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Date: Tuesday, November 22, 1994
Subject: your information

Great information! My wife enjoyed it too, but kept saying she wished she had won as much as I did. We played in Vegas for 2 days and she *only* made $2,700 and I over made twice that. We played $20 tables. Thanks... We really owe you one, really!

[name withheld]

ps...  we came down quit a bit at first. We were dealt bad hands.  Then your system really kicked in.


I am posting this because I believe card counting system is great and I would like the people who make it to continue.  I tried it now for a week and I have won as much as eight hundred dollars in one night playing online. (I played five days, average was plus 650). I have no problem dealing with this individual and I would tell friends to purchase from him. I am posting this anonymously because I am exercising my right to privacy.  
[name withheld]



My name is Tam. I am a Chinese but I live in Japan.  As a foreigner, I worried that they would rip me off. It was because I can't do anything about it legally since I am here and he is there. Therefore, I tried to ask some questions about his products. He immediately replied all my questions and promised me that when he received my money, he would send betting information for cards to me at the same day. Well, I decide to order his products by sending him money. After about one half month, I really got the things that I ordered. The delay was due to the distance between us.  I have win good money so far with internet casino.  I study much and now I play in evenings and win.  I am saving an hope to get new car as result.

[name withheld]


Date: Monday, 05 Feb 1996
Subject: catalog
  you page is loading up slower than death, so could you please send me an e-mail with a catalog attached?  My friend has ordered from you and you've gotten good ratings!  hope to hear from you soon
[name withheld]


Date: Wed, 22 May 1996
Subject: Got my strategy and LOVE it!

Thanks for the timely shipment and excellent product.  I cant wait to get to the casino, It was easy to learn. and please keep me posted if you make more info available for sale. (I hope you do.)

     [name withheld]


Date: Sunday, 29 August 1999
Subject: Got my strategy and LOVE it!

Herold, I bought the system some time ago -- and I liked it. One thing's for sure -- you're definitely not guilty of false advertising. The info is exactly what you said!!! From what I've heard, there are a lot of scam artists out there. Congratulations on setting that up. At the time I bought your system I think you were still just advertising in the newsgroups.  I studied your materials.  Now I just won over $250 playing your system on the first try. It took 4-1/2 hours.  I hope to do better next time. I owe you and your system a lot. Thanks a million!!! [name withheld]


Sent: Saturday, August 28, 1999
Subject: Roulette: Physical Prediction


I saw your web page on physical prediction- very cool. I investigated exactly this technique while back, though I went through a theoretical derivation of a prediction equation (and then fitted data to determine the parameters in the equation). I was focusing on a system that would not require concealed timing devices or electronics- this meant mental timing of the ball and wheel, and short-cut monographs for calculating the predicted outcome. It also required two people to implement, because the timing and calculations were very demanding mentally (impossible to do everything yourself). The system worked, but needless to say, it was very difficult to play in the casino atmosphere.  



Sent: Sunday, March 07, 1999
Subject: Kin computer


Can you give me any help locating software that plays like the Kin computer for correct blackjack playing.   I want the program to analize faults of current blackjack systems in the short run.

Thank You,

D. L.


From:    A. U. [@compuserve.com]
Sent:    Monday, November 30, 1998
Subject: Concealed Black Jack computers

Dear Sir,
    I found your web-site with pictures of a concealed roulette computer very interesting. I have read mentions of these trials on several occasions and have been looking for more information about this interesting effort.  I have also been trying to find someone who can construct a concealed Black Jack computer, and noticed that you have already done it!
    I was recently offered to buy one of the old "George" computers that Ken Uston used, but turned it down. I would think that something similar but smaller and better than "George" could be constructed with today's technology. My idea is to fit the entire computer, input and output in a pair of shoes which should not look suspicious even if closely scrutinized.
    With your experience, do you think this is possible and would you be willing to assist in this task?

Yours faithfully
 [name withheld]

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