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Stereograms are for staring. Also sometimes known as Stare-o-grams. Stereograms are a type of random dot image that tricks the eye so that it sees a 3D image. The dots need not be just dots... they can be replaced with small images. It's the arrangement of these points of attention that the brain tries to make meaningful.

Click here to get an easy-to-see Stereogram made of these small images.

Here is another neat example; you may have noticed it before...

... and This one is one of my favorites. Here is a great idea , I think, but for me it's difficult.  Sometimes it 'comes in' properly and sometimes it doesn't!   Here is a classic [off-site].   This one is interesting, click here... it's also a book... see Amazon.com elsewhere on this page.

Stereograms are not like the familiar pictures one views with 3D viewers or with 3D glasses (3D dancer image). The image one perceives by staring at them is generated when the brain tries to make sense of the patterns.

Also, Stereograms are not like these... after you click here, cross your eyes slightly & wait for the middle picture to form... (This is the Chinese character "ai" it means "love" Wo ai ni means I love you)This one shows that even with two low quality pictures, you can see a better one, in stereo.

Cross your eyes to see this one ,  it's not too difficult... and cross your eyes to see this one! , it's easy and really neat.  This is a nanotechnology differential gear made of just a bunch of atoms.  (It's not real -- yet, but it will be.  And look - There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom !

... Aand here are more! 

Another way to see 3-D from a flat surface is for the surface to somehow reconstruct the wave front of light that the real object would reflect if it were present. White light HOLOGRAMS can do this. This one was scanned in with an ordinary scanner, frame and all. (Of course you can't get the three dimensional effect on your screen, but this gives you some idea of what it looks like. In the original hologram, when you move your head from side to side, you can see somewhat AROUND the 'object' just as happens in real life -- as if the object were there.)


Stereo vision as it pertains to art and photography



K.M.  Illig
Art Gallery


 Museum of   Farts


 Try this 


Photographing a person's face with a cone-shaped mirror in front of the lens creates a distorted, doughnut- shaped image (left). The cone provides two extra perspectives of the face on opposite sides of the center point, providing enough information to construct a 3-D model.  Computer Vision Lab., Columbia  Univ.   
Link: Jan Ottley

Count them... wait for the image to move !


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Voigtlander Stereflekscop

Voigtlander Stereo Camera

Nikon 3-D 35mm camera tested on the
International Space station, 2003

Albert Einstein?

If you stand 15 feet away,
It will become Marilyn Monroe.

Albert Einstein's quote...

Two images taken within 10 minutes of each
other  by  the 
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Click image to enlarge.

A Stereo View from Lunar Orbit. SOURCE:APOD. Get out your red/blue glasses and check out this awesome stereo view of another world. The scene was recorded by Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan on December 11, 1972, one orbit before descending to land on the Moon. The stereo anaglyph was assembled from two photographs (AS17-147-22465, AS17-147-22466) captured from his vantage point on board the Lunar Module Challenger as he and Dr. Harrison Schmitt flew over Apollo 17's landing site in the Taurus-Littrow Valley. The broad, sunlit face of the mountain dubbed South Massif, rises near the center of the frame, above the dark floor of Taurus-Littrow to its left. Beyond the mountains, toward the lunar limb, lies the Moon's Mare Serenitatis. Piloted by Ron Evans, the Command Module America is visible in orbit in the foreground against the South Massif's peak.

 Link:   Sate City, Russia.


Wind on Mars - Cross your eyes...

This image  was  acquired at the Phoenix landing site on day 13 of
the mission on the surface of Mars, Sol 12. June 2008
Source: nasa.gov

Haidinger's Brush
How to see polarization with the naked eye

3-D: Cross your eyes. 


Upon arrival of Rosetta at comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko - 2014.

Click image to enlarge.

Background vs. Foreground:

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It's interesting that 3-D photography was developed before color photography. 
Cross your eyes:

Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge, U.S.A. (1895-1903)
Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views.

 Link:  The New York Public Library Helps You Turn 100-Year-Old Photographs Into 3-D GIFs

Microscopic faces of Barack Obama made using nanotechnology, and imaged using a
scanning electron microscope.  Each face consists of millions of vertically-aligned carbon
nanotubes, grown by a high temperature chemical reaction.


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Benoit Mandelbrot family

2D, 3D, 4D? 3.7D?.. .More or less D's?
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