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Evolve Beyond Belief

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A Universe With No Beginning or End

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The Age of Reason - Thomas Paine FREE
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Ten Christian Myths
That Show Jesus
Never Existed at all,
which critically
examines the
historical evidence
of Christ.


David Fitzgerald's
"The Mormons"

is to Mormonism
Ken. Smith's
Ken's Guide to
the Bible
is to Christianity.

An absolute Must Read -
Funny, too!


Breaking the Spell:

Religion as a Natural Phenomenon

by Daniel C. Dennett

"Dan Dennett is our best current philosopher. He is the next Bertrand Russell. Unlike traditional philosophers, Dan is a student of neuroscience, linguistics, artificial intelligence, computer science, and psychology. He's redefining and reforming the role of the philosopher. Of course, Dan doesn't understand my Society-of-Mind theory, but nobody's perfect." Marvin Minsky

God Is Not Great:

How Religion Poisons

by Christopher Hitchens

Audio Book:
God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything (Unabridged) - Christopher Hitchens

A page from this book -- on Masturbation, Islamic style


This noted British-American author, journalist and literary critic, has been a columnist at Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, The Nation, Slate, and a variety of other publications. Hitchens is also an outspoken atheist and antitheist. His bestselling book, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything explores how religion has impacted and influenced the world in a negative way. Writes Booknotes:

“Hence, he (Hitchens) believes that religion is manmade, and an ethical life can be lived without its stamp of approval.” -- Booknotes

God is not Great

The Portable Atheist - Christopher Hitchens

Is Christianity Good
for the World?

by Christopher Hitchens

"Religion has been taking it on the chin lately.

Prominent atheists, such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris, have seen a lot of success--in terms of book sales--with aggressive, no-holds-barred punches denouncing religion and arguing against the existence of God.

Not that there hasn't been pushback: Richard Dawkins's book The God Delusion spawned The Dawkins Delusion?..."


The Grand Design

by Stephen Hawking

"It is not necessary to invoke God to light the
blue touch paper and set the universe going."


The Age of Reason

by Thomas PAINE

Being an Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology is a pamphlet, written by a British and American revolutionary Thomas Paine. The Age of Reason challenges institutionalized religion and the legitimacy of the Bible. Published in three parts in 1794, 1795 and 1807, it was a bestseller in the United States, where it caused a short-lived deistic revival.

Published on Mar 27, 2012 by MichaelShermer
SAM HARRIS IS THE AUTHOR of the New Work Times bestsellers, The Moral Landscape, The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. His new book is short (96) pages, to the point, and will change the way we all view free will, as Oliver

Sacks wrote: "Brilliant and witty — and never less than incisive — Free Will shows that Sam Harris can say more in 13,000 words than most people do in 100,000." UCSD neuroscientist V.S, Ramachandran notes: "In this elegant and provocative book, Sam Harris demonstrates — with great intellectual ferocity and panache — that free will is an inherently flawed and incoherent concept, even in subjective terms. If he is right, the book will radically change the way we view ourselves as human beings."


What Women Want -

What Men Want


Following the work of E. O. Wilson, Desmond Morris, and David Buss, What Women Want--What Men Want offers compelling new evidence about the real reasons behind men's and women's differing sexual psychologies and sheds new light on what men and women look for in a mate, the predicament of marriage in the modern world, the relation between sex and emotion, and many other hotly debated questions...



Free Will


Sam Harris

A BELIEF IN FREE WILL touches nearly everything that human beings value. It is difficult to think about law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, morality—as well as feelings of remorse or personal achievement—without first imagining that every person is the true source of his or her thoughts and actions. And yet the facts tell us that free will is an illusion.

In this enlightening book, Sam Harris argues that this truth about the human mind does not undermine morality or diminish the importance of social and political freedom, but it can and should change the way we think about some of the most important questions in life.

A Memoir


by Christopher Hitchens

Over the course of his years, Christopher Hitchens has been a citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has been both a socialist opposed to the war in Vietnam and a supporter of the U.S. war against Islamic extremism in Iraq. He has been both a foreign correspondent in some of the world's most dangerous places and a legendary bon vivant with an unquenchable thirst for alcohol and literature. He is a fervent atheist, raised as a Christian, by a mother whose Jewish heritage was not revealed to him until her suicide.

In other words, Christopher Hitchens contains multitudes. He sees all sides of an argument. And he believes the personal is political.

This is the story of his life, lived large.

The Missionary Position:
Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

by Christopher Hitchens


Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, feted by politicians, the Church and the world's media, Mother Teresa of Calcutta appears to be on the fast track to sainthood. But what, asks Christopher Hitchens, makes Mother Teresa so divine?

In a frank expose of the Teresa cult, Hitchens details the nature and limits of one woman's mission to the world's poor. He probes the source of the heroic status bestowed upon an Albanian nun whose only declared wish is to serve God. He asks whether Mother Teresa's good works answer any higher purpose than the need of the world's privileged to see someone, somewhere, doing something for the Third World. He unmasks pseudo-miracles, questions Mother Teresa's fitness to adjudicate on matters of sex and reproduction, and reports on a version of saintly ubiquity which affords genial relations with dictators, corrupt tycoons and convicted frauds.

