will you do for me? Why do you need a job?

Sent from my

From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Harald's continuing hate blogs on
GooGoogle  Yahoo, his gleeful lies against me, hurting my good reputation.
Date: January 13, 2012 9:20:27 AM MST
Cc: [...]

What you need to do is to expunge Your hateblogs about me on the web.
AGAIN PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS. I BEG you please stop harassing me. Do I have to come to SLC to convince you?? Just stop it, that's all I ask. Please respect my wishes. Please don't make me do things that we will both be sorry for.


From: Arno Illig <>
Date: January 13, 2012 7:49:01 PM MST
Cc: [...]

Come to my house and I'll show you what I will do for you. COWARD.

To: Arno Illig
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 12:51 PM
Subject: Re: Harald's continuing hate blogs on
Google & Yahoo, his gleeful lies against me, hurting my good reputation.

Ok. But what will you do for me FIRST?
Again, what set you off against me in the first place?
Why do I have to ask every fucking thing fuckiing-seven times?
Why do you have job interviews at your age?

Sent from my

From: Arno Illig <>
Date: January 13, 2012 7:40 PM MST

Mind your own business and Stop sending me your hatemails. What I will do for you FIRST is come to SLC and deal with you personally.

Arno sent this snail-mailed article on Jan 20, 2012.  Link    "Measure aims to rein in social network"
I removed Arno's web pages:

Subject: Re: Come to my house and I'll show you what I will do for you. COWARD.
Date: February 1, 2012 8:24:17 AM MST
To: Arno Illig <>

Dear Arno:
I took it off the internet FIRST, as you asked.
Now the ball is in your court; I will wait a reasonable time.


 I've taken it off first like he asked...

Subject: Re: Come to my house and I'll show you what I will do for you. COWARD.
Date: February 6, 2012 10:26:33 AM MST
To: Arno Illig <>

Last week, I had taken it off FIRST like you asked. Its your turn now to quickly reciprocate.

He still hasn't learned how it works on the 'Net but he seems to be enjoying this...

From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Liar
Date: February 8, 2012 9:13:55 AM MST
To: 'KRP' < >


How come you are suddenly able to take it off now? You kept on saying for years now, that you cannot take it off yourself!!! BTW, I just Googled and Yahood for it and it still appears there.
Once I cannot find it anymore on the web, I will consider making copies for you.
reputational damage you have caused me still lingers w.r.t. my business contacts.
How does it feel to live in the new
al of the US when Mitt Romney becomes Pres.?

So, I've put it back on for the last time.  Now it's his turn to go FIRST...


  "I like Michigan, 
 the trees are the right height,   just like on the planet Kolob"

To: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Re: Liar | So' I've put it back on again. Now it's his turn to go FIRST...
Date: February 8, 2012 9:43:46 AM MST

OK; I've put it back up. BTW learn something about how it all works on the 'Net. :)
Check your latest comments there.  And no more FIRSTs by me, OK?

Kindest regards.

So, what set you off against me in the first place?

  I emailed this to Arno:    

Grinnell Glacier, 1940 and now.    Source:

To: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Re: Liberalism is a mental disorder (direct quote by the genious Dr. Micahel Savage (bet you don't even know who he is)
Date: February 9, 2012 12:02:59 PM MST

Dear Arno -
I *did* remove your pages from the web last week! And FIRST, too, as you wanted.

You need to understand that the web spiders which crawl around the www-'Net to index page content don't come around to every page instantly! This index-building ain't no mo as it was years ago - there are just too many pages. Nowadays it can take years or even decades for these net crawlers to make their updating-rounds (unless one pays for special speedy attention / treatment). That's just how it is. But in extreme cases, Google and Yahoo and Lycos and WayBack and those, do work with individuals and corporations to remove offensive or inaccurate material but one needs to call them, work with them, explain what's the problem, etc.

But you know this. Before, I had volunteered to work with you and Google, if you remember, but you did nothing except try to insult me with name calling. Fortunately name-calling has little effect on me. What I do: I just consider the source.

