Circle Ming Xinyuan combines the classical imperial architectural complex, the Jiangnan classical botanical garden architectural complex and the Western architectural complex.  This reveals for the tourist the abundant facetsdmoods of Chinese society. The fine palace lets one place oneself as if in an ancient European palace. In the garden west, is the archery target complex.  Upright and frank layout and so on palace, nine continents clear feast scenic area dignified, is upright, after or manifests the emperor's clan style, or unfolds the palace beautiful woman's refined makings; The decadent colored glaze has an imposing appearance; The green colored glaze fills the vitality; The purple colored glaze expels evil spirits exorcises evil spirits, no wonder Emperor Qian Long has "does not carve does not draw, contented porch thatched hut Italy".

Here is my design
of an evening gown

International Conference Center Hotel  of Zhuhai

The luxurious opera house hall is 12 meters high; its  area is 3,000 square meters. There are; 89 spacious Karaoke TV rooms and 10 ultra luxurious VIP Karaoke TV rooms. There is a 500 square meter Friendship  Dance floor with an expanding and contracting stage to accommodate various kinds of performances.

International dance is taught and performed under the direction of renowned teachers. There is a fashion show, modeled by the most beautiful girls. Each weekend,  Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan star  performers add to the fun of large-scale special programs.  The excellent acoustics in the hall is something which must be  heard, felt and experienced.

These are some  scene  from my city's New  Yuan Ming palace.                                                     




This is the Chinese Opera company
  where I worked.







Here are examples of the dancers'

costumes  which I  created in China.


Shanghai, May 5 2002  Oriental Pearl TV Tower


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