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Blackjack Research
   This section shows development of a card-counting computer.
BlackJack Project --  Development - Pictures

Clone: KIN to KIM  --  Development

Roulette Research
    This section shows development of a roulette-predicting machine.
Roulette Prediction Project - Data - Pictures

Our Roulette Timing Data
Photo Gallery

KIM-1 technology (6502)
The First Book of KIM, a Manual

Eureqa is a software tool for detecting equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data.


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A Concealed Roulette Predicting Computer Suitable for Casino Play -

In the mid 1980s two intrepid pioneers tackled the question of re-entry: How to predict in which pocket the ball would land? This website describes, in pictures and words, how they did it. Also -- a home-brew computer that tells you how to play and how much to bet.  More...

Our counting strategy is an out-growth of
this work. It is NOT part of the strategy shown above.  It's research.

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BREAKING VEGAS, DVD -- For two years in the early '90s, the team reaped millions from casinos around the world with its scheme, until conflict within the group and a diligent security company brought the group's winnings to a crashing halt...

The Stock Market

The Easiest Card Counting System  - check it out...


Does this strategy
it work?

Results of actual play

The effect of Rule Variations

How to count the cards

It's Amazing !    PLAY... Andy's Amazing Card Trick


BlackJack:  A Machine In A Boot
Roulette Predictor: A 1982 patent
The First Book of KIM, a Manual
Wearable computers
Books and Videos
Black Jack Café  
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"Maybe computer science will help decode DNA, and not just by supplying tools. Disassembling DNA could be a hacker’s ultimate dream."
  ~ Charles Simonyi 1986

These pages show computer work done on Black Jack strategies and Roulette prediction.    ©   2013 by @Com