The best, from your point of view, which could have obtained, is that you should have accepted my removal of all your HTML and .mp3's and links last week (and last year?). Yes, you'd still be on the indexes, but not forever. I thought you'd be satisfied with my FIRST removal this time around. It took a long time to clean all that up; you're welcome. Maybe you didn't know how all that works. You should have googled 'web spider, web crawler, Lycos' or some such, to come up to speed. I tried to tell you years ago when you first complained that it is *I* who should "remove you from Google" in order to avoid your lawsuit and other threats. Nobody but Google removes things from Google, as I explained to you at the time.

These pages exist because you threatened me. What set you off against me in the first place? What do you hear from Julian?

I know that you know that I really did remove your pages and voice files. I know you know because I have the ability to see what traffic comes to nowscape. (I use an App called Google Analytics to record those data). I'm the webmaster for christ's sake.

Please don't advise me about what kind of job to get. I know that you don't have my best interests in mind. I've been retired for almost eight years now. As Rachel Maddow explains on TV these days, ..."older Americans are doing OK even in these hard times..." in this financial crisis which Bush' legacy has bestowed upon the middle class with the banking fiasco and the real estate scams. That's because of Social Security, she explained. And it's true. I' been taking SS too, of course. Between it, and the free
* Veteran Administration health benefits, and my retirement pay, and my IRAs and 457s, my Swiss survivor annuity from dad and my Apple stock and my Tesla stock and my tennant's rent income, things are going swimmingly, thank god, praise the lord, but above all, keep your fingers crossed. My income now is more than what it was when I was employed slaving over a hot kitchen computer.  Be nice!

* Well, the free VA health benefits aren't completely free; there's a slight charge. But the service is excellent -- so far.


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Liberalism is a mental disorder (direct quote by the genious Dr. Micahel Savage (bet you don't even know who he is)
Date: February 9, 2012 8:46:30 AM MST
Cc: [...]

Liberal liar-cheaters like you will do anything to sabotage (sic) RESULTS OF A SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT. I’ve seen it many times with your Global Warming sickos where it was proven they skewed their “results” to suit their sick political biases.
I will Burn the slides if you will not remove your hate monger character assassinations on me from the web. Don’t forget, people who see what you did to me online think YOU are the psychopath for devoting so much time to your hatemongering. You are one sick masochistic/sadistic
pigdog. For the last time, PLEASE don’t contact me again/anymore. I beg you to show some character decency. Don’t make me do thins that we will both regret. How many times do I have to tell you to just leave me alone?


From: Arno Illig <>
Date: February 9, 2012 3:53:57 PM MST
Cc: [...]

If I get one more hatemail or any other contact from you, after begging you multiple times NOT to contact me anymore or ever again, you leave me no choice but do deal with you face to face. You won’t like it when I see you in Mit Romney’s new US Capital, This is FINAL, coward.

"If It's Important To YOU,
It's Important To Me"
Arno Illig, REALTOR
79 Aaron Dr. # 200
Richland, WA 99352

Tf (888) 323-7868 X 4303
Off (509) 946-6611
Fax (509) 946-0113

Cell (509) 948-1122



From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: RE: Emailing: Arno Illig treatens to Beat up his brother.htm /Liar, its still there, just foud it
Date: February 9, 2012 3:58:54 PM MST

OK, you asked for it. See you soon. You won’t be holding my hand asshole, you’ll be feeling it psyco.

Arno is going to work for Mitt Romney like he was going to work for Herman Cain :)

From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: RE: Arno Illig treatens to Beat up his brother again
Date: February 9, 2012 4:09:48 PM MST

Hey Psyco, how can I reply to what you don’t send me anymore? Moron!! I will only send you Mitt Romney political stuff. When I start working for Mitt, I will move to SLC and it will be much easier for me to deal with you appropriately.


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: RE: Arno Illig treatens to Beat up his brother again
Date: February 9, 2012 4:22:49 PM MST

Moron, You will love the smell of burning celluloid slides in the morning. The color corrected copies look really good on my new 55” Sony Blue Ray flat screen. You should see them, much better than the old yellow faded original slides. Next time we can have a family slide show. You will be amazed by their excellent quality. It is only right that my brotherly love for you demands I share this joy with you.