The Portable Atheist:

Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever


by Christopher Hitchens

From the #1 New York Times best-selling author of God Is Not Great, a provocative and entertaining guided tour of atheist and agnostic thought through the ages--with never-before-published pieces by Salman Rushdie, Ian McEwan, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.Christopher Hitchens continues to make the case for a splendidly godless universe in this first-ever gathering of the influential voices--past and present--that have shaped his side of the current (and raging) God/no-god debate. With Hitchens as your erudite and witty guide, you’ll be led through a wealth of philosophy, literature, and scientific inquiry, including generous portions of the words of Lucretius, Benedict de Spinoza, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Mark Twain, George Eliot, Bertrand Russell, Emma Goldman, H. L. Mencken, Albert Einstein, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and many others well-known and lesser known. And they’re all set in context and commented upon as only Christopher Hitchens--“political and literary journalist extraordinaire” (Los Angeles Times)--can. Atheist? Believer? Uncertain? No matter: The Portable Atheist will speak to you and engage you every step of the way.



The God Delusion

by Richard Dawkins

A preeminent scientist and the world's most prominent atheist -- asserts the irrationality of belief in God and the grievous harm religion has inflicted on society, from the Crusades to 9/11.

With rigor and wit, Dawkins examines God in all his forms, from the sex-obsessed tyrant of the Old Testament to the more benign (but still illogical) Celestial Watchmaker favored by some Enlightenment thinkers. He eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry, and abuses children, buttressing his points with historical and contemporary evidence. The God Delusion makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just wrong but potentially deadly. It also offers exhilarating insight into the advantages of atheism to the individual and society, not the least of which is a clearer, truer appreciation of the universe's wonders than any faith could ever muster.

TheSelfish Gene

by Richard Dawkins



The Satanic Verses

by Salman Rushdie



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Flim-Flam! Psychics, ESP, Unicorns, and Other Delusions [Kindle Edition]

by James Randi
Introduction by Isaac Asimov


Randi explores and exposes what he believes to be the outrageous deception that has been promoted widely in the media. Unafraid to call researchers to account for their failures and impostures, Randi tells us that we have been badly served by scientists who have failed to follow the procedures required by their training and traditions. Here, he shows us how what he views as sloppy research has been followed by rationalizations of evident failures, and we see these errors and misrepresentations clearly pointed out. Mr. Randi provides us with a compelling and convincing document that will certainly startle and enlighten all who read it. The digital edition features a new preface by James Randi.



An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds
and Hoaxes of the Occult
and Supernatural
by James Randi and Arthur C. Clarke


One of the most important reference books on the supernatural, paranormal, and occult is now available for the Kindle and Nook e-readers (iPad, Kindle, Nook and Apple iBooks version available). The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF )has made James’s Randi’s An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural available in popular e-book formats for the first time at the special price of just $4.99. In this remarkable encyclopedia, James Randi casts his skeptical eye on the dubious claims of the occult and the supernatural.

666 entries and hundreds of illustrations throughout, examine the shady world of manipulators, occultists, and shamanists in microscopic detail.

The Heathen's Guide to World Religions is a humorous but accurate history of the murder, lust, greed, and sheer stupidity that have made the world's religions what they are today.

"Hopper represents the most lethal of organized religions many opponents: a curious, well-educated individual with a sharp wit." ~Queen's University Journal Review

"Wickedly fun and informative."~Toronto Star

• "The Heathen's Guide To World Religions has taken up permanent residence on my bookshelves... a masterfully written, wonderfully funny, and deliciously snarky trip down religious lane."

"Reads like Monty Python in religious garb... easily one of the best places to invest your book buying dollar."
~Georgia Straight

I have written BORN ATHEIST for a general audience and strive to speak plainly, but some elements may be interesting to more experienced advocates, including:

• The introduction of a religiousness scale that provides a visual representation of the range of belief and non-belief (page 25); and a variation that provides a visual representation of the strength of belief (page 45).
• The concept that the scriptures, written by men and fixed in time, act like a time machine to inappropriately drag outdated knowledge and values into the modern world
(page 77).
• An introduction of the term "superlegal," to describe supernaturally justified illegal acts such as the 9/11 attacks which make religion especially dangerous
(page 153).
• A discussion of religious end times beliefs that, in conjunction with superlegal action and lethal weapons could lead to mass destruction
(page 169).
• A look at parallels between the gay rights and atheist movements
(page 205).
• A suggestion of action steps that may help advance our goals (page 212).

~ Tim Covell

A number of authors have noted that if some physical parameters were slightly changed, the universe could no longer support life, as we know it. This implies that life depends sensitively on the physics of our universe. Does this "fine-tuning" of the universe also suggest that a creator god intentionally calibrated the initial conditions of the universe such that life on earth and the evolution of humanity would eventually emerge? Some influential scientists, such as National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, think so. Others go even further, asserting that science "has found God."
In this in-depth, lucid discussion of this fascinating and controversial topic, physicist Victor J. Stenger looks at the same evidence and comes to the opposite conclusion. He states at the outset that as a physicist he will go wherever the data takes him, even if it leads him to God. But after many years of research in particle physics and thinking about its implications, he finds that the observations of science and our naked senses not only show no evidence for God, they provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that God does not exist.

Stenger argues that many of the claims by theists are based on their misunderstanding of the science. He looks at the specific parameters and shows that plausible reasons can be found for the values they have within the existing standard models of physics and cosmology. These models are introduced in detail so that the reader has the background needed to understand the role of the parameters claimed to be fine-tuned and judge the veracity of the arguments.

