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Indestructible - Immortal!
The 3 Nephites LIVE
  ...And each thrice they were cast into the furnace of fire and lo, received they no harm.
           ..."I was buried alive under a radioactive PILE and lived!"

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... are Mormons of Old who cannot die.

Heavenly Father on Kolob gave them immortality.

in 3 Nephi 28...

...From the Book of Mormon 3-Nephi 28

[19]  And they were cast into chains by them who did not belong to the church. And the prisons could not hold them, for they were rent in twain.

[20]  And they were cast down into the earth; but they did smite the earth with the word of God, insomuch that by his power they were delivered out of the depths of the earth; and therefore they could not dig pits sufficient to hold them.

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[21]  And thrice they were cast into a furnace and received no harm.

[22]  And it came to pass twice were they cast into a den of wild beasts; and behold they did play with the beasts as a child with a suckling lamb, and received no harm.

Heavenly Father teaches us  that the "Three Wandering Nephites" have traveled the world for 2,000 years.  Many persons  soberly and solemnly report having been visited by one of the Immortal Ones.  So much is certain:  there are multitudes of eye witnesses.

The three Nephites are the disciples of Jesus Christ when he appeared in the New World.  This happened shortly after his crucifixion in Israel, when the New World needed Christ the most -- during the reign of Tlazoltéotl Ixcuina, "the goddess of filthy things".

These disciples are not the same beloved and familiar ones from the Bible, but those from the book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon  is another testimony of Jesus Christ.  Mormon  Missionaries teach us that Jesus appeared as the God Quetzalcóatl in South America.  We know this is true because there are many inscriptions of Jesus-Quetzalcóatl, and more than one surviving book  (Codex) also testify to this fact.

The Catholic church's conquistadores  tried to obliterate all signs of the truth of Jesus-Quetzalcóatl in the New World, by burning   the codices -- the written word-- but they did not destroy them all.  HERE is a picture of Jesus from the Codex Dresden -- the 12 disciples of Jesus are symbolized by the humming bird.

Nine of Jesus-Quezalcóatl disciples were allowed to hie  to heaven, on the planet Kolob; the remaining three disciples remained behind, immortal, to spread the truth of Mormonism and the gospel of Jesus - Quezalcóatl in the new world.

According to Mormonscholars there is a reference to these Nephites in the Bible, namely the giant Nepahlim race of people of Genesis resulting from the crossbreeding of heavenly beings with humans.  According to these scholars at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah, Jos. Smith mistranslated the plural Hebrew word נפלים (Nefilīm) as Nephites.  This was due to a small imperfection in the crystals of the seer stone, the Thumim  (Upon microscopic examination of the Urim and Thumin stones by BYU mineralogists in 1999, a discovery was made which revealed this defect.)  This may explain the immortality of the Nephites because the biblical Nephalim did not possess a Neshama (נשמה‎) soul, according to the Bible.  And it is well understood that soulless entities cannot die.  This explains the immortality of the Nephites. Mormon anthropologists suggest that the three Nephites, or Nephalim, are tha last remaining beings resulting from the cross-breeding of Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens at the Carmel caves on the western slopes of Mt. Carmel in northern Israel, near Haifa.
We Believe The Immortal Nephites Live!  They are as real as manna from heaven,  as true as, if not more so, than Jos. Smith's translation of Facsimile 2 (below)... Yea, The 3 are as real as as the Book of Mormon  is true -- as true as the Bible & Holy Koran  -  [Link: Islam] - are true as they be translated correctly.