His email font was like this:
Moron, You will love the smell ...

To: Arno Illig
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 3:11 PM
Subject: What set you off against me in the first place?

BTW, seriously, what do you hear from Julian? I've lost contact for many years.

Thanks in advance.

Sent from my iPad


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: RE: What set you off against me in the first place?
Date: February 9, 2012 4:26:29 PM MST

Ask you LOSER daughters, they have been corresponding w/ him. I thought you just forbade me to ever respond to you, Psyco.

To: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Your old Sony Bravia 55-in LCD TV...
Date: February 9, 2012 4:55:56 PM MST

Re... Your old Sony Bravia 55-in LCD TV...
...was a bad model; I got rid of my Sony Bravia several years ago. The motion blur is intolerable, even though it has a high refresh rate - for an LCD. And that TV even isn't 3-D. Upgrade to Panasonic or LG, those are the most recently best rated in Consumer Reports.  Blue Ray is old fashioned now. Have you considered getting a new Apple TV?


... and how can he "swap" something he admittedly doesn't own?


I wonder what this "bar" is!?



  Could he mean
the 'Sony Sound Bar' ?

From: Arno Illig <>

Subject: Good Subject Line Etiquette / No subject line - no response.

Date:Mar 3, 2012 PM 3:49:33 PM MST

However, would consider swapping slides for the bar.  

79 AARON DRIVE # 200

Off (888)323-7868 x 4303
Fax (509)946-0113
Cell (509)948-1122

From: Arno
Subject:   Slides 
Date: Mon, 1  Dec 2  1 1 :27:13
From: Arno Illig <>
Date:Mar 5,, 2012 3:22:29 PM MST

Here he seems to be disparaging our mother (he calls her by her first name, Renata -- who does that?

BTW, Arno's mother, was pregnant in 1934-1944.

He calls his father Karl:).  Arno fathered a son, Julian, in Italy. Julian's Italian mother doggedly tracked you down 15 years later after Arno had settled in North America and she eventually contacted our parents. Our mother flew to Austria immediately to meet Julian whose existence Arno seemed to want to hide.

Here, in one fell swoop he disparages -
    *  our mother (for being a slut)
our father (for fathering a bastard - me)
me - (for being the bastard)
Julian, his only known child
        (for being a bastard)
Julian's mom - in Strehgberg
        (for being a slut)
    his car (for its poor rating).
himself (for fathering a bastard - Julian).

Subject: Re: "wrong Response paradox", Nein,nein, nein!
Date: April 3, 2012 12:12:09 PM MDT

Albeit, now I know why you look like Dick Cheney (currently) before his head transplant, in that pic of you in Transylvania with the other old loser fart trying to buy young Slavic pussy.

Must be because you are Renata's bastard son. Ever done the math?????? I know you are the smartest "man???" in the world, but ...even you should have figured out by now why Renata went to the Eulenhof farmer on her bicycle every day for "eggs" in 1943-1944 when Karl was still a POW.

Or maybe it was her Persian (Iranian) boyfriend that made you so smart? You make me puke, you self-loathing mentally deranged psycopath and whimp to boot. With a diametrically opposed superiority complex. And you call yourself a man. You are a joke. Why dont you sell your fake phantom Apple shares which you claim you have and buy a Lexus?

I just made an offer on a pre-owned 1979 BMW 740i. What does your precious Consumer Report(s) say about this car? A few ounces of my gold bullion I bought 15+ years ago should cover it.
Slides=bar, try to
figue it out, NOT SONY< stupid.
BTW (sic) albeit, what ever was it that
set you off me anyway?

Finally I've told you many times not to email me anymore, to no avail. Too bad there is no law against it and I have to deal with you
PERSONNALLY. You will force me to block you asshole.


His spelling, "wheelborrow", I attribute to a Freudian slip.  He didn't borrow -- I think he stole.

His spelling of "inferiority" I attribute to, well...

