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Jesus Christ as he appeared to the Aztecs. 

Reproduced here from "Codex Dresden".

The 12 disciples of Jesus are symbolized by the humming bird.




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This is a stylized picture (of course) of Jesus Christ as he appeared to he indigenous tribes of South America.

Jesus' Meso-American name, Quezalcóatl, means literally "fathered snake" or "the Plumed Serpent".  To the Aztecs the feathers of the quetzal bird were a symbol of Jesus Christ.  Cóatl also means "twin brother". (see Adamic ~ English Dictionary).

Thus the name Quezalcóatl is understood by Mormon Scholars to mean "The Precious Twin", the image of the resurrected personage of Calvary.

Anthropologists at BYU note that the appellation "twin brother" also signifies to the Aztecs that the morning and the evening star (Enish-go-on-dosh) are one and the same, just as Jesus and  Quetzalcóatl are bound in similitude.

Quetzalcóatl is the name of Jesus as recorded by the Aztecs.  The Maya and the Quichés referred to Jesus as Kukulkán and Gucumatz.

Mormon scriptures unearthed in the most   ancient of  ruins of Teotihuacán predict Jesus' first coming as a snake-god clad in precious feathers.  This is often cited my Mormon scholars as further evidence that the book of mormon is true (as if it were needed).

Izapa Stela

Izapa Stela 5   (Wikipedia)
Identified by Brigham Young University's Archeology chair and Professor
M. Wells Jakeman to be a record of the Book of Mormon “Tree of Life” vision.
    ~ Source

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