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Cosmology / The Nature of Time

The Anthropic Cosmological 

John Barrow and Frank Tipler

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The Life of the Cosmos
Lee Smolin

Lee Smolin is not afraid to think big--really, really big. His theory of cosmic evolution by the natural selection of black-hole universes makes what we can experience into an infinitesimal, yet crucial, part of an ever-larger whole.

The End of Time: 
The Next Revolution in Physics

Julian B. Barbour

 Hold on to your hats!
Lee Smolin,  a professor at the    Center for Gravitational Physics and Geometry at
  Pennsylvania State University,   is about to take you on 
The ride of your life!
Pick one up for a (smart : ) friend!  This book is industrial strength.

Just six numbers govern the shape, size, and texture of our universe. If their values were only fractionally different, we would not exist: nor, in many cases, would matter have had a chance to form. If the numbers that govern our universe were elegant--1, say, or pi, or the Golden Mean--we would simply shrug and say that the universe was an elegant mathematical puzzle. But the numbers Martin Rees discusses are far from tidy. Was the universe "tweaked" or is it one of many universes, all run by slightly different, but equally messy, rules?

Highly recommended ~ Pick one up for a friend ~

About Time: 
Einstein's Unfinished Revolution

Paul Davies

The Fabric of Reality
David Deutsch

The Special and
the General Theory, 
A Popular Exposition

Albert Einstein

The Mind of God
Paul Davies

In Search of Schrödinger's Cat: 
Quantum Physics and Reality

John Gribbin

The River of Time
Igor Novikov

The Emperor's New Mind: 
Concerning Computers, 
Minds, and the Laws of Physics

Roger Penrose

Time's Arrow 
and Archimedes' Point

Huw Price

The Physics of Immortality
Frank Tipler

The First Three Minutes
Steven Weinberg

Black Holes and Time Warps

a classic:

Gödel, Escher, Bach:
An Eternal Golden Braid

by Douglas R. Hofstadter


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