Date: April 3, 2012 2:24:42 PM MDT

You fucking sicko braggard. Dont you even know that inflation affects all commodities as well as your alleged paper shares of stock? You are the liar. You dont have any Apple shares, just wishing you did. You dont have the guts to gamble the stock markes. At least my gold will never be worth zero, neither will my real estate and rentals. Your paper assets could be worthless tomorrow. Better sell now before you will need a wheelborrow of them to buy a loaf of bread or eggs from the Eulenhof like your mother did. I dont believe you have any shares of stock, just wishful thinking and bragging. Youve always been a braggard to make up for your inadequacies as a "male"??? and you extreme iferiority complex. But what do I know? you have the degree i psycocology. I also was told by Petra you were married, another lie. Who would mary a girlyboy like you anyway except for money. How much money have you spent to date buying sex? I bet I could buy a new Mercedes for that. Who would fuck you for free anyway, you disgusting old pervert. BTW her name is spelled SHARI, like the restaurant, not Sherry, you ignorant illiterate. We both hate you immensely.

Slides????? still want to trade for the BAR? Otherwise you will NEVER EVER see them again, not in your miserable lifetime, unless you have the courage to come to my house and ask for them politely, then I might just hand them over to you, just like that. Think Egypt.

Subject: Re: since I emailed you 1 1/2 hrs ago.
Date: April 4, 2012 9:31:12 AM MDT
To: KRP < >

Well Mr. "Be Nice" The abhorrent expletive language you use against me also makes me "afraid" of you. I'm glad you did not come to my house when you were here (didn't even know you were here) because I would have been afraid of you harming me. Why don't you wrap up the bar (no, not the Sony) and send it to me. Be nice, let's be friends, you know which bar I want. Hint: The one you STOLE (thief) from Karl & Renata, remember?
I think that nowadays its a lot cheaper to put the slides on DVD than 10 years ago. I found someone who will do it for $0.15/slide an color correct as well. That's a lot better than before, then I can get rid of the originals.
BTW, what does your precious Consumer Reports have to say about my BMW 740i? Should I buy it?
Finaly, my new-found friend, would you please repeat step-by-step on how to tell my computer how to not accept anymore e-mails from you? I guess (you were right) that I'm too stupid to figure it out myself.
Waiting with baited breath for your instructions, I remain hopeful. Apple stock today is $629.32 up 10.69 I would sell ASAP. My gold lost 0.45 overnight but my silver gained 1/2%. YTD silver is up 19.3%. That's good enough for me, no being greedy.

Sent from my iPad 7

Subject: Dear Arno
Date: April 5, 2012 2:15:11 AM MDT

Arno, you should really be nicer. I have no idea what set you off against me and you won't say. The only thing I can think of is that I asked for the slides back after you tricked me into delivering them to you in @ 2000. I think you always planned to keep them -- I had an inkling at the time form the way you waffled and weaseled, in our discussion at the time, about who would pay for your copy of the slides. I think you never intended to make a copy -- correct me if I'm wrong. I think you never intended to make a copy because it looked to be expensive. You tried to have me to pay for photocopying the slides and I didn't want to do it; after all the copies were to be for your benefit.

You should remember that I was the only one in the family that stood by you to the end. I loaned you money. I spoke up on your behalf when nobody, not our parents and not Petra would have anything to do with you. When you were in dire straits I would be the one you'd turn to. listen to those tapes again to refresh your memory. They all said, in those times that you had stolen from them. At first I didn't know what to believe. Now I think they were right all along. You can't redeem yourself unless you return the slides -- which mean nothing to you or to me -- unless you return them. It's the principle of the thing. There is no "Bar", whatever that may be, that can redeem.

Be nice. Don't twist everything. Else you'll wind up actually believing the lies you make -- just like Joseph Smith and a host of others I could name.

When you decided to abscond with the slides, I see now that you wanted to desperately hang onto something, anything -- memories -- from the family which rejected you. I can understand that. But dishonesty is not a thing that will endear you to anyone and it can seldom fix things. Dishonesty makes things worse almost every time.

