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This is how the Mormon Book of Abraham came about.

Protection in the Afterlife -
A Religious Pillow

Each of these odd disk, covered with strange images and texts, is known as hypocephalus, from the Greek for "that which is below the head," in reference to the object's funerary function. It enabled the deceased to identify himself to the sun god by the flash of light it created.

This object was placed under the head of the mummified body, hence its name. It was either a separate element or was linked, like a cap, to the cartonnage that formed the mask of the mummy. Made of stuccoed canvas or metal, it "lit a flame under the head," in reference to one of the additional chapters of the Book of the Dead. The incantation on the disk, featuring mysterious forms of the creator god, provided the deceased with protection in the shadows of the afterlife.

Hypocephalus of Irethorrou 3rd-1st century BC. 
Musée du Louvre. Décamps     


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Jos. Smith's "Facsimile 2"
Original Egyptian Papyrus from which Smith Reconstructed Facsimile2.
[See Kirtland Egyptian Papers. Wikipedia]
Sheshonq’s Hypocephalus
Hypocephalus of Sheshonq

British Museum 37909
Sheshonq’s Hypocephalus

British Museum 8445

British Museum 37330, Bronze.     See enhanced drawing


British Museum 37908    8445-F

British Museum 8445-C

British Museum 8446     See enhanced drawing

British Museum 37909

      Musée du Louvre. Thebes, ~300Bc;

British Museum 37907

British Museum 8445-a

British Museum 36188

Oxford -  hypocephalus for Lady Takhred-Khonsu, daughter of Khonsu-ir-dis

Meux, England

Myers Collection



Egyptian Scribe;
Musée du Louvre

Cairo Museum

Cairo Museum
10699; 19.2 cm.

Cairo Museum
Bronze  3590

Turin  2336

Turin  2333

Turin Bronze

Florence, Italy

Paris, Louvre

Boston Bronze

Hermitage 8737
14 cm.

Vienna  Kunsthistorisches Museum
AS253 a-1

Vienna  Kunsthistorisches Museum
AS253 a-2

Leiden Museum; Germany  Ta(net)irt

A FAKE Hypocephalus, basis of the Mormon church's (LDS) Scripture - the Book of Abraham.




Facsimile 2
Eternal Progression
Eternal Perfection
The Speed of Prayer

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