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 Does the Counting Strategy Work?  
We know that card counters are sometimes banned from casinos.  That tells us that they make money!  Otherwise, casinos would  happily let them play.

Can I use the Internet  to play for money?   Yes.  Use our Answer Tables as a "cheat-sheet" -- play leisurely on-line for real money...  and win Big!  Try it -- it's that easy.

How is it possible to count all the cards?      Counting involves keeping track of only certain kinds of cards.   In our strategy there are only tens and non-tens.  (8's don't count at all).   When you see a non-ten dealt from the deck, you simply increment your mental total. When you see a ten, you subtract.  The mental total tells you how to play the hand using the answer-tables provided.

How much studying does it take?    You need to read and understand the few pages presented at this web site.  The material is presented in a compact, easy to understand form.      Click around in this web site and see for yourself.    With a bit of practice you will play and win like a pro -- in a very short time!

Can I lose with your system?    Playing our proven strategy is almost like having X-ray vision... when you lose a hand, you will have bet only a little; when you win -- You Win BIG !

Can't the dealer play your strategy?    The dealer must play by fixed rules, like a robot!   You can even use this system to play Blackjack Machines in casinos ... or ... online blackjack on the Internet.     No matter where you play, over time you will beat the casino.  It's not an impossible mission.  At the end of the day, you will likely win money.

Does your system work with multiple decks from a shoe?    Yes!

Do I need to read a book?   NO.   Everything is in easy to understand, compact form.
(See the table of contents).

Is this legal?   Of course! -- it is legal to think; it's legal to pay close attention.  That's what  you do when you "count" the cards.

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