One Nephite left the land shortly after Jesus appeared to the Aztecs as the god Quetzalcoatl (Quezalcóatl).  In 28 A.D. (
Jewish calendar year 3788; Mayan calendar 7.19.' 6.18 4 'Etz'nab 11 Kumk'u) the Nephite named 4-Rabbit-Lemur left Yaxchilan and traveled without accompaniment to the land of Ptolomy (Claudius Ptolemaeus) of Egypt.  He was sent by God on a mission to the home of his ancestors in the old world.   4-Rabbit-Lemur used only a small rowboat and a standard Liahona-VII to know the direction he should travel.  (Being immortal and indestructible he needed  to take no special provisions or safety precautions for his voyage, of course). Upon his arrival in Egypt he took the name Alexander Helios and set his Liahona's needles for the land of the Israelites.
The reader must be reminded here, that because of the nature of the three Nephites' calling, each of them had to change his name on order to fit into the cultural context in which he found himself.
For this reason, whenever possible, we give the name as well as an Identifying Numeral.  Hence, Alexander Helios is Nephite #1.
  Alexander Helios briefly surfaced a few times in Qumran where he had a small hand in the creation of the dead sea scrolls. He was granted honorary membership in the Essenes of the Qumran Community. At Qumran, Helios performed a most important job, unknown to science for almost 2000 years. Only recently have BYU archeologists discovered this Lamanite's important contribution to Mormonism.
   Alexander had became chief archivist of the Qumran community. It was he who dutifully removed all scriptural references to the Golden Plates (of the Book of Mormon) from the dead sea scrolls before they were buried. This explains why no references to Mormonism occur in the Dead Sea scrolls and in any books of the Holy Bible.   The sensitive work was done on commandment from Jesus and in the presence of the angel Moroni who appeared to Alexander in 44 A.D. Moroni revealed to Alexander that the knowledge of the records of Lemon is yet not to be revealed  "...the holy Scrolls of Qumran contain writings that cannot be revealed unto the world; but is to be had in the Holy Temple of God, in the full ripeness of time."  Alexander burned much midnight oil, erasing and scraping Mormon  references and other pseudepigrapha from the Dear sea Scrolls' parchment.  Proof of Laman's deletions is still evident in the uneven thickness of the cow hide upon which the Mormon  references had been scribed.  This has been measured and is considered by most Mormon  scholars of pseudepigrapha to be just one more proof of the truth of Mormonism.  (Over time, Holes appeared in these altered spots on the scriptures.  It is these very holes which stand onto this day as a Testament to the truth of the Book of Mormon.)
  New information about Alexander Helios' activities emerged recently at a symposium held at the Mormon  Brigham Young University.  It was revealed that Alexander Helios' activities include preserving information -- in addition to his activities of destroying the bad parts of the holy Scrolls of Qumran.  A most astounding revelation by the president on BYU proves that Helios had actually preserved the long-sought Quelle, the source document.  It is often called simply Q  by biblical scholars.  Q is the source document from which the gospels of Mark, Mathew and Luke took their somewhat liberal inspiration in writing the gospels.  Biblical scholars had long assumed the existence of such a text.  The Q parchment is now stored in the underground vaults of the Mormon  church in Little Cottonwood canyon near Salt Lake City, Utah.  Plans are underway to exhibit it temporarily, side by side of the Dead See Scrolls in Israel.  (Please bookmark this page for further news about this event).

The God Makers
by Ed Decker, Dave Hunt

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  In his old age, Alexander Helios retreated to the stone-carved city of Petra where for decades he communed with the Hidden Imam, who had dwelt there for about 845 years, during his Lesser Occultation. He also wrote most of his his autobiography whilst secluded n this hidden city. This text is now owned by The Mormon  church and is locked in its vault, along with the only remaining working example of a Liahona (XII).   To this day, The names of Laman, Moroni, Jesus and Nephi still remain barely visible, engraved in the soft the sandstone of Petra -- a salient, silent   testament to the truth of the book of Mormon.  The Nephite Alexander Helios of Qumran, 4-Rabbit-Lemur of Yaxchilan, had performed his duty at Qumran admirably, although sometimes he seemed to do so almost grudgingly.

  In his autobiography from Petra, Alexander wonders "...perhaps the Beast commandeth onto [me] by trickery [in order to] abominate the Word, ...[the beast manifest] as beings of light, who beamed as onto me ... in the heat of the desert ... brightly as the sun at its zenith.

