Acoma pot from Acoma Pueblo ca. 1930

It seems to be not turned on a wheel. It is 27 cm. tall, its mouth has about 11 cm. diameter. When I run my fingers down the inside, I can feel slight ripples, as if it had been made of a spiral of clay sausages. The outside is smooth. Please email me if you know about these things.

I thank you kindly for your reply.

  Acoma Pueblo [Wiki]
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Ansel Adams, ca. 1941, "Church, Acoma Pueblo," The mission church of San Esteban Rey, built at the pueblo from 1629 to 1641



18th Dynasty Egyptian Ba  (c. 1550c. 1292 BC)


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This was purchased from a dealer in 1957 in Cairo. It is called a Baa or Ba. It shows a human face with a bird's body.   Height 9.4 cm.

According to the expert at Antique Road Show it's about 1,900 years old. It (still!) smells strongly of cedar wood.

I need some opinions.  In 2002 I saw two of these in the Hermitage, in St. Petersburg, Russia.  One was of better quality than this one, and the other was in worse condition. Do you know of a Museum that might want this?






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Provenance -
18th Dynasty (c. 1550c. 1292 BC) Ba 
purchased by K. M. Illig in Luxor, 1957.

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