He also discusses related issues such as whether or not the universe had a beginning, what quantum mechanics implies about the involvement of human consciousness in affecting reality, and whether evidence can be found in nature for a divine plan.


Dreams from My Father:
A Story of Race and Inheritance

By Barack Obama




Obama argues with himself on almost every page of this lively autobiographical conversation. He gets you to agree with him, and then he brings in a counter-narrative that seems just as convincing. Son of a white American mother and of a black Kenyan father whom he never knew, Obama grew up mainly in Hawaii.

After college, he worked for three years as a community organizer on Chicago's South Side. Then, finally, he went to Kenya, to find the world of his dead father, his "authentic" self. Will the truth set you free, Obama asks? Or will it disappoint? Both, it seems.

His search for himself as a black American is rooted in the particulars of his daily life; it also reads like a wry commentary about all of us. He dismisses stereotypes of the "tragic mulatto" and then shows how much we are all caught between messy contradictions and disparate communities.

He discovers that Kenya has 400 different tribes, each of them with stereotypes of the others. Obama is candid about racism and poverty and corruption, in Chicago and in Kenya. Yet he does find community and authenticity, not in any romantic cliché, but with "honest, decent men and women who have attainable ambitions and the determination to see them through.

 Featured: Pulitzer Prize Winner! 

Guns, Germs, and Steel:
The Fates of Human Societies

by Jared Diamond 
Hardcover, Audio Book

Hold on to your hats!

The Life of the Cosmos
by Lee Smolin

Lee Smolin, professor at the Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry at Pennsylvania State University, is about to take you on... The ride of your life!

Ian Morris:    Why the West Rules — For Now:
The Patterns of History, and What They Reveal About the Future

US Book Cover

(US Edition)

UK Book Cover

 (UK Edition)

Audio Book Cover

Get the CD


God's Brothel

The Extortion of Sex for
Salvation in Contemporary
Mormon and Christian Fundamentalist Polygamy
and the Stories of 18
Women Who Escaped.

by Andrea Moore-Emmett

~ Pick up a copy for a friend! ~

bout the nature TIME:  Is time real?


 Holy Horrors: An Illustrated History of Religious Murder and Madness,   by James A. Haught "
Chronicles the grim spectrum of religious persecution from ancient times to the present."


In this eye-opening film, director Antony Thomas goes
deep into the heart of the Muslim world to explore the
history and current state of Islam. He also delves into
the personal lives of his subjects, who range from
ayatollahs and grand imams to simple farmers and
women living in veiled seclusion; their relationship
with this holy book reveals a complex, beautiful and
often contradictory guide for humanity.


 Ken's Guide to the Bible,   by Ken Smith

"The world's most complete compendium of the Bible's most embarrassing passages.
With hammerhead precision and pig-iron wit, this compact volume
lays bare all the sex,
gore, and lunacy that the Bible has to offer."

       R E C O M M E N D E D:  Pick one up for a friend!

Just six numbers govern the shape, size, and texture of our universe. If their values were
only fractionally different, we would not exist: nor, in many cases, would matter have had
a chance to form. If the numbers that govern our universe were elegant--1, say, or pi, or
the Golden Mean--we would simply shrug and say that the universe was an elegant
mathematical puzzle. But the numbers Martin Rees discusses are far from tidy.

Was the universe "tweaked" or is it one of many universes, all run by slightly different,
but equally messy, rules?

Highly recommended     ~ Pick one up for a friend ~

Science Library


National Geographic

The Gospel of Judas
by Bart D. Ehrman
Rodolphe Kasser,  Marvin Meyer, Gregor Wurst

During the first centuries A.D. Christianity grew from humble origins to become the official religion of the Roman Empire. The newly discovered Gospel of Judas gives a different view of the relationship between Jesus and Judas, offering new insights into the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Unlike the accounts in the canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in which Judas is portrayed as a reviled traitor, this newly discovered Gospel portrays Judas as acting at Jesus' request when he hands Jesus over to the authorities.

The Da Vinci Code
by Dan Brown    
Get  the movie

With The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown masterfully concocts an intelligent and lucid thriller that marries the gusto of an international murder mystery with a collection of fascinating esoterica culled from 2,000 years of Western history.

A murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum reveals a sinister plot to uncover a secret that has been protected by a clandestine society since the days of Christ. The victim is a high-ranking agent...

The Geek Atlas:
128 Places
Science & Technology
Come Alive

by John Graham-Cumming



George Carlin
Back in Town

on Campus

Carlin - Doin'
It Again


 2,500 Deities
 of the World 


Who's Who in Hell

Best of

Robert Ingersoll
More about George Carlin


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Play the
"GONZALES Cantata"

"I don't recall" 

The Sheela na Gig
at Kilpeck, England


Evolve Beyond Belief

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See -
Napoleon's March on Moscow

David Fitzgerald is a writer and historical researcher who has been actively investigating the Historical Jesus question for over ten years. He has a degree in History and was an associate member of CSER, the former Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion.

David serves on the boards of San Francisco Atheists and Center For Inquiry-SF, and is founder and director of both the world's first Atheist Film Festival and Evolutionpalooza, San Francisco's oldest Darwin Day celebration. He lectures around the country at universities and national secular events and is best known for his popular multimedia presentations "The Ten Thousand Christs and the Evaporating Jesus" and "The Complete Heretic's Guide to Western Religion."

