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     One day, if you convert to Mormonism, and after you die, in the life   beyond on the  planet Kolob, you too can become a perfect being.  The   other extra-terrestrial beings on Kolob are PERFECT beings,  and have  no flaws whatsoever.

Jos. Smith states in his fourth version of his vision that he saw "two glorious personages who exactly resembled each other in features, and likeness". 

This is true because of Mormon's concept of perfection and Eternal Progression in the life beyond. 

Obviously, only perfect things can exactly resemble each other.  And in Mormon heaven everyone is -- perfect.

It's not so bad if you were born with a club foot or with water for brains.  In heaven all become the same -- equal and equally beautiful.  Equally perfect.

Got a big nose?  No problem!  In heaven everyone will have a big nose -- if that's considered perfect.  We don't know, but we know this:  no two perfect things can differ in any respect.

Everyone will have a perfect body!  All will look like Ken and Barbie -- perfectly proportioned.

In the Mormon Temple's, secret ceremonies, everyone is given the same secret perfect name.   This is so that confusion will be reduced in heaven, where all the perfectly-named look perfectly alike.

  [Pornographic rendition of the First Vision -- this is NOT for the faint of heart!]

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Pornographic rendition of the First Vision -- this is NOT for the faint of heart!

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