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Hijackers' Instructions  Saturday, September 29,2001   Associated Press
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  Stage 1 -- The Last Night Strangers on my flight NEW
    1. Commit pledge on dying and renewing the awareness.

    2. Know the plan very well from every angle and expect the enemies' retaliation or resistance.
    3. Read a verse from the Qur'an (Book) and recognize the meanings and what God prepared for the believers in endless happiness for martyrs.

    4. Remind yourself to obey God this night since you will face critical situations that require believing and obeying 100 percent, so teach yourself ... for the job you are about the carry out.

    5. Pray all night and insist on victory, absolute liberation.

    6. Know that the best of it is reading the Holy Qur'an... It's enough for us that these are the words of the Creator of heavens and Earth that we are about to meet.

    7. Clean your heart and clear it of any GRIME (filth, mud, dust, muck, soot, stain, grunge) and forget anything called life. The time for playing is past and the true promise is coming. We have wasted enough time in our lives and we should use these few hours to give our prayers and submissions.

    8. Your heart should be happy, between you and your marriage is few moments; after that you start the happy life and the infinite prosperity with Prophets, disciples and martyrs and the good people.

    9. Know that what happens to you, it's only a test from God, that he will raise you one step and clean your bad deeds.

    10. Remember God's words, "You did indeed wish for death before you encountered it; now you have seen it with your own eyes, (and you flinch!)" And God's saying, "If God helps you, none can overcome you; if He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In God, then, let believers put their trust.


  “Faith-based fanatics could not design anything as useful or beautiful as a skyscraper or a passenger aircraft. Continuing their long history of plagiarism, they could borrow and steal these things and use them as a negation ”.          ~ Christopher Hitchens


    11. Remember to pray for yourself and your brothers, and master the meanings (the morning and the evening supplications ... the supplication of meeting the enemy).

    12. Ask the blessing (for yourself, luggage, clothes, knife, equipment, ticket, passport and all your papers).

    13. Check your weapon before leaving (you should sharpen your weapon...)

    14. Tighten your clothes, ... then tighten your shoes well and wear socks so that the shoes fit and would not fall. All these are reasons we are ordered to take and God's help we seek.

    15. Pray the morning prayer with your brothers and read supplication after that and do not leave your apartment without washing. The angels will ask for forgiveness for you as God's saying: "Did you then think that we had created you in jest, and that you would not be brought back
   to Us (for account)"

AP Photo/FBI, HO


A letter containing anthrax,  sent to the New York Post.  Oct. 23, 2001

Stage 2
    When the taxi takes you to the airport.

    When you arrive, say your prayers. And smile, be satisfied, because God is with the faithful and He is guarding you, although you don't feel it. Say the prayers, God makes us triumph. ...

    Try not to have others watch you while you're uttering your prayers. Don't be confused, and don't be nervous. Look cheerful and satisfied, because you're doing a job which is loved by God, and you will end your day in heavens where you will join the virgins. ...


Stage 3

    When you board the plane and before you step in, read your prayer and repeat the same prayers we mention before, when you take your seat. Read this verse from Qur'an (Book): "When you meet a group, be steadfast and remember God, you will be triumphant...
Give a priority to interests of the group and the job. Don't take revenge for yourself and make everything for God.

    Apply the rules of the prisoners of war. Take them prisoner and kill them as God said; No Prophet can have prisoners of war.

    If everything goes well, each one of you will touch the shoulder of his brother. At airport, at plane and at cabin, remember that what you are doing stands for God and don't confuse your brother. But encourage them and remind them of the sayings of God.

    Open your chest welcoming death in the path of God and utter your prayer seconds before you go to your target. Let your last words be, There is no God but God and Mohammed is His messenger. Then, inshallah, you will be in heavens.

    When you see the infidels, remember that the enemies of Islam Qur'an (Qur'an Book) were in the thousands, but the faithful were victorious.

Excerpts from a translation of the four-page document left behind by hijackers on three of the four planes in the faith-based terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagons. The document was released by the Justice Department.  Source:  Saturday, September 29,2001;  Associated Press.

A Digital Surface Model created by the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system which provides accurate 3-dimensional positioning of the remains of the World Trade Center building structures and the surrounding area. The 3-D models, in this case, have helped to locate original support structures, stairwells, elevator shafts and basements and helps rescuers determine the depth of any subterranean cave-ins and shifts in the ruins. This view is looking east/southeast. The crater at left was the 6 World Trade Center building, with the area to the right being the rubble from One and Two World Trade Center. (NOAA via Reuters)   Please ALLOW COOKIES if you want to see the books

Why I Am Not a Christian,
and Other Essays on
Religion and Related

by Bertrand Arthur Russell

 "Great book, solid arguments, a challenge to believers. Easy-
to-understand logic dominates the work, presenting an almost watertight case against contemporary mythology.

Why I Am Not a Muslim,
by Ibn Warraq

Raised in the Muslim faith, Warraq came to reject religion and now spends his time lecturing and writing. He recently authored a piece "Islam, The Middle East and Fascism" which critiques the Islamic holy book, the Qur'an.


Ken's Guide to the Bible
 by Ken Smith

With precision and pig-
iron wit, this compact
volume lays bare all the
sex, gore, and lunacy
that the Bible has to offer.


The Holy Qur'an:

Translation & Commentary

Abdullah Yusuf Ali (Editor)


The Quest for the Historical Muhammad
 by Ibn Warraq

Publishers Weekly, March 6, 2000"... Warraq has provided a highly readable critical survey of the literature of this quest..."


  The God Makers  
by Ed Decker, Dave Hunt

For Mormons and for those who want to know about why Mormonism is stupid.



      Saddam Execution
      "Before the rope was put around his neck, Saddam shouted:
God is great. The nation will be victorious and
       Palestine is Arab..."

...Moments later Hussein dropped through a trap while intoning the Muslim
profession of faith.

He was abruptly cut off in the second verse: "I bear witness that Mohammad..."

   December 30,2006

God Is Not Great:
How Religion Poisons

by Christopher Hitchens



Dead as a Nail -

Photo released by the Mumbai Police
shows the images of eight Lashkar-
militants killed during the
2008 Mumbai attacks.

( A F P / S a j j a d   H u s s a i n )

December 9 2008




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