His newest book is "NAILED: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All." David Fitzgerald is an American author, public speaker, historical researcher, and atheist activist.

God's Debris
by Scott Adams

It's a Treasure...
...and  it's FREE


Synopsis          Scott Adam's BLOG about his book

Imagine that you meet a very old man who — you eventually realize — knows literally everything. Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life — quantum physics, evolution, God, gravity, light, psychic phenomenon, and probability —  in a way so simple, so novel, and so compelling that it all fits together and makes perfect sense. What does it feel like to suddenly understand everything?  God's Debris isn’t the final answer to the Big Questions. But it might be the most compelling vision of reality you will ever read. The thought experiment is this:  Try to figure out what’s wrong with the old man’s explanation of reality.  Share the book with your smart friends for FREE, then discuss it later while enjoying a beverage.

Still, God's Debris is emphatically not for everyone. Although there’s no sex or violence, I don’t recommend it for readers under fourteen unless a parent has screened it. And if you don’t like to have your perceptions challenged, this book isn’t for you. However, if you like a good book-induced buzz now and then, I think you’ll agree that the price was right.

 Also: The Religion War by Scott Adams


Click for more information The Jesus Mysteries
Timothy Freke,
Peter Gandy

Was the 'Original Jesus' a Pagan God?


Who Owns the Moon?

 Extraterrestrial Aspects of Land and Mineral Resources Ownership

Space Regulations Library Series

by Virgiliu Pop

This work investigates the viability of property rights on the celestial bodies, particularly the extraterrestrial aspects of land and mineral resources ownership. In lay terms, it aims to find an answer to the question "Who owns the Moon?"

The sources of law are examined in their dual dimension – that is, the facts that have caused and shaped the law of extraterrestrial real estate, and the norms which express this law. It is found that the norms and rules regarding property rights in the celestial realms are rather limited, failing to define basic concepts such as celestial body ...

Foreword by
Frank R. Zindler


Nothing is new or original in Christianity. That is the important thesis demonstrated in Christianity Before Christ. The least important features, as well as the most important components, were all well developed in cultures that flourished before the time that Christ is alleged to have walked the parched paths of Roman Palestine.

With a Foreword by Frank R. Zindler, the editor of American Atheist press, the book has 12 major chapters, plus Bibliography, Subject Index, and numerous pen-and-ink illustrations.


Best treatment of time travel in a movie ever, period.

Grand Jury Prize at 2004 Sundance Film Festival An unexpected result in a process for traveling back several hours in time. The men initially use these rewind sessions to succeed in the stock market. But a dark consequence of their daily journeys eventually complicates matters. If this sounds like a very commercial, science fiction thriller, Primer is anything but that. The film has a tantalizing, sealed-in logic, akin to Memento, that forces viewers to see the fantastic with a certain dispassion. One may be tempted to sit through Primer again to more fully understand its paradoxes and ethical quandaries. --Tom Keogh

Rent or buy a video from Amazon !


The Holy Qur'an: Text,
Translation & Commentary

Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Editor)


Who's Who in Hell

by Warren Allen Smith

A Handbook and International Directory
for Humanists, Freethinkers, Naturalists,
|Rationalists, and Non-Theists

(Library Binding)

Why the Religious Right Is Wrong:   About Separation of Church & State
Robert Boston, Barry W. Lynn

A journalist's account of how the religious right is using the political  arena to wage war against the governing principle of separation of church and state to promote their ultraconservative agenda. The dangers of the Religious Right movement - Rob Boston presents an intelligent, well written argument against the threat of the Religious Right movement in America. He traces church-state relations from several hundred years ago to the present day and confronts the non-Separationists with zeal and passion.

Who Wrote the New Testament? The Making of Christian Myth,   by Burton L. Mack

"I am very selective about books I choose to buy and display; I prefer  those that can really make a difference or illustrate a method or a new perspective. Mack's book does an excellent job of debunking and explaining the Christian myth and deserves widespread reading. If superstition and myth can be recognized and understood as such, society will be strengthened and enriched. It is like the Emperor's New Clothes - someone has pointed at the Emperor and written an accessible and enlightening book on the subject."  


The Dark Side of Christian History,   by Helen Ellerbe

"Over a period of nearly two millennia, the Christian Church has oppressed and brutalized millions of individuals. Meticulously researched and courageously written, this book examines the Church's devastating impact upon human freedom, dignity and spirituality."


  The Jesus the Jews Never Knew: The Quest of the Historical Jesus in Jewish Sourcesby Frank R. Zindler

Why I Am Not a Christian, and Other Essays on Religion and Related Subjects,  by Bertrand Arthur Russell

 "Great book, solid arguments, a challenge to believers. Russell's easy-to-understand logic dominates the work, presenting an almost watertight case against contemporary mythology. Christians of the world beware: this book will change your life forever."  

"You find as you look around the world that every single bit of progress in humane feeling, every improvement in the criminal law, every step toward the diminution of war, every step toward better treatment of the colored races, or every mitigation of slavery, every moral progress that there has been in the world, has been consistently opposed by the organized churches of the world. I say quite deliberately that the Christian religion, as organized in its churches, has been and still is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world."  Read it here for free.