  One of the Three Nephites (Nephite #2 -- he had taken the name Thughlug Bakhtiar) -- raised his families in  the city of Merv, Turkistan (Mery, Turkmenistan) in approximately mid April of 1139 A.D., under the the rule of the great Sultan Sandzhar.  He was next spotted in Moab Utah  (under the pseudonym  Lamar Worthington) and was raising more generations of offspring. By some accounts Worthington had in excess of 100 children in and around  Moab.   In both of these known cases,  anthropologists  and biologists, in conjunction with BYU university,  have studied the genetic family trees of This Nephite.


The Urim mine was discovered by BYU anthropologists in upstate New York. 

Lamar Worthington near Moab, Utah, ca. 1900

  It need not be pointed out that the three   Nephites had an extremely difficult time spreading the true gospel during the time before real Mormon  Missionaries.  One Nephite made a brief appearance as the Pope, Il Papa, during the dark ages.  He feigned death soon thereafter, because he found the work of the Catholic Church distasteful.
  The Nephites had no flannel Boards, no film strips, or visual aids.  None of these things came to pass until after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon  by looking into the Urim and Thumin [*] stone-like translation devices.  Suddenly, in the early 19th century the Book of Mormon  came into being.   Missionaries spread the BOM over all continents like a blanket coddling a precious babe.  They usurped the truth of the BOM  to prove to all with an open heart that the BOM is true.  Many converts were made, after the truth of the Mormon  planets KOLOBOLIBLISH and ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH was revealed by Joseph Smith.  These discoveries came from Facsimile 2.    The discovery that bits of paper cut-outs stick to flannel also helped immensely, incarnated as the ubiquitous flannel board and prayer glove of Mormonism.
  Mormon  theologians surmise that the Heavenly father does not really work miracles per se.  He works within the natural laws that he created six thousand years ago.  Sometimes the principles of his godly actions are still unknown to us ignorant mortals and often his deeds seems miraculous top us.  (For example the stone-like translating machines known as Urim [*and Thumim;  the principle of instantaneous communication with planet Kolob beyond the Milky way.  (Now it is known that subatomic particles / waves called tachyons mediate prayer).

  In this way, much of what Mormons believe is based on future understandings.  In Joseph Smith's, document, 'Facsimile 2',  for example, the prophet Smith's translation proves that some things "Ought not to be revealed at the present time". See items 9, 10 12 thru 21 of facsimile 2.  Some things, the translator of the Egyptian hieroglyphics proclaims, are knowable and are fair game for students to discover; item 11: "If the world can find out these numbers, so let it be. Amen."  Some items are to be made known to Mormons only.  See item 8: "Contains writings that cannot be revealed unto the world; but is to be had in the Holy Temple of God".
  It contains much of the basis of Mormonism (i.e. the origin of all is the planet Kolob) , yet facsimile 2 contains sections which the Heavenly Father does not yet want us to know.  Because we are too ill prepared intellectually to receive such information.  In this regard Mormonism concurs with Christianity:  Mankind is stupid at the core.  Reason is to be thrown to the wind.  Faith is to be embraced, in spite of evidence that faith leads to false beliefs. For example, the Moslem Religion is surely a false one, yet its adherents use the same faith that leads true believers to Mormonism.
  Much of what Mormons believe is based on future understanding.   See JS,  facsimile2,  for example. 

The movie begins with Professor John Oldman (David Lee Smith) packing his belongings onto his truck, preparing to move to a new home. His colleagues show up to give him an unexpected farewell party: Harry (John Billingsley), a biologist; Edith (Ellen Crawford), a fellow professor and devout Christian; Dan (Tony Todd), an anthropologist; and Sandy (Annika Peterson), a historian who is in love with John.

