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Procedure and Specific Rules

Vibravision Preliminary Screening Test

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 Date & Time of Test:            2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 7, 2000

Location of Test:                  Ott Planetarium

                                          Weber State University

                                          2508 University Circle

                                          Ogden, UT  84408-2508

Claimant Organization:         Yayasan Saring Hadipoernomo (YSHP), Jakarta, Indonesia

Claimant Representative:      Nate Zeleznick, (801) 745-3010

                                          Director, YSHP USA Group, Huntsville, Utah

                                          Owner, Merpati Putih Utah

Ability to be demonstrated:   “Vibravision.  Based on specific breathing techniques and postures, this art allows persons to navigate and perceive their surroundings without using physical sight.  As science knows, all matter is comprised of energy, and different energies give off distinctly different vibrations. Through practicing Vibravision, persons are able to differentiate between the different energies and perceive the weight, volume, velocity, color, shape and substance of ANY object(s). This technique has been used in the training of over 700 blind persons in Indonesia...persons who are now self-sufficient with no need for canes of seeing-eye dogs.”

Limits of ability                    Effective range:        Same as for normal vision

                                          Time required:          Ten (“a few”) seconds per observation

                                                                        Thirty Minutes maximum for entire test

                                          Reliability:               100%

Basis of test:                       Colored-Flag identification

Description:                         Two demonstrators will perform separately and while conclusively blindfolded shall identify 6 flags of different colors from a distance by raising a matching flag.  The blindfolds for each claimant will be several dark bandanas tied across the forehead and covering the entire face so as to make sure no light, shapes or shadows can be perceived by the participants.  These blindfolds will at no time be touched by the people wearing them, so as to eliminate any tampering and the blindfolds must be inspected a second time just before the test begins to check for any slipping, etc.  The flags used for identification will be on a table in front of the demonstrator.  This test will take roughly 30 minutes at the most, and we feel the evidence will speak for itself when seen.

                                          The entire test will be videotaped, and it is intended that the videotapes will completely document the test.  John Sohl will be the host and will introduce the video.  He will describe generally what the test is about, and give the date, time and location.  He will then introduce Nate Zeleznick as the principal claimant, and Nate will introduce the other claimant participants and the organizations he represents.  Nate will also describe Vibravision and its limitations.

                                          Before the JREF preliminary screening test, the test subjects will give a demonstration of Vibravision ability in a colored-flag identification test, using their own flags and blind folds.  Nate will be host for this part, and will explain how the test works.

                                          After the demonstration,  John Sohl, with the help of others (any volunteers?) will explain the JREF preliminary screening test, describe positive and negative outcomes, introduce the JREF volunteers participating, list and snow the test equipment, describe the test procedure, and read the test specific rules.  Then Nate and I (as JREF contact) will sign the Test Conditions Agreement on camera, and University “Human Subjects Waiver(s)” (required for publishable research) will be signed.

                                          When the test is ready to begin, the video cameras will be set up to run unattended, and only four people will remain for the test, John and Seth for JREF and Nate and the test subject for the claimant.  During the test, no one will speak.  Cricket clickers will be used to signal each test trial.

Outcomes:     Positive:         The demonstrator, while blindfolded, will be able to correctly identify the color of the displayed flag by selecting and raising the matching flag on six successive trials.  The two demonstrators will be tested separately, and six correct identifications by either demonstrator will be a positive result.

                     Negative         If both demonstrators select the wrong flag one or more times in six trials, the result will be negative.

Participants:   Subject:         Blindfolded person demonstrating Vibravision ability.  Selects a matching flag when prompted by Displayer’s cricket clicker.  Raises up the selected flag and click’s his/her clicker to signal he/she has made a choice.

                     Displayer:       Person who will hold up one of six flags for the test subject to match.  Click’s his/her cricket clicker to prompt the subject to select a matching flag.

                     Randomizer:   Rolls a six-sided die to produce a random number from 1 to 6.  Selects the corresponding colored flag by referring to a predetermined numbered list of the six flag colors, i.e.

                                          1 – Black    2 – White    3 – Yellow   4 – Green    5 – Blue   6 – Red

                                          Gives the flag to the Displayer.

                     Recorder:       Records flags displayed and selected on each trial on the test result sheet.  Can be done by the Displayer and/or Randomizer.  Both must initial each trial on the test record as witnesses.

                     Observers:      JREF people assigned to closely observe the test.  One will watch the Subject.  The other can be either the Displayer or the Randomizer.

