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GENEPAX ran out of money to pay for its web website.  Here is the gist of what it contained.

 From the HOAX web page-

"... We have yet to overcome the many obstacles we face in the
current world
[sic]... Moreover, the costs of development have
become very large. As our resources are very limited, we need
to retrench and reassess our resources and our development
plans at this time, and  we are closing our website...

...February 10th, 2009   Yasuyuki Takahashi  Representative Director, GENEPAX"


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  Nigerian Scam


from Sony

  Merpati Putih



 This page shows the water-powered
 GENPAX electric car.

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Press conference - Japan

  Fill it up

Nuclear Transmutation:
The Reality of Cold Fusion

  ...and you're
   ready to go!

Click to see a short video clip

Media attention
escalated into

 A laboratory demonstration...


11+ Volts output...

The power cell

It appears to illuminate some LEDs

Fire from Ice:
Searching for the Truth
Behind the Cold Fusion Furor


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