Another opinion: A reader from State College, PA , March 12, 199  Poor logic, sophistic arguments. The title of this book should be "Why I Am Not Better Known" since the poor logic and sophistic arguments show only too well why philosophy students skip right over Russell and read more influential authors. Any dogmatist will embrace a well constructed argument against his position, but this is not one.

[ED: Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead wrote the definitive Principia Mathematica]

Why I Am an Atheist: Including a History of Materialism    by Madalyn Murray O'Hair

 "I liked the book it is a small book with ancient history of atheism and it
  has an explanation of materialism that is important for people to understand.
 Madalyn writes well and this small book is a nice addition to your atheist library."


Click for more information

Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years

by Bruce Sterling

 Problems of Philosophy,   by Bertrand Arthur Russell

"Bertrand Russell at his best. He is discussing different aspects of philosophy and why you need philosophy. This is a very good starting point for further philosophical readings. This book is a must in every human beings bookshelf who are interested in the way we people think."  


 2000 Years of Disbelief: Famous People With the Courage to Doubt,   by James A. Haught

 "The English speaking world rarely acknowledges the many and varied gifts that 'disbelievers' have bestowed upon humanity. Churchmen generally contend that great figures in history, such as America's founders, were conventional believers. But author James A. Haught demonstrates that this just isn't true."


 The Jesus Legend,   by G.A. Wells

"In this forcefully argued book, Wells presents evidence for the thesis that the New Testament writings form a part of a developing legendary tradition concerning the earthly life of Jesus. Wells engages incisively the works of the most ardent critics of the mythicist view of Jesus. . .his critical treatment is nothing less than exemplary."

        Jesus: The Evidence  on You Tube

A Natural History of Rape : Biological Bases of Sexual Coercion

"Encyclopedic and panoramic in its scope, this fascinating
work chronicles the rich spiritual, political, and cultural
institutions of Arab history through 13 centuries."
All the Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask American Atheists With All the Answers by Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Atheist Heroes and Heroines (American Atheist Radio Series)  by Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Atheist Primer : Did You Know All the Gods Came from the Same Place  by Madalyn Murray O'Hair


Kary B. Mullis: Dancing in the Mindfield

Kary Mullis won the Nobel Prize for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction, a chemical procedure that allows scientists to "see" the structures of the molecules of genes. Mullis is no shy, socially inept bench chemist, though; on the contrary, he has led as big and full a life as possible, opening himself to experiences like hallucinogenic drugs, surfing, casually handling dangerous chemicals, and taking shots at the sacred cows of science. Dancing Naked in the Mind Field is Mullis's own chronicle of his adventures, from wooing countless women to possibly being abducted by aliens, and it's a funny, shocking tale indeed. This man certainly doesn't suffer from lack of self-esteem, and yet you might want him along on a trip to the astral plane, say, or a tour of the human genome. Mullis is a fascinating character and his autobiography will put to rest forever the stereotype of scientist as skeptical nerd.
--Therese Littleton

The Creation of the Book of Mormon
Quest For The Gold Plates
By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus

Links:   Facsimile 1  |  Facsimile 2  |  Facsimile B  |  Jos. Smith Papyri  |  Gallery  |  Sheshonq’s Hypocephalus  |  Egyptian Alphabet  |  Liahona  |  Handshakes

Freedom under siege : the impact of organized religion on your liberty and your pocketbook  by Madalyn Murray O'Hair

A History of the Arab Peoples by  Albert Hourani The Age of Reason: Examination of the Prophecies;  Thomas Paine, Frank R. Zindler (Editor)

The Case Against Christianity,   by Michael Martin
A logical examination of Christianity by a professional philosopher -  "This book is logically thorough and destroys Christianity on all important evidential and rational grounds, although I doubt that any whose faith has been sufficient thus far will be led to de-convert. It will however expose them to the fact that they have no rational grounds for their belief."

Age of Reason,   by Thomas Paine

The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception,   by Michael Baigent-Richard Leigh
"Through a careful study of the scrolls, historical analysis, and interviews with scholars, the authors establish a view of Christianity that challenges the Church's adamantly defended 'facts'. Investigates why the contents of the earliest biblical manuscripts, found forty years ago, are still being withheld from the general public and studies unpublished materials that provide some startling new views about the early Christians. Not for the theologically faint of heart."

Dead Sea Scrolls, The Complete Story,   by Dr. Jonathan G. Campbell

"Campbell is particularly good on the Scrolls' historical setting and builds up a convincing picture of the development of different strands of religious thought, belief and practice within second temple period Judaism. If you approach this book without prejudice, as Campbell does the available facts, you will come to understand the origins of modern Judaism and Christianity."


  The Psychological Origins of the Resurrection Myth,   by Jack A. Kent
Reviewer: Edward Tuddenham from London October 29, 1999
"Although Hugh Schoenfield's Passover plot went some way towards explaining the events of Ca. 30 CE and other authors have exposed the huge discrepancies of the gospel accounts there has always been something missing in these revisions; namely an explanation for the core experiences which led to belief in a physical resurrection of Jesus. Jack Kent's book triumphantly fills that gap by showing that the pattern and timing of those first Easter experiences exactly fits the pattern of modern day bereavement hallucinations. Did you know that 50% of the bereaved report some kind of hallucination of the lost loved one? Including all the types of 'appearance reported in the Gospels and Acts. Paul of Tarsus' Damascus road experience was a prototypical conversion reaction. So after 2000 years of an illusion we finally get the real answer. Well done Jack! "

The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years,   by Robert by H. Eisenman, Michael O. Wise
"This groundbreaking volume features revelatory material--available primarily for the first time. These 50 documents cast a startling light on events in Palestine at the dawn of Christianity, alluding not only to doctrines we now recognize as Christian, but also to the precursors of Islam and Jewish Kabbalism."


