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LDS:  What's in a name?
Does the name of our church make sense?


Curch of Virus

This material is not interesting to many Mormons.
In that case, you are encouraged to skip this.

Everything here is true  -- as far as
it has  been understood correctly.

This page is about the NAME of the Mormon church.  Officially, we like to call ourselves...
"Church of Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ" *

Our founder was an uneducated farmer.  He gave us the name...
This is wrong!  - - LOOK:

LOOK:  The Dictionary Definition...

of prep.
Derived or coming from;
          originating at or from:    men of the north.
2. Caused by; resulting from:  a death of tuberculosis.

Baptized in 1988

"It all depends on 
 what the meaning
of  of  is."

You don't have to be an Einstein
 to figure this out.

The word of is directional    ← .
Of  indicates possession or belonging.  Examples:   Jesus of Nazareth...  King of the Jews...  state of mind,,,  Fullness of the life of Jesus.

Of means that the first thing belongs to the second. It never means that the second thing belongs to the first.   Don't go to sleep now...

'Belongs-to' also can mean 'is part of', or 'is owned by'.  You can think of the first  thing,  THIS , to be a subset, of a member of the second thing,  THAT :

THAT  belongs-to THIS

first part


Jesus Christ ← of Latter-day Saints
second part





The second part   
has two parts:   

Jesus Christ


Latter-day Saints

Of, as far as it has been translated correctly, has that meaning.  It's like so:

  United States of


   men of


  Jesus  of Nazareth
  king  of the Jews
  wheel of cheese
  state  of mind
I am  the daughter of the great King
  host of angels
    belongs-to   belongs-to  
  Binders full of the names of women
Sharing the fullness of the life


Jesus Christ
In the valley of the shadow



This means that Jesus Christ belongs to the Latter day Saints.
...But that's ass-BACKWARDS!

The grammar is right, but the meaning is wrong:
Jesus Christ doesn't belong to the Latter-day Saints.
It's the Latter-day Saints that belong to Jesus Christ!

Thus, the name of the LDS church is wrong. Anyone with knowledge of English can see that the name of the church should be...

Church ← of Latter-day Saints ← of Jesus Christ...

... if translated correctly, of course.  The Church of Latter-day Saints belongs to Jesus Christ.


Another example of this is:

Mitt Romney's  ← church's  ← Baptism For the Dead


The valley  ← of the shadow  ← of death


The grammar is right, but the meaning is wrong...  In Mormonism, meaning is often a secondary concern. We're a peculiar people.  For example, we teach that the Bible is true, as far as it has been translated correctly. 
But the false, not to be translated parts are not identified. 

Joseph Smith, the inventor of Mormonism, spent much of his life forcing meaning onto Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, and tried to rectify this Bible-problem by re-translating it, but he did not finish the work.  Bush's meaning...

  Bonus Point: The Chosen People --
 What does the word saint
 mean?  A saint is a chosen person who is better than everybody else.  Definition.

"Host of angels of the starsThe Gospel of Judas

Genitive case - Wikipedia
The genitive case (also called the second case)  ... English does not have a proper genitive case, but a possessive ending, ...


* Mormonism uses the possessive case incorrectly in its own name.  Officially the name of the church is Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
but the intended meaning is Church of Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ.  Mormonism was invented in the early nineteenth century by Joseph Smith,
an uneducated young farm boy. 

* In 2001 The leaders of the Mormon church announced that they don't like the name Mormon.
  We think that it is better than the current one.

The Adamic Dictionary
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Jean François Champollion

n 1822 Jean François Champollion (1790-1832)
using the ROSETTA STONE,   made the decisive discovery concerning the decipherment of hieroglyphs and became
the founder of
Egyptology ...



 ...At the same time,
 Joseph Smith, using 
 a SEER STONE founded

Joseph Smith


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