As John's colleagues continue to pressure him for the reason for his departure, John slowly reveals that he is a prehistoric "caveman" who has survived for more than 14,000 years. His colleagues refuse to believe in his story. John continues to state that he was once a Sumerian for 2000 years, then a Babylonian under Hammurabi, and finally a disciple of Gautama Buddha.

The discussion takes a turn into the biological and physical condition of John and the topic of death. John mentions that he is not a follower of a particular religion, and he doesn't believe in an omnipotent God. John then reveals that he was Jesus, which leaves his audience aghast and angry. His colleagues begin to talk about the possibility of John being mentally ill or high on drugs.

After his shocking revelation, emotions in the room run high. His colleagues sternly demand that John end his "high tale" and give closure to the story; they threaten John with the possibility of locking him up for observation. John apologizes to everyone and, as he doesn't want to upset any of his friends further, he tells them that it was all a made-up 'story'.

After almost all of John's friends leave, Dr. Gruber overhears John relating to Sandy some of the other pseudonyms he has used over the years. One used over 60 years ago was the name of Gruber's father, a chemistry professor from Harvard who had abandoned his family. Gruber, shocked and over-excited, suffers a heart attack. The movie ends with John changing his mind, and deciding to spend a life with Sandy.

All  3 Nephites have taken up residence in Major metropolitan areas in recent times.   One Nephite is in Kishiniev, Moldova, another in Salt Lake City, USA, and one lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  This is because they nowadays like to live near where sperm banks have been established.  It is not know exactly why -- but all of the Nephites regularly donate sperm.  One Nephite has been reported to have made almost seventeen hundred  deposits at one bank in Kishiniev, all within the same month!  Mormon  scholars believe that the Nephites have received direct communication from the Heavenly Father, even such which is is not known to any Mormon  primates, seers or revelators.  It seems that the communication commanded them to is simply to  reproduce. 

Charlie Steen, who befriended one Nephite.

Their names at this time period are not known; however a close friend of the Nephite In Salt Lake City, a Texas uranium miner who struck it rich in uranium during the 1950s in Moab, Utah, promised to reveal the name of the Utah Nephite.  This miner's name was Charlie Steen, the "The Uranium King".  Unfortunately he died due to natural causes amidst a family feud, in 2010,New Years Day, at the age of 86, having suffered from Alzheimer's disease.  By then he had forgotten his promise to name the Nephite -- indeed he had forgotten the nameThis was the cause which precipitated the family feud, some say. 

Much of the increased human life expectancy not due to medical advances.  It is because the 3 Nephites are in effect 'filling the gene pool' with immortal genes.   The 3 Nephites are still polygamous (they were exempted from the official denial of polygamy by the then Mormon  primate, Heber J. Grant (1918 - 1945), in his  encyclical bull  if 1938 .  See Deseret News 1/23/38).
DNA sample of both family trees reveal lengthened TELOMERES -- the protective "caps" on the end of strands of DNA --   of his offspring.  The effect is slight,  but sadistically VERY significant.  Furthermore, the effect seems to be cumulative in successive generations of Bakhtiar's / Worthington's  issue.  One puzzle is that the lengthened telomere syndrome it is about 7.4% more pronounced in females than in males.
Telomeres are known to influence the aging process.  During normal cell division, these protective caps of the chromosomes slough off.  The effect is shortened unprotected DNA.  This contributes to cell death when the telomeres reach a certain critical shortness.
Science has learned much about the cell biology of Nephites. In Nephites, the telomere cap is lengthened during meiosis in the forth phase phase of cell division -- the telophase. The extra length is then expelled over the lifetime of the cell.  When the cell is ready to reproduce, it has again its original, normal healthy length.  The molecular fragments which are expelled as waste products  appear in the urine and in the exhaled carbon dioxide of the breath.  (for this reason immortal beings have a very slight but identifiable odor.  The DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)
Worthington worked in the uranium mines near Moab from 1939 until about 1955.  One time, in the dry heat of the summer of 1942 an accident happened.  A worker inadvertently released a chute of refined uranium in the form of fine powdered metal pellets onto Worthington, who was inspecting the loading dock.  Worthington was buried and he was not missed until one of his families reported his disappearance to a local guard at the mine.  A sheriff's search of 12 days turned up nothing.  About one month later he was discovered when the lead-suited clean-up crews carefully removed the spilled uranium and loaded it onto special steel lined railroad cars.  Worthington remained alive and well while he was pinned under tons of radioactive uranium.   Worthington's Lunch -- a tuna fish sandwich, a liverwurst sandwich, some grapes, and a container of milk were still in perfect, edible condition.  The radiation had sterilized them!  
Everyone thought all that  was a miracle. (See report of this incident at wikipedia).  This was a surprising miracle, since the radiation heats things up thus accelerating food spoilage.  In fact, it is well documented that Moab uranium miners would warm their hands by holding uranium ore during cold winter mining efforts.  We shall never fully understand  the miracles The Immortal Three perform on a daily basis!
This is just one example of how the Heavenly father is working His Miracles, using the knowledge of molecular biology and lengthen  telomeres  to achieve seeming miracles.