Make a copy of those slides for yourself and return them -- be done with this animosity. Even though I think they may be quite valuable now -- they are history, after all; return them to the place where you took them form. They were last at Petra's house from where I borrowed them and that's where I think the belong. Petra is a great steward of family artifacts as I think you know.

You should try to understand why you have been rejected. I think it's something wrong with your pre-frontal cortex, the area of the brain that reigns in impulse and checks improper social behavior. You can't help it; that's just how god made you. You say on one of your tapes that you don't notice this pathological behavior -- you feel normal, but it's not so. Everyone else notices. But knowing that, realizing that, you can be a normal member of society if you consciously overcome those impulse which normal people do, to a more or less successful level, automatically. It's some effort you'd be cursed to make on a normal basis in order to behave as normal. Many are successful in that; and counseling can help sometimes. Try to do this and your life will improve -- your life with your lovely wife -- and you'll make and have and keep friends too.

Kindest regards,
-- if applicable


Arno recently has taken to sending me spam the old-fashioned way: snail mail [click here]. One of several newspaper clippings arrived, describing a study which shows that conservatives have dumbed-down since 1970.
[ link ]  It's a study by a Sociologist, Gordon Gauchat  at the University of Connecticut.


So, then, it's not the Sony bar, after all. Arno wants to have my Egyptian Ba!

It's not the Sony bar he wants, after all. Arno wants to have my Egyptian Ba!


Subject: Will trade Egyptian Bar for slides. Offer ends Oct 31st, 2012. Want slides?? You know what to do jerk.
Date: October 7, 2012 10:49:24 AM MDT

Albeit, (sic) the Egyptian Bar in the plastic case dad promised me to inherit, you moron. will trade Bar for slides.


Arno Illig
Realtor(R) / Broker

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In 1999, an appraiser of the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW
estimated this thing to be abut 1000 years old and valued it at $1000. Thus its appreciation is about 1$ per year.


The Rosetta Stone is an ancient Egyptian stele inscribed with a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V.

The decree appears in three scripts: the upper text is Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion Demotic script, and the lowest Ancient Greek. Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Arno Illig On You Tube

Published on Aug 15, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, please don't let this happen to you or your pets.

I've still not had a response from PURINA. SAFEWAY did respond, but only offered me one $0.70 can of cat food as replacement. I've rejected their "kind" offer of reparation.


From: Arno Illig <>
Tired of this
Date: October 1,
2014 at 5:50:30 PM MDT
To: "" <>, KRP2 <>
Reply-To: Arno Illig <>

I'm getting tired of waisting [sic] my time on you. All you have to do is stop hatemailing me & I'll stop waisting [sic] my time on useless you.

1201 Jadwin Ave.
Richland WA 99352
Office    (509) 371-9085
Off/Fax (509) 371-9155
Home    (509) 946-7653
Cell        (509) 948-1122


... One year later he fulminates -

From: arnoillig <>
Date: February 15,
2016 at 3:48:38 PM MST
Feel the Bern!!

Your buddy Hillary is going to jail, you Commie pig.
The Trumpster for President!!

Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone


X-Originating-Ip: []
From:  ARNO 

Date: February 25, 2015 at 2:22:50 PM MST
From: Arno Illig <>

Please STOP sending me your hatemails! !! I've asked you many times before. Do I have to come down there to convince you mano a mano? I WILL if you refuse to quit, & I guarantee you won't like it.

Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone

Arno has trouble remembering that he doesn't want to communicate...

How do I get a message to Donald Trump? Arno Illig ‏‪@Arnohound‬

 New:  Arno's opinion on "coding"...

Arno Illig

Replying to @marklevinshow

..."When Newt Gingrich was in my town campaigning for
President, I waited in line to ask a question and shake his
hand. Obviously I was his fan for President. I was also a fan of Bolton."

