YouTube Segments from JESUS THE EVIDENCE


Codex Sinaiticus
David Strauss' mythology Biblical Napoleon Bonaparte.

Problems with Mark's Gospel
Albert Schweitzer and new testament scholars.

The Catholic Modernists
Rome's backlash to the Rationalists.

Christian Mythology
Controversial Christian Gospels.

Jewish take on the Bible
Josephus' Manuscripts.

Kinky Jesus document?
Professor Morton Smith Columbia University.
Wikipedia: Secret Gospel of Mark

Jesus' Tomb Found
Scholars look at the evidence of resurrection Mythologies.
Adonis Ashtatae.

Jesus' Tomb Found  pt.2
Scholars' evidence of Early Christians' resurrection Mythology.

Catholics, Gnostics, Mithras, Romans & Death
The days that formed the Christian Church
from Jesus the Evidence; BBC Documentary.

The Council of Nicaea
Emperor Constantine knocks Christianity into shape.



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Jesus the Myth - Man of the Indefinite Past:
Alvar Ellegård
     The Jesus Legend,  by G.A. Wells

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Jesus: the Evidence was a documentary broadcast on the BBC
 in the 1980's, that has been effectively banned in the U.S.A.
Fortunately a resourceful fellow [ theGetRealGuy ] has posted
ten clips from the series on YouTube.

See what Christianity has been successful in censoring...

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