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Star City   Russia 

   Zvezdny Gorodok   
   (Zvyozdny Gorod)   

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Gagarin Cosmonaut
Training Center

October 2000

Star City Entrance Post

Star City Entrance Gate


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Neutral Buoyancy Tank- Control Room

Mir Hydrolab Facility
.   Pic#2

Neutral BuoyancyNASA photo

Star City is an isolated, highly restricted military base...
It is a training facility for  Cosmonauts and Astronauts.

Mir Modules

Visiting Mir


NASA astronauts assigned to space station missions spend about 40% of their time training at Star City and the
rest at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Russian cosmonauts split their training much the same way.

Sputnik October 4 1957

First man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

"I was never nervous"

  Gagarin - Inside Star City

  Cosmonaut crashed



Wikipedia GLONASS

Wikipedia ГЛОНАСС



Enlarge Comparison of navigation satellite orbits GLONASS

Информационно-аналитический центр контроля ГЛОНАСС и GPS


"We are going to Star City," I directed. The driver did not respond.

"Star City?…Cosmos?…Um, cosmonaut?…Yuri Gagarin?"

I grabbed at any word that I thought might trigger a reaction. Again a blank stare.

Polling the people in the van, a few friends and a couple of new acquaintances, it became evident no one spoke Russian, except one -- our driver.

Dragging him back into the hotel, I brought him to the front-desk receptionist (whom I already knew spoke some English) and asked her to explain to our puzzled driver our desired destination.

Rosavin is made from Rhodiola Rosea.

  Alaska Plant, a Health Supplement

"Svësdni Gorodok" she replied. That finally inspired a reaction from our driver, however, not exactly the one I had hoped for…

"Nyet, nyet, nyet," he chuckled while shaking his head.

"Da." I countered, using one of only two Russian words I knew.

After a little more bantering between our driver's 'nyets' and my 'das' he finally agreed and began our hour-long drive to the center of the Soviet and Russian space programs.

The long drive was relatively uneventful. The road leading to one of the world's leading technological (albeit, often overlooked) centers is surprisingly rural; it's basically located in
the country, with farms and small roadside stands serving as the most noticeable of any local landmarks.

The peaceful ride gave some time for us to reflect on what had really just transpired. Only a decade earlier, the idea of tourists visiting Star City, let alone Americans,
would have been unthinkable. But here we were, a group of six, most of us too young to remember Gagarin's first flight, doing just that.

We knew we had arrived as we drove up to a large gate and a surrounding stone wall. Two guards toting AK-47 rifles slowly approached either side of the van. One guard
looked into the van and yelled something in Russian to his partner.
The gates opened, much to the obvious relief of our driver, and we were waved onward...
(Full article deleted)

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    Yuri Gagarin statue

Science museum

October 2002

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Apollo 17  3-D:

Otto Lilienthal
1848 ~ 1896

He flew 2000 times


Sputnik 1957


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Sputnik-1  "Спутник-1"   October 4, 1957

Venera 14


The Soviet Lunar Excursion Module -- Click to enlarge
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  NASA violates separation of state & church
  Russian pupils can study religion


Poor Laika, first dog in space;  RIP



This photo of Mir was taken from the Space Shuttle Discovery
during  STS-91 in June 1998.     NASA photo

A visitor from Jupiter, watching a typical Western on television, remarked to a friend:
"How come the hero has a biped riding on his back?"






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