Test Equipment:                  Two matching sets of six different colored flags (red, green,blue, yellow, black, white)

                                          Blindfolds made from bandanas and tape

                                          A corrugated box for the display flags

                                          A conventional six-sided die, i.e. 1 to 6 spots per side

                                          Two cricket clickers for signaling

Volunteers for JREF    Chris Allen        Sign agreement

and their roles        John Sohl          Host, Randomizer

                       Seth Jarvis        Subject Observer

                       Paul Bernhardt     Assist blindfolding

                       Richard Hills      Observer

                       Harald Illig       Observer

                       Kevin Thomson      Observer

Test Procedure  (for each demonstrator)

1.       Randomizer sets up flags.  Puts one set in a box on the displayer’s table.  Puts the other on the table for the Subject about 15 feet away.  See example in figure 1.

2.       Seth Jarvis and Paul Bernhardt blindfold the subject using several bandanas covering the Subjects face, and check the blindfold carefully.  See examples in figures 2 and 3.

3.       Everyone takes their positions, displayer and randomizer at the display flags, subject and observer at the matching flags.  Everyone else leaves the test room.  Seth jarvis checks the blindfolds one more time.

4.       Randomizer rolls the die, selects the corresponding flag, and hands it to Displayer.

5.       Displayer takes the flag and holds it up.  Randomizer or Displayer clicks the cricket.

6.       Prompted by the click, the subject selects one flag from the table that he/she believes is a match, holds it up and clicks his/her clicker.

7.       Recorder (randomizer or displayer) writes down the flags displayed and selected.

8.       Randomizer and displayer initial the trial results.

9.       Randomizer puts displayed flag back in the box.

10.   Subject puts selected flag back on the table.

11.   Repeat steps four through ten for five more good trials.

12.   Subject observer checks blindfold is still tightly in place, removes it and inspects it for holes.


Test Specific Rules

1.       Test subject may not touch the blindfolds until their trials are complete, and the blindfolds have been removed and inspected.  If the subject touches the blindfold once, the current trial is voided.  If he/she touches it twice, the test is voided and the blindfold must be rechecked.

2.       No one will speak during the test.  The cricket clickers will be used for signaling.  If necessary, the test subject may speak.

3.       The test subject is free to wave his hands over, or touch, the six flags in front of him as a reference, but he is not permitted to touch the flag being revealed from behind the cardboard box.  If he happens to hold up two or more flags, or if he drops a flag on the floor, the current trial is void.  The subject observer will pick up any flags or clickers dropped by the subject.

4.       Whether the subject is sitting or standing, the line of sight between the subject and the flag he is to identify will remain level enough to ensure that there is no opportunity to peek down through or above the blindfold.

5.       Two observers, one from the JREF volunteers (John) and one from Vibravision (probably Nate), will observe and witness the color of flag being revealed after the die toss. Both will initial their observation after each flag has been identified, agreeing as to the color flag shown and the color flag identified by the subject.

6.       The test subject will be inspected for “hearing aids”.  None will be allowed.

7.       All of the test must be conducted in absolute silence.  Other than the test subject indicating that he is ready to be shown a flag, and the person revealing the flag indicating that a flag is being shown, there are to be absolutely no sounds of any kind permitted.  Observers will have to stay where they are, and seat-squirming, coughs, leg crossing, sighs, etc. are forbidden.

8.       Once the video cameras are set up and running, the only people allowed in the room will be:

1)       the blindfolded test subject,

2)       the test subject observer,

3)       the person representing Vibravision and co-recording the test subject's answers,

4)       the person representing the JREF group and co-recording the test subject's answers,

5)       the person who observes the number on the die and uses that number to select a flag to be revealed from behind the box.  These last duties will be divided between persons three and four.

Everyone else must leave the planetarium. The rest of us, Vibravision folks and skeptics, will stick together as a group while waiting.

9.       Nate Z. may bring his own video camera and recorder to record the test.

Test Conditions Agreement

      All conditions, procedures, and rules stated above are satisfactory.  All of the facts stated above are correct to my knowledge.  I have no reservations about test conditions for this test.

Nate Zeleznick for YSHP (signature)_____________________________ Date: _____________

Chris Allen for JREF volunteers (signature) _______________________  Date: ______________



Figure 1  [proposed] Layout of table for testing



Test results


Date & Time of Test:            2:00 p.m., Saturday, October 7, 2000

Location of Test:                  Ott Planetarium, Weber State University,  2508 University Circle, Ogden, UT  84408-2508

Claimant Organization:         Yayasan Saring Hadipoernomo (YSHP), Jakarta, Indonesia

Claimant Representative:      Nate Zeleznick, Director, YSHP USA Group, Huntsville, Ogden, Utah Owner, Merpati Putih Utah

Ability to be demonstrated:   “Vibravision"

Subject:         ________________________     Subject  observer:_________________________

Displayer:       ________________________     Randomizer:        ___________________________


Start Time:     _____________________

Trial Number            Displayed Color             Selected Color               Witness1              Witness2

            1.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            2.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            3.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            4.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            5.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            6.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            7.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            8.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            9.               ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            10.              ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            11.              ____________               ____________               _______                _______

            12.              ____________               ____________               _______                _______

End Time:   ______________________