... 9:30 AM · Jun 16, 2020·Twitter for Android


From: arnoillig <>
Subject: Happy Birthday
Date: April 29, 2016 at 6:19:37 AM MDT

Hope all is OK with you. All is good here.
Arno & Shari

Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone

From: arnoillig <>
Date: March 11, 2017 at 10:53:50 AM MST
Subject: Etiopian slides

I'm having friends over at my house tonight to watch my Ethiopian slides. Too bad, that you & your "imported" wife (who can't speak or understand English anyway) aren't able to join us. Would be nice to share.
Sent from my U.S. Cellular® Smartphone


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Re: Show me your car.
Date: April 23, 2020 at 2:34:12 PM MDT

Nice ride. Let me take it for a spin around the block.
I'll let you drive mine if you let me drive yours.


 Arno wants me to try 
his diesel car in exchange
for him driving the



From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Re: Oil Goes Negative on Elon Musk Day!
Date: April 29, 2020 at 11:35:38 AM MDT

Happy Birthday, Harald.


From: Arno Illig <>
Date: May 2, 2020 at 12:23:03 PM MDT

Good 'ole Uncle Joe estrogen sniffer braindead Dimorats' nominee will be muscled out by Killay.[sic] Can't wait for the debates, will be Must See TV.

How humiliating for your guy.

What goes around, comes around, Looooser. MAGA!!!


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Re: The Washington Post: Trump’s bid to shield his tax returns, finances heads to Supreme Court
Date: May 24, 2020 at 12:05:37 PM MDT

BURISMA !!!!!!! Idiot.

And Where's Hunter Biden? Kicked out of the Navy only 1 month after Papa Sleepy Joe got him in. OBAMAGATE is finally here. MAGA & KAGA.

4 MORE YEARS !!!!!!


From: Arno Illig <>
Subject: Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Date: July 4, 2020 at 6:45:32 PM MDT

Did I hear good ol uncle Joe Biden say he's gonna punch his way to achieve a non-violent America? Wow.....what a novel concept!! [sic] Who woulda thunk? Love it!!!


Text  from:Arno llig - JUN 2020
Next is who still has the bigger Schleckstengl??

But I did enjoy the Tesla vs. AMG dragrace. Both under 5 seconds from 0-60, very impessive.

I remember when my 1965 Chevrolet Malibu muscle 327 was under 9 seconds and considered Hot.


Text  from:Arno llig - JUN 2020
Thank God I don't own any Real Estate in CHAZ or whatever they just now renamed their Communist little enclave again. Too close for comfort here. Might sell off some of my RE holdings NOW, before our Real Estate values sink because of this.

You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em...lalala.

But our wonderful Governor, Jay Inslee's main concern is "Global Warming".

BTW, whatever happened to your wonderful little Greta from Norway?

I still think President Trump should make Denmark an offer they can't refuse for the purchase of Greenland.


From: Arno Illig <>
Date: July 8, 2020 at 9:31:03
Subject: Watch "Killary Clinton questioned by House Benghazi Committee" on YouTube. She'll probably step in when the poor bastard, good ol uncle Joe dissolves into a puddle of stinky liberal Demorat goo after Trump thumps him down the DC Swamp sewer. All the amphetamines his wife shoots him up with will fry him, as happened to Adolf in his Bunker in Berlin on your 1st Bauerngeburtstag. I love the smell of Diesel in the morning. I guess the race between my Mercedes Benz and your phantom is off. I don't blame you for being CHICKEN, the odds were against you. Whatever happened to your fake bravado? Fake News, you don't have $70K to brag with. 5 years from now you'd be lucky to get $10K for it. Great investment for a guy pushing 80. Tell ya what, you come here to pick up "the Slides" IN YOUR TESLA & cancel my enormous (~$500.00) debt. Winner take all and we can be friends again


One bully who never has apologized to me... or to anyone else whom he wronged, I bet -- Mike Pellerzi. I thought he'd  graduated with us in 1963, but Bing tells us it was a year later!  Now I see why he isn't in the yearbook, Gumbo.  I'm guessing he flunked the senior year.

Friends: Cindy Gibson, Gary Wallace, Sara Cease, Nancy Lemieux, Ken Abrahamson...
             16% of graduates from Mike Pellerzi's school like Fish
             30% of graduates from Mike Pellerzi's school like Sleeping

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The God Makers
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