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Have you ever wondered... What  would it be like to speak another language?  THIS is your answer ADAMIC is the language spoken in Heaven.  Non-mormons don't realize this, but when we die we will all need to learn this language.

Now, you too can Learn Adamic in less than 30 easy minutes

Here isThe Adamic ~ English Dictionary...






... from my [any organ:  heart, mind, mouth, depending on context]

... this (these) word(s)

oh, Lord hear


Memorize these definitions.  You now know 100% of Adamic, the language spoken in heaven.  You are a fluent Adamic speaker!  Sooner or later, you will have to learn this  anyway.  (If you are so unlucky as to wind up in Hell, knowledge of Adamic will serve you, as it is also the lingua franca for that domain, also.)

We have only one minor complication.  Don't worry, it's not to bad and it's easily mastered.  In Adamic, the middle letter of any word is capitalized, except for foreign, imported words (more on that in a minute).

So, words in the the Adamic Dictionary are really written like this:


Punctuation:  There is none, except in some imported foreign words.  In those, a hyphen (-) may appear, but it is not always present.  One thing is for sure, if it has a hyphen, it is a word borrowed from a Terrestrial (or Telestial) language.

P, A, L, E, Y    In Adamic, this is the order of the letters of the alphabet

Side note:    By coincidence the British theologian, William Paley had revealed onto him, by the Angel Moroni, this same knowledge, way back  in 1794.  This was  30 years before the Angel contacted Joseph Smith!  Afterwards, Paley wrote a book about his experiences with the Angel, in which he discusses the multifaceted and versatile language, Adamic. The name of his book is "A View of the Evidences of the New Christianity".  This work is still widely bought by Mormons.  It's available from free from the Mormon Church (LDS)  or maybe from Amazon.com. (Note:  Not to be confused with S. William Paley who founded KSL Radio in Utah, in 1929).  The Mormon prophet, Brigham Young  said that the pure Adamic language is "speaking in tongues."

That's it!  You can now honestly write on job applications and such, that you speak a second language.  Remember, Adamic is the Official Language of Heaven.  Study it now and you will stand out head and shoulder above everyone else when Judgment comes.


Periodically freshen up on your new found language!


Further reading -- Secret temple ceremonies: Speaking in Tongues

Pay Lay Ale... in the Secret Temple Ceremonies (ca. 2001)  
Pay Lay Ale... in the Secret Temple Ceremonies (1990)  
Pay Lay Ale... in the Secret Temple Ceremonies (1931) Linguistic Drift 

Side note:
Borrowed Words:   Like all languages, Adamic has a percentage of foreign words:
... (Old Pre- Demotic Egyptian)
1. morning and evening star [venus]
... (Modern Telestial)
1. heavenly mother Gonhorra  [God's #1 wife's name]
2. slang queen bee
3. a hairy-bodied, stinging insect in the order Hymenoptera
Kolob ... (Modern Telestial)
a planet (or star) nigh onto the residence of gods; "the first creation which is nearest to the celestial, or the
residence of God", 
spr-tchuhl ... (Old Tralfamadorian)
of, relating to, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material.
Synonym immaterial, ethereal.
Urim-thumim ... (Old Tralfamadorian)
Umiversal Language Translator, ULT.
See Seer Stone, Hat.  See also Liahona -- Primitive GPS system.
Floeese ... (Reformed Egyptian)
1. moon n
2. slang v.  to bare a vulva, or any precious vessel
Quetzalcóatl ... (from Old Aztec)
1. spiritual and physical union of Jehovah, the father, and Jesus the Son, in the form of a snake with orange plumage.
2. precious twin
Shiblon  ... (unknown origin)
1. any measure-barley, 
2.   shiblon  equals  ½ senum = ½  = 2 shiblum = 1/3 shiblon
[ Source: Book Of Mormon, Alma (15, 16, 19)]
3.  equivocal
    NOTE:    Adamic is rich in borrowed words, for it is truly a Universal and even Intergalactic  language -- it is spoken by all gods on all planets, though some and dialects exist. (The Prophet Brigham Young told us that Moon-men communicate in Adamic).  These are beyond the scope of this web site; see Mormon-Language.org.  The foreign words catalogued here represent over 200% more words than the pure Adamic language, so this certainly suffices to carry on any Heavenly conversation!
Good luck with your new knowledge of Adamic.  Adamic is fun.  If you wish to purchase the Berlitz audio course, "Learn Adamic While You Sleep" on CD, please visit Amazon.com by clicking here or here.

(All this might sound silly to the uninitiated.  That's why the Mormon church has recently (1991) downplayed the validity of Adamic, as spoken in the sacred / secret temple ceremonies.  The denigration of Adamic can be seen in this link at the official web site of the LDS Church, www.mormons.org).


Adamic means  Speaking in Tongues

Brigham Young prophet, seer and revelator of the Mormon church, spoke "in tongues".  Speaking in tongues  means talking Adamic.

"As soon as we arose from our knees the brethren flocked around him, and asked his [Brigham Young's] opinion concerning the gift of tongues that was upon me. He told them it was the pure Adamic language. "

"The members of the branch in Pennsylvania were the first in the Church who received the gift of tongues."

"Brother Alpheus Gifford commenced speaking in tongues. Soon the Spirit came on me, and I spoke in tongues, and we thought only of the day of Pentecost, when the Apostles were clothed upon with cloven tongues of fire. "

" We exhorted them and prayed with them, and I spoke in tongues. Some pronounced it genuine and from the Lord, and others pronounced it of the devil."

"He called upon me to pray; in my prayer I spoke in tongues."

" I found the Saints in confusion; they had the gift of tongues among them, and the interpretation, and they were so ignorant of the nature of these gifts that they supposed that everything which was spoken in tongues was immediate revelation from God; a false spirit had therefore crept in, and division was the result."

 Autobiography (1801-1844) in Manuscript History of Brigham Young; Source: Manuscript History of Brigham Young, 1801-1844, ed. Elden Jay Watson (Salt Lake City: Smith Secretarial Service, 1968). MANUSCRIPT HISTORY of BRIGHAM YOUNG /www.math.byu.edu/~smithw/Lds/LDS/Early-Saints/MSHBY.html


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The Lingua Franca of Heaven!

Adamic Dictionary
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