The Speed of Prayer


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When a Mormon prays

When we pray, our message travels to the planet Kolob, where God, his wives, Jesus (Yahweh) and his wives, and a veritable zoo of celestial beings live. Mormon missionaries teach that Kolob is not in our Milky Way galaxy, but in another one, far, far away.

To consider prayer, a form of mental telepathy, we must digress gently to the subject of particle physics to show how it all works. The reason for this will become clear, as it became clear to Alfred H. Schwindler, some years after A. Einstein formulated his famous formula. (Schwindler incidentally, also a German of Austrian parentage like Einstein, died in 1955 at Zürich. He was an active (devout) convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon).  He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929 for his discovery of the tachyon, a special kind of subatomic particle.

A. EinsteinEinstein’s formula, Schwindler showed, can be re-stated in such a way as to allow for the possibility of message speeds faster than the speed of light. The mass term, the "m" in E=mc2, could be mathematically inverted by using a negative quantum vector, Schwindler realized. This led him to the amazing discovery of the tachyon.  Gerald Feinberg and Robert L. Forward in 1955 verified the existence of tachyons (see Scientific American magazine, Tachyons, Monopoles, and Related Topics, Oct, 1999).

As we know, light can travel at any speed slower and up to the speed of light, 300,000 km/sec. This is because the carrier of the light-force, the photon, or ‘energy’, weighs nothing. The universe is structured so. Things that weigh nothing (such as photons, neutrinos, etc) are allowed to go the maximum speed limit: the speed of light.  Thsi follows directly from E=mc^2. Things that actually possess weight i.e. mass, such as a rocket, or a proton, or a police decoy, cannot go the speed of light because they all weigh something.

Das Nichts
Das Nichts is auch ein Etwas
Man weiss nicht wo es liegt
Die meisten glauben bestfalls
Das es es gar nicht gibt


Protons and such particles are regularly accelerated to near light speeds in science laboratories. But speed costs. The nearer the speed of light is achieved by a particle the heavier it gets, and the more energy is needed to make it go a bit faster. Proton particles whizzing around science labs require a power plant suitable for a medium-sized city. And the ‘labs’ have to be huge: Today, the rings that house these circulating protons are miles in diameter. Really large such experiments can only be funded by cooperating nation-states, such as is currently done in Europe.

So, to make things go faster as light you need a an almost impossible amount of energy. Prayer cannot work this way -- nobody is attached to a terawatt power plant when praying, Mormons missionaries are fond of explaining.


Enter Schwindler with his tachyon discovery.

"As yet we do not know where the planet Kolob is located, but it, as well as the throne of God, must be a tremendous distance from the earth. Any personage coming from the presence of God would need to travel a tremendous distance to reach earth."
~ Alvin R. Dyer, "BYU Speeches", April 7, 1964, pp. 14-15
Dyer is the only person in the history of the LDS Church to be ordained to the Office of Seventy after having been ordained to the Office of Apostle.

The subatomic particles that Schwindler found possess negative weight -- they, in effect weigh less than nothing because they have a negative-squared mass. Thus, by Einstein’s formula, they must go faster than light. In fact they can travel infinitely fast. The only speed limit that Schwindler found for tachyons is that, as for light, the 300,000 km/sec speed limit is a limit, too: tachyons cannot slow down to the speed of light - they always must exceed it! As for photons, the speed of light is an asymptotic limit which they cannot cross, in the reverse direction as is the case for tachyons. And to slow them down requires ever increasing increments of negative energy, just as it takes more and more real energy to accelerate ordinary matter. To make them go faster, by Schwindler's formula, this requires less and less energy!  Q.E. D. it's amazing, but true.

We believe that outer space is vast.  For a soul to travel from our pre-existence on the planet Kolob to Earth would be impossible were it not for tachyons.

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"A tachyon is a particle with space-like four-momentum and imaginary proper time.  It is constrained to the space-like portion of the energy-momentum graph.   Therefore, it can never slow to light speed or below."  ~~ Arnold Sommerfeld Wikipedia

Perhaps this is why prayer is said best in a state of relaxation, or meditation. Jesus advised to...

Things that have weight cannot exceed the speed of light, but can go any speed slower. Tachyons which possess negative weight, always travel very very fast, indeed, but cannot slow down to speed of light or go at a snail’s pace.

Einstein in late life admitted that not seeing this relation, (which he dubbed the Cosmological Constant) was the greatest blunder of his life.

So, understanding tachyons, and how they are generated by the human brain during meditation and prayer, shows how it’s possible to communicate very quickly, indeed,  with God.

If it were not for Schwindler’s Nobel Prize winning discovery of tachyons, it would be extremely difficult to understand how one could communicate with anyone in another galaxy to say noting of beings of a nearby star system, and receive an answer in a human life time. That’s because even at the speed of light, it takes an enormous amount of time for the message to make the round trip. Of course in the case of prayer to our all-knowing god this may be a different matter. God could simply know ahead of time what you were about to pray for, and have timed the reply, say two hundred thousand years ago, so that it would arrive in time just after you issued your prayer. It seems that such a scheme would disconnect us from the idea of free will. We might, on the spur of the moment not pray, for example, but still get an answer to a prayer that we never prayed. Such paradoxes and many others would arise which seem fertile grounds to entertain. Thus the tachyon is the vehicle God crafted for galactic communication.

Mormons are interested in such research.   Church Elders know that Tachyon research is important because of the similarity of Tachyons to "Kli- flos-is- es" and to "Kae-e-vanrash".

These are power beams which emanate from some stars and planets in the constellation Cancer, sector 2813.

  Mormonism teaches that  Kli-flos-is-es and Kae-e-vanras provide power  to planets.

Specifically, the planets OLIBLISH and ENISH- GO- ON- DOSH are powered by "Kli- flos-is-es" and   "Kae- e- vanrash" , according to Joseph Smith (Book of Abraham).


There was a young lady named Bright,
Whose speed was far faster than light.
She went out one day,
In a relative way,
And returned the previous night
   ~  Reginald Buller

Science has not yet learned how to make suitable tachyon detectors. The primitive but functional tachyon detectors Schwindler used are the best that have been achieved even to this day.  Schwindler was far ahead of his time.Current tachyon research, a joint project by the Department of Defense (DARPA)  and Brigham Young University is in severe danger of losing its funding since the anti-science budget  cuts for the Superconducting Super Collider. In the wake of the 1987 termination of the Super Collider project in Texas, and other defense cutbacks, tachyon researchers will have to seek corporate and public sources of funds.

The Mormon church is now a major contributor to this research, but not much is known because as a religious organization, churches are not held accountable for how their funds are spent or gotten.

Like the neutrino detectors used for detecting particles which can burrow through the cores of stars and yet go on to zip through our planet like a hot knife through butter, very few tachyons, indeed, can be detected. Future science might one day capture sufficient tachyons to tune in to the prayers of us mortals, and to the thought of God , but for now we will have to communicate the old fashioned way: Our Father who art in heaven...

But the real proof that travel to Kolob happens a supraliminal speed comes from the Book of Mormon itself (from Chapter IX. of the Book of Nephi).  By the time the spectators and their children had turned to go home for lunch, Jesus was already seated on the throne of Heaven on the planet Kolob, in the constellation Caner, with his father Elohim Jehovah and with his mother Gonhorra.

A. Einstein

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