Avenues - Salt Lake City, UT.


For Rent

Nice clean apartment for rent near UofU. There are 2 bedrooms. There is a bathroom with shower, living room, kitchen and dining area. There is a laundry area and a garage. Itís on a quiet street. Itís near a supermarket and near downtown SLC. The price is $1200 including water and garbage collection. The lease is at least 1 year. The place will be available during/after July. It is a great location. No. 6 bus is 100m from the front door. The house is located 12 minutes from the University by car. If you are interested, email me here.

 Living Room       (old)


Living Room       (Fireplace)

                 Second Bedroom


Dining area


Granite counters


Salt Lake City,

Two bedrooms - 1 Bath, Spacious Living Room - Garage - Laundry;  Dishwasher.  
Area ~ 1,200 ft2    (~111 m2).


Prestigious "Upper Avenues" location on a quiet "Dead-end" street.


Only minutes...
from University of Utah,
& from supermarket.


References required!



Master Bedroom - two views

- 2 Bedrooms
- 1 Bath Room
- Large Living Room 
- Garage, Laundry: Washer& Dryer
- Dishwasher
- 1200 ft2 (111m
- Prestigious location on a quiet "Dead-end" street.
- Only minutes from University of Utah, supermarket & downtown; near small City Park.
- Make your own garden in the back yard!
- Up & down Duplex: Lower unit is for rent.

Floor Plan

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Bus to University of Utah - Route #11
 Links  to Utah Transit Authority:  This Map  More

View to S-E from Balcony

(Front wall is in the (1) planning  (2) stages - PhotoShop image)

People arrange things in different ways...

Previous tenants -



The gaudy...

...and the modern.

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