In the late  1970's two of the Nephites (now named Robert Stevens and Fritz Pearls) settled in Moab Utah for a period of  eight years. (Neither is the  above Worthington).
They chose rural southern Utah in order to be near the polygamous communities in northern Arizona where may fine young lasses dwelt and because they heard good things from Worthington about the fine but older women and wives in them thar parts.
Stevens and Pearls developed a school of Gestalt psychology mixed with heavy existential philosophy, and thus passed themselves off as free-thinking Mormons.  They were very popular, especially amongst the German tourists.  They made many converts to Mormonism this way. All the while they semi-secretly were marrying women  in the Mormon  Temple.  Some they   married "for time" and some 'for time and eternity'  emulating the polygamy espoused by Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and modern Mormon prophets, in this regard. 

Because they had trained in psychology,  the Mormon  Brigham Young university later employed one of the eternal Nephites, (Pearls) to re-write and validate the university's MMPI. The MMPI -- the Minnesota Multipasic Personality Inventory -- is  a standard psychological test many universities used to gauge university applicants. BYU had been concerned that too many of the young Mormon  scored very high on the schizophrenic and paranoid scales of the MMPI.  (The test asks such questions as "do you sometimes speak to invisible beings"; "are you often watched my spirits", etc.)

So that being religious would not count as a mental disease, Fritz Pearls was asked to "re-normalize" the BYU's MMPI  to the typical BYU freshman.  This test version is even today administered to every freshman  at BYU.  On this correctly-renormalized test, Mormons do
not seem mentally ill or goofy. (see http:\\   Today we have the Immortal Three to thank for this improvement in the art of psychology.
The Mormon  primate David O. McKay received a direct revelation from one of the Mormon  gods, Jesus-Quezalcoatl, in the fall of 1969.  This revelation actually came from Heavenly Father, but it was originally told to him by Jesus.   Jesus Christ had appeared as the feathered snake Quezalcoatl, in the Americas (After His crucifixion).     The revelation came to pass -- and this is often not circulated amongst the gentiles (non-Mormons) -- that the tree Lamanites, one at a time, visit Heavenly Mother Gonhorra (God's wife) on the planet ENISH-GO-ON-DOSH.   "This knowledge is an extension Joseph Smith's divinely inspired revelation of Facsimile 2", said the Prophet McKay of his 1996 prophesy "... and what be man, onto himself, whiteout the divine solace which comes of true knowledge."
Contribution of the 3 Nephites throughout history:
The facts are still trickling in to  ... as far as we can tell these are some of the societal contributions of the 3 Nephites:


