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  IN THIS BOOK you'll find:

    --A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO KIM PROGRAMMING: which takes the absolute beginner, step by step, through the fundamentals of understanding and writing programs... PAGE 5

    --RECREATIONAL PROGRAMS: dozens of programs including games, diversions and educational programs; fully detailed so that you can learn from the programming techniques as well as have fun. All programs run on the basic KIM-1 system... PAGE 23

    --DIAGNOSTIC & UTILITY PROGRAMS: to help you test your KIM computer - to help you test other devices, such as cassette recorders - and to make your KIM a more powerful machine . . . PAGE 114

    --EXPANDING YOUR KIM: guidelines on how to expand your KIM from the basic small-but-powerful KIM-1 system to a huge-and-super-powerful machine. Understanding the jargon; seeing what1s available in both hardware and software. . . PAGE 143

    --CONNECTING TO THE WORLD: an introduction to the methods by which KIM can read or sense other devices and can in turn control other mechanisms . . . PACE 155

    --POT POURRI: other useful pieces of information about your KIM system; reference material, hints, etc . . . PAGE 166


    Additional copies may be obtained for $9.00 postpaid from: ORB P.O. Box 311 Argonne, Illinois 60439 Quantity discounts available.
    Thanks to all who have supported the KIM-1/65O2 User Notes, from which much of this material was taken. A special thanks to Earl Nied for the use of his KIM interfaced [IBM] Selectric.



    A KIM-1 Emulator:  Try it yourself -

    Submitted by a reader, Jonathan H. (January 2015) -  Here's an emulator I found:

    The Amazing JavaScript Kim1!

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