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June 6, 1996

Dear Fellow Americans:

Are you weary of the special privileges that have been given organized religion? Have some past incidents connected with organized religion made you feel, as I do, that it is time to remove its mask and restrict special privileges which have been given?

For centuries large religious institutions have grown wealthy off of the production workers of the world. Yet a relationship with God is free and personal for all of us. Organized religion has taken advantage of that relationship by receiving tithes, gifts and offerings which are supposed to go to charity but which often end up in ostentatious displays of church wealth or other corporate enterprise.

Organized religion affiliates with government to gain special privileges and government long ago learned to walk hand in hand with organized religion to gain control over the minds of its people to believe that God is on the side of government no matter how unfair or inequitable the

consequences may be.

The United States was founded on principles of separation of church and state yet today we find that organized religion is influencing the course of government and the government has continued to give it unconstitutional special privileges.

To stop this, I have filed a class action lawsuit in San Francisco in the Northern California U. S. District Court against Margaret M. Richardson, I. R S. Commissioner ( C.96-1255 SBA) seeking to end the practice of allowing tax exemption of donations made to religion. This lawsuit is based upon the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution prohibiting the making of laws respecting religion.

It is not my intention to restrict religious liberty but only to have institutionalized religion pay its fair share of supporting the government which guarantees its liberty the same as I and other

taxpayers have to pay to secure our liberty. It should be pointed out that taxing religion can substantially decrease our budget deficits and our national debt.

It is also my belief that God never intended that the worship of spiritual things should cost money or that it should be merchandised as a commodity for profit or wealth. Yet that is what has happened for centuries. I truly believe that real property held by organized religion and used for worship or business should be subject to taxation in this country the same as is the property that each of us hold and that equal liability for police and fire protection of that property is fair

and equitable. However, in the absence of use for religious worship or indoctrination, buildings for educational purposes should be exempt.

I believe that all of the scam games indulged in by organized religion such as where they give large receipts for ultimately small gifts should be ended. I believe no special laws under the Revenue Code for religion are constitutional or fair to any of us. I do not believe that churches

should be allowed to secretly become partners with business such as large grocery chains to make huge profits which are unreported or untaxed.

I believe that persons making a donation to a church should not be able to deduct that amount from their income taxes and I believe that churches should disclose and report their income the same as any other "person".

I believe it is unfair that persons holding or not holding to religious persuasions are forced to support the tax burden of government which has been shifted to them by tax exemption of organized religion. I believe this to be unequal protection of the law and in itself a form of religious discrimination prohibited by law.

If you agree with me, you are a member of my class of plaintiffs. Your support is needed in this struggle for constitutional respect. Won't you join me in =AFTOR= by becoming an annual member for $25.00 or perhaps sending a contribution today?

Doug Wallace


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