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Napoleon's March on Moscow

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Probably the best statistical graphic ever drawn, this map by Charles Joseph Minard portrays the losses suffered by Napoleon's army in the Russian campaign of 1812. Beginning at the Polish-Russian border, the thick band shows the size of the army at each position. The path of Napoleon's retreat from Moscow in the bitterly cold winter is depicted by the dark lower band, which is tied to temperature and time scales.  Center for Specially Integrated Social Science

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The Size Of Our World


Principles of Linguistic Change,
Cognitive and Cultural Factors


Votes and Vowels: 
A Changing Accent Shows How Language Parallels Politics   
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The chart showing pedigrees of English and other languages of the Proto-Indo-European family.
Graphic Susana Turbitt, InterSol, Inc.


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  Featured: Pulitzer Prize Winner! 

Guns, Germs, and Steel:
The Fates of Human Societies

by Jared Diamond


  Hold on to your hats!

 Lee Smolin, professor at the
  Center for Gravitational
  Physics and Geometry at
  Pennsylvania State University,
  is about to take you on
The ride of your life

The Life of the Cosmos
by Lee Smolin

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Photo credit: Марина Матвеева
 Links World Size
  The Mummy of Lenin
  Russia shuts Red Square
China's Shenzhou III Spacecraft
(AP Photo/Xinhua, Li Gang)

View of Lenin's tomb from
a window on Red Square.
 - July 2003.


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