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American Atheists 35th National Convention
April 9-12, 2009 Atlanta GA

Richard Dawkins
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Dawkins autographs books

Trina Hoaks' interview with Richard Dawkins: 2009
As a former Christian, Trina possesses a unique  perspective on atheism. She is a ravenous researcher who constantly seeks truth through exploration of evidence. In her book, 1 Atheist 1 Voice, she shares her opinions...
Book :   1 Atheist 1 Voice
Kindle:  1 Atheist 1 Voice

Keynote speaker --  Richard Dawkins

Trina Hoaks: There is so much controversy about evolution, as I am sure you are well aware. What are your thoughts on why certain religious people tend to focus more on evolution than, say, paleontology or archeology, which can certainly be just as damaging to their religious texts as is the theory of evolution?

Richard Dawkins: Well, paleontology, of course, is one of the main evidences for evolution, so that goes there. I suppose its become a kind of red-rag issue. Its become like their piece of tokenism in a way. They feel uneducated, which they are, often rather stupid, which they are, inferior, which they are, and paranoid about pointy headed intellectuals from the east coast looking down on them, which, with some justification, they do.

They tend to be the sort of people who vote for Sara Palin instead of voting for someone whos qualified to lead the country. They think Id rather vote for someone whos just like me under this weird idea that they want to be governed by people who are just like them. Similarly, I think there is a sort of inferiority complex and that could be part of it.

I suppose its also true that much of science doesnt directly contradict whats in the Bible whereas evolution does. But mainly, its become a sort of red-rag issue by historical tradition.  Source: Trina Hoaks' interview with Richard Dawkins: 2009      Book :   1 Atheist 1 Voice

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