Nephite 3:  Popularizer / inventor of the city -- in Pre-Colombian South America only; 
                 before #3, only country dwelling was popular.
Nephite 2:  Invented chewing gum in 731 A.D.
Nephite 2:  Discovered that the potato is edible and found 1,226 uses for the potato
                    and potato products.  Often called the Washington Carver of Mormonism.
Nephite 2:  Invented the smiley face ca. 1958.
Nephite 1: 
Counselor to the Primate Brigham Young, Seer, Prophet, Revelator, inventor and president of the Mormon  church.  This Nephite suggested that the six spires of the Salt Lake City temple be named thusly: 
    The east spires are to be named after President
Brigham Young, with Nephite 1 on his right [Southeast] and Nephite #2 on the left of the Mormon  primate.  The Nephite suggested to  Young that t the remaining three  spires were to be named after the presiding bishop and his two counselor-wives.  Young agreed to this suggestion, though grudgingly -- he thought it silly, but it remains so to this day.

Nephite #3:  In 1960 he sent a letter to church members saying that it's OK to exaggerate your needs to the bishop, as long as you may also have genuine needs of some sort.   In this way, The bishop will help you to the amount you deserve, since he is going to try to scale you down anyway from what you think is rightfully due to you.  (This backfired on the church's promise to help members in need.  Bishops, in allocating the money to needy members, got even stricter, on orders from "higher up").
Things got worse. Soon after, The church presidency ordered locks put on the temple dressing room lockers where members change into their sacred temple garments.  This was to avoid theft of wallets and purses by other worthy members in the temple. 
Nephite #3 is often considered to have acquired a mean streak of sorts.  While still in South America during Book of Mormon  times, he acquired some ambrosia from Heavenly Father, but was admonished not to partake of it until the time was ripe.
"And it came to pass he bore holy ambrosia upon him for yea, twelve-score years, and lo, and fearing ambrosia to sour, he partake of it as the dung that cometh out of man."  (reference to this is found in Ezekiel, as well as in the Book of Mormon, which are congruent on this.)
Nephite #3 was never the same after this.  Sometimes he would tell vulgar jokes and play tricks on people. He often appeared in various places in various guises, like a virtual particle from the emptiness which surrounds man.
Nephite #3 rode briefly with Brigham Young, boarding the wagon train at Laramie and staying until it arrived in Salt Lake City.  It was he who convinced Brigham young to utter the famous phrase "This is the right place",  just as the Mormons had arrived at the very first geologic fault line since leaving Iowa.  A monument now graces this very spot. it is called the "This is the Place Monument" in Salt Lake City.
It was Nephite #3 who later convinced Brigham young to start up a program in which men, women and children were encouraged to walk on foot [sic] across the wilderness, across the fledgling United States of America, pulling their belongings in hand carts.  #3 opined that 20% of the handcart victims would die in the dangerous trek across the continent.  Fortunately he was wrong, much fewer died.   In the first group which attempted this dangerous crossing only  80 saints gave their lives to the wilderness, to starvation, to cold, and to exhaustion. In one afternoon alone, fifteen died while crossing the Platt river. And much worse lay ahead for those that followed.

Some years later Brigham Young started a program of ferrying Mormon already polygamous converts from England to the US.  Orthodox history will not admit this.  Young hired thirty-three dilapidated old ships and questionable sea captains to ferry the faithful to the American continent across sometimes treacherous open waters.  The pioneers were amongst the bravest souls.  And such undertakings were expensive.   Our Nephite, tried, thank God in vain, to convince brother Brigham that the newly made faithful should use specially built row boats for Atlantic crossings, if made during the summer (sic).  Such were the foibles of Nephite #3

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Nephite #2 is photographed here at a New York City atheist protest in 1995, as he attempted to place himself between the peaceful atheist protesters and the pope.  Nephites sometimes do not photograph well -- or at all -- but here the image came through partially.  Special filters were used to capture this image.


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[*] The Urim mine was discovered by BYU geologists in upstate New York,  (Ogdensburg -- later in Canton) in 1999.    Have you seen one?  Please visit Nephite Report BelowThis information is also available at the Official Mormon  web site:  (Gogle "Pearl Of Great Price")