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Everyone benefits if people are educated.
THAT'S why we should all be contributing to the education of our children.

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Fast focus: Parents should pay
I am a teacher in the Richland School District, and politically I am an independent fiscal conservative.

I agree with Gov. Chris Gregiore's austerity proposal, eliminating school bus transportation entirely. I would even go so far as eliminating the school lunch program, neither of which have anything to do with our children's education. Public transit (Ben Franklin Transit) in our community is so underutilized that it could be used to transport most students at no extra taxpayer cost.

Parents have the responsibility to transport and feed their kids and should pay a per student fee for their children, as they do in most European countries where education is much superior.

Why should people with no kids in school pay for the education of other people's children?

We should also have school all year round, that would immediately add 25 percent more classroom space without spending one more dime for new school construction. It's easy for school boards to spend money they don't have to earn themselves. How many kids work in the farm fields during the summer anymore? It's time to leave the 19th century and embrace the 21st. Times they "are a changin'." For half the money, we could get twice the education if we only started to work smart.

Arno Illig, Richland


Robert McDonald
Sometimes it is difficult to tell if a letter-writer is being serious or is engaging in subtle sarcasm. We should take a look at the state of those countries that do not provide a system of public education. That should tell us something. Education is an endeavor that is generally considered to benefit society as a whole [...] Even those without children benefited from public education and live in a society which has benefited from it. Of course, we could save some money by eliminating the law mandating school attendance. That would give us a window into a society without public education.
11/23/2011 12:51 PM     

I completely agree. In fact, I would take it one step further and eliminate public education altogether. Why should I pay to educate Mr. Illig's kids? Moreover, the governor could easily balance this and all future budgets by eliminating public colleges and universities, public libraries, and public roads. If I want to drive to Walmart to purchase cheap Chinese made goods I can pave my own road. It's the realAmerican way.
11/20/2011 10:35 PM      1 Like

If this guy is a teacher then he must never have hungry students. A hungry student is not fit to learn. I know in Pasco and Kennewick there are many kids who only eat healthy warm meals on days when they are at school. Maybe Richland does not have such students but I highly doubt it. Cutting buses and school lunch would be a bad idea for the poorest of the students in all districts....
11/20/2011 07:59 PM      1 Like

Mr. Illig is only a substitute teacher here. He doesn't realize that everyone, including him, benefits from living in an educated society. If he were a a real teacher he would probably understand that.
01/21/2012 02:08 AM      in reply to sparkle2      1 Like

"....eliminating the school lunch program, neither of which have anything to do with our children's education."......OMG!!
11/20/2011 01:51 PM      3 Likes

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I see kids in poor school districts really taking a hit. Too bad! Education is the one leg up on poverty tax payers provide.
11/20/2011 10:37 AM      2 Like                                                         Source: 6 Comments, Tri_City Herald