Holy Blood, Holy Grail,   by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh
 "A brilliant read, see how history was changed and manipulated by the church. See how a poor French monk thumbed his nose
at the pope, and because he discovered the "real truth". The church was terrified of him. The more you read of this book the more
you become disgusted of religion."

The Messianic Legacy,   by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln, Richard Leigh
"Don't read it if you have a weak stomach or your not able to think for yourself other than what the priesthood tells you. It's another
eye-opener!!! The authors further dissect elements of the life and times of Jesus and go on to discuss the development of the
schism between Jesus's followers lead by his family members and the group of so-called "christians" lead by Paul. The method
of these historians is breathtaking in its scope and elegance."

The Fallen Star or the History of a False Religion and a Dissertation on the Origin of Evil,   by E.L. Bulwer, Lord Brougham
 "The author has shown how easily religions' votaries were ensnared, deceived, and mentally bound in a labyrinth of falsehood and
error. The history of the origin of one religion will, with slight alterations, serve to describe them all. Their claim to credence rests
on the exhibition of miracles which are a violation of the laws of nature. If religions were founded on the demonstrated truths of
science, there would be no mystery, no supernaturalism, no miracles, no skepticism, no false religion. We would have only verified
truths and demonstrated facts for the basis of our belief."

Pagan and Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning,   by Edward Carpenter
"A very level-headed approach, doesn't go after Christianity to attack it,
merely compares and contrasts it with the Pagan world and explores similarities and hidden meanings still present in the religion today. Incredible implications."  

Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven: Women, Sexuality, and the Catholic Church,   by Uta Ranke-Heinemann
 "This scholarly but accessible book details the way in which a deep mistrust of pleasure, and therefore women, came to be a
defining characteristic of the Christian church. Focusing particularly on Roman Catholicism, Ranke- Heinemann shows that
marginalization of women and sexual repression are not inherent in Catholic belief, but have taken center stage over centuries of
interpretation by celibate men."

The Great Infidels,   by Robert Green Ingersoll
"The master orator eloquently eulogizes a few of the world's greatest
freethinkers (Bruno, Voltaire, Paine, etc.). He boldly states what their honest and courageous minds endowed to humanity. He also dispenses with the clergy who so ravenously attack the character of these brilliant lovers of Liberty and Reason."  

Atheism: The Case Against God,   by George H. Smith

"I find it hard to imagine that an open-minded theist could read this book without coming away with serious doubts about the validity of the concept of a god. While scholarly, it remains approachable in its disassembly of the validity of faith, revelation, and the standard attributes of supreme beings. A must for any infidel's bookshelf, and a great challenge to theists who are open-minded enough to read opposing viewpoints."  ."

The Big Domino in the Sky and Other Atheistic Tales,   by Michael Martin
 "Incorporating material from his acclaimed technical works, Michael Martin
demonstrates that well-reasoned skeptical positions don't need to be presented in dry, philosophical prose. Instead, this defense of atheism is written in the form of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy that will arouse, provoke, and inspire the reader. The stories reveal the fallacies of traditional arguments for the existence of God and the improbability of God's existence given the evil in the universe."  

Atheism: A Philosophical Justification,   by Michael Martin
"Thousands of philosophers--from the ancient Greeks to modern thinkers--have defended atheism, but none more comprehensively than Martin. . .  Atheists should read it to bolster their creed, and theists should read it to test their faith against the deadly force of Martin's attack."

Asimov's Guide to the Bible: The Old and New Testaments/Two Volumes in One,   by Isaac Asimov
"If you are really interested in a critical and accurate review of the most misused book in history, the bible, the work and writing of Asimov, in these volumes as well as in his other science materials is a must. If you fear a challenge or need the comfort of myth, legend and superstition, don't read this book, or Sagan, they may make you think."

Critiques of God: Making the Case Against Belief in God,   by Peter A. Angeles (Editor)
"Peter Angeles sets out to assemble an anthology--"of value to undergraduate philosophy classes as well as to the general public" --that presents the case against God."

Who Wrote the Bible?,   by Richard Elliott Friedman
"Focusing on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, Friedman draws upon biblical and archaeological evidence to make a convincing argument for the identities of their authors."

Leaving the Fold,   by Marlene, Ph.D. Winell
"As a former fundamentalist, I have worked over the past ten years with individuals and small groups focusing on recovery from religious dysfunction and addiction. Although there are several other excellent resources on this topic, Winell's book is essential for understanding how Christian funda- mentalism and conventional Christian religion can foster dependency in its adherents."

Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists,   by Edward T. Babinski (Editor)
 "This riveting new collection offers testimonies of former fundamentalists
who became disillusioned with their churches and left. Presenting more than two dozen personal journeys, this book gives a clear picture of what attracts a person to the fundamentalist faith and what can drive believers away from their religion."  

Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist,   by Dan Barker
"About half of the book is Barker's story of his conversion and
deconversion. The other half are a collection of essays Barker has put together about biblical errancy, his TV appearances and debates, and his experiences in the Atheist community. A modern classic of freethought literature."  

Maybe Right, Maybe Wrong: A Guide for Young Thinkers,   by Dan Barker,  Brian Strassburg (Illustrator)
"Discusses learning right from wrong, stressing such aspects as the
difference between rules and principles and the importance of an individual's rights."  

Maybe Yes, Maybe No: A Guide for Young Skeptics,   by Dan Barker,  Brian Strassburg (Illustrator)
 "Excellent non-pushy kid's introduction to skepticism. I read this book to
my kids, ages 8 and 10, and they absolutely loved it. One took it to bed that night to re-read and the other took it to school the next day. I've never seen such a strong positive reaction to a book from them. Yes, it's simplistic, but it's a kid's book; it has to be. As a parent, what i liked the most about it is the gentle manner in which difficult questions are introduced. We had to pause many times for thoughtful discussion. Kudos to Mr. Barker for an excellent book encouraging children to question the world around them and to try to apply scientific methods to understand it."  

How Do You Know It's True? Discovering the Difference Between Science and Superstition,  by Hyman Ruchlis, Hy Ruchlis

"Far and away the best of the best of new releases for teaching critical thinking to young people. Actually, this is for anybody, young or old, who still has a tendency to flirt with any form of superstition or fairy-tale thinking or is curious why other people do so."  


Why I Am an Agnostic and Other Essays (The Freethought Library),  by Clarence Darrow
"The renowned lawyer Clarence Darrow (1857-1938) was also an impassioned
defender of intellectual freedom, individual liberties, and social injustice. In these wide-ranging essays, Darrow attacks beliefs in the inerrancy of the Bible, the immortality of the soul, miracles, and heaven as being completely at odds with human experience and science."  

God and Evil: An Introduction to the Issues,   by Michael Peterson 
 "This concise survey examines the problem of evil in the context of the
philosophy of religion. The main problem of evil consists in reconciling belief in a just and loving God with evil and suffering in the world."  

 Nonbelief & Evil: Two Arguments for the Nonexistence of God,  by Theodore M. Drange
 "Drange's book, with more clarity and meticulous attention to detail than
perhaps any other on the subject, demolishes traditional beliefs with two simple arguments. The existence of nonbelief (in God) and evil (premature death and suffering), as Drange persuasively demonstrates, may very well constitute an insurmountable challenge to theists, especially evangelical Christians."  

What Is Atheism? A Short Introduction,  by Douglas E. Krueger
 "This book is extremely well written, easy to understand and makes a great companion book for Atheists and theists alike. Unsure what Atheism is? Douglas' book will explain it in concise and easy to read terms but he doesn't 'dumb it down'. I can't say enough good things about this book other than to say Buy it, read it, absorb it, live it!"  



Divine Hiddeness and Human Reason (Cornell Studies in the Philosophy of Religion),  by J.L. Schellenberg
 "In this clearly written and tightly argued book, J. L. Schellenberg
addresses a fundamental yet neglected religious problem. If there is a God, he asks, why is his existence not more obvious? Traditionally, theists have claimed that God is hidden in order to account for the fact that the evidence of his existence is as weak as it is. Schellenberg maintains that, given the understanding of God's moral character to which theists are committed, this claim runs into serious difficulty."  

Arguing for Atheism: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion,  by Robin Le Poidevin
 "The arguments are accessible to the non-philosopher, all terminology is
carefully explained when introduced. this book is rewarding for the intellectual exercise provided by the rigorous logic and for the insights that deep analysis of personally significant beliefs can reveal. You do not have to be an Atheist to enjoy this concise and fair set of arguments in defense of Atheism and of embracing religion as useful fiction."  

The Godless Constitution: The Case Against Religious Correctness,  by Isaac Kramnick, R. Laurence Moore, Laurence Moore (Contributor)
"Concise Defense of the Separation of Church and State - This book
examines American History to discover the original intent of the First Amendment. America is not, nor has it ever been an instrument for religion. It was purposely founded on secular ideals to avoid the oppression which all to often plagued governments where church and state were not separated. The American form of government is founded on ideals which were formulated in the mind of man."  

Carl Sagen's   Baloney Detection Kit...  

Why the Religious Right Is Wrong About Separation of Church & State,  by Rob Boston, Robert Boston, Barry W. Lynn (Introduction)
"A journalist's account of how the religious right is using the political arena to wage war against the governing principle of separation of church and state to promote their ultraconservative agenda. The dangers of the Religious Right movement - Rob Boston presents an intelligent, well written argument against the threat of the Religious Right movement in America. He traces church-state relations from several hundred years ago to the present day and confronts the non-seperationists with zeal and passion."  

The Most Dangerous Man in America? Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition,   by Rob Boston, Robert Boston "Despite televangelist Pat Robertson's high ranking in the powerful Christian Coalition, many Americans are unaware of his extreme political views or his goals for the United States. This book examines the role Robertson plays in contemporary politics and his efforts to influence American society through his various political organizations, businesses, and broadcast empire."  

Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy,  by Frederick Clarkson "What is behind the violence against abortion clinics, attacks on gays and lesbians and the growing power of the religious right? Frederick Clarkson makes it clear that beyond the bombers and assassins who sometimes make news, is a growing, if not well understood, movement that encompasses Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon and the Promise Keepers--the lead agency of the so-called Christian men's movement.  

Not by Politics Alone: The Enduring Influence of the Christian Right,   by Sara Diamond "The Christian right is many things. Its a political coalition with strong ties to and influence on the Republican Party, but its also a subculture that provides, as she puts it, ``a safe haven when political success is not forthcoming. Through the media, church and community organizations, and other avenues, the right creates a strong ideology. The ideology propagates the notion that this is a persecuted group battling immoral enemies (e.g., abortion doctors, gay employees) in an eternal struggle between good and evil. In such a context, momentary political travails are of little consequence."


The Jesus Puzzle.
Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ? :
Challenging the Existence of an Historical Jesus

by Earl J. Doherty

       I've read three shelves worth of books on Christian apologetics
and the quest for the historical Jesus. I can save you a lot of time.
All you really need is this one...

From reviews posted on Amazon: By far the best "historical" Jesus book.
(Perry Willis from Arlington, VA, USA)

  Wrath of Angels: The American Abortion War,   by Jim Risen, Judy Thomas, James Risen
"Wrath of Angels is hard-hitting, objective, scary. From governmental agencies more concerned about their egos than solving clinic bombings, to the terrorist praising God in prayer and song while driving from a clinic she just torched, it is not only scary; it is sickening. Whether Catholic or fundamentalist, from the left or the right, blockades or bombings or shootings, these are people who believe they have some message from God to deny women the ability to make personal, medical decisions about their reproductive lives. Each part of the story is told in a way that gives readers the opportunity to make up their own minds and judge for themselves the appropriateness of these actions."  

The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements,   by Eric Hoffer
 "As we try to make sense of our world, it helps to explore the wisdom of people like Eric Hoffer. Known as the longshoreman philosopher, Hoffer had virtually no formal education, yet his awareness of the human condition was exceptional. In 1951 his first book, The True Believer was published. Subtitled Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, it offers insights still helpful today. Here are just a few of Eric Hoffer's observations: 'The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.'  'A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people's business.'"  

Deceptions and Myths of the Bible,   by Lloyd M. Graham
A "must read" for every seeker of the truth. Lloyd Graham, whoever he is, has made me a non-believer! After reading "The History of the World", I started seeking information of the historical validity of Christ, and have came to the conclusion, as Mr. Graham demonstrates, there just isn't any. I would like to see more from this author, but, there may be no need for it!"  

Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality,   by Steve Allen, Martin Gardner
 "This is an excellent layperson analysis of the Holy Bible. Steve Allen makes no pretension to biblical scholarship. Indeed, must one have such credentials to understand and appreciate the alleged word of God? I think not and neither does Allen as he rips through dozens of topics revealing the blatant flaws and fallacies of the "good book". He does stop to smell the proverbial flowers, which are the few and far between edifying passages. I must say that it is truly incredible that those of the Western culture either do not see or do not know how much of the Holy Bible is not well suited to children's bedtime stories." 

More Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, & Morality/Book II,   by Steve Allen "Steve Allen is the rarest of treasures-a comic genius and a deeply profound thinker. As Allen says in this book, and in its prequel, many of us have been guilty of reading the Bible for years without truly considering the impact of the moral values it expounds. Written in a "dictionary topical" style, most readers will not likely read it cover to cover in one sitting (though I did) . Those who take the time to read its contents, however, will be unable to avoid rethinking and reconsidering their long-held assumptions concerning the teachings of scripture and its impact on Western culture's view of morality."

"And religious scholars said some people who believe in God are also buying books written by atheists to see how the other side thinks..."

Atheists Are An Increasingly Outspoken Minority
Reporting:  J i m  W i l l i a m s

CHICAGO (CBS)  In this presidential campaign season, Democrats and Republicans alike have declared their religious faith. They do it, in part, because they believe it wins political points. After all, the latest Harris polls show somewhere between 73 and 80 percent of Americans believe in God. But what about the rest?

Agnostics say they just don't know; others say they are firm non-believers. Whichever is the case, non-believers a re increasingly outspoken in modern America.

By all appearances, the Lows are a tight-knit, loving family. Ron and Alice are devoted parents. Daughters Morgen and Maddy are good students involved in wholesome activities.


The Golden Compass
Over 1,126 customer reviews
His Dark Materials Trilogy:
The Golden Compass

  The Subtle Knife

  The Amber Spyglass

Philip Pullman

For kids and  young teens !

For kids and young teens!  Philip Pullman unlocks the door to worlds parallel to our own.  Dæmons and winged creatures live side by side with humans, and a mysterious entity called Dust just might have the power to unite the universes -- if it isn't destroyed first.   The three books in Pullman's heroic fantasy series, published as mass-market paperbacks with new covers, are united ere in one boxed set that includes The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.

Join Lyra, Pantalaimon, Will, and the rest as they embark on the most breathtaking, heartbreaking adventure of their lives.  The fate of the universe is in their hands.  (Ages 13 and older).  [BOX SET]

~ Pick up a copy for a child ! ~

LINK -   "Christian Groups Claim Pro-Atheist 'Stealth Campaign'  in  Nicole Kidman  Fantasy Film  The Golden Compass"

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