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"This time tomorrow, I will have completed my Jump for Freedom. A 160 feet bungee jump at the O2 arena in London"...


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"The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life."  Nigerian Humor

This kind of scam is particularly insidious.  That's because it plays on the heartstrings of good honest people who want to help -- to help to correct an injustice.  The people who contributed are not greedy and dishonest folks who know damn well that they don't have an uncle who died in a plane crash who wants them to inherit his millions.  They are not people who want to share in ill-gotten treasure stashed away in a security company locker in by a Nigerian dictator.

What's worse, this kind of scam does incalculable damage to  Burma’s democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been in detention for 15 years at the hands of the evil despicable Burmese government. 
 Idiot Yettaw

Amt. Date Here are some messages posted by the contributors to this scam
£ 5 17/09/10 Stephanie Andrijasevic: I'm scared of heights too, good on you chick, very inspiring!
£10 28/09/10 Lynn Carter:     Good luck Wai Hnin. You and your courageous family are a wonderful inspiration to us all.
£12 3/9/10 T Woodman May all your dreams come to be.
£10 15/10/10 A ndrea Thorn:     Love is always stronger than fear!
£25 16/09/10 Benedict RV Rogers:     You're an inspiration! It's a privilege to support you. £10.0029/09/10 Kate Felton Good luck young man - hope you reach your goal.
£10 15/10/10 Gillian Niedojadlo:     Human rights are worth fighting for, your father fights everyday as do the many others with him. May God bless your determination too
£25 15/10/10 R Harvey:     God be with you in your jump
£25 15/10/10 Mie Tha Mie Tha La:     My family and I always keep Burma Campaign UK in our thought and prayers.
£25 15/10/10 JOHN BROADLEY:     peace
£10 4/9/10 Mykela McAlpine:     Sending everyone involved love peace and strength in their quest for freedom.
£10 15/10/10 Colin Sills:     A little help to free Burma and the wonderful Burmese people from the shackles of despots.
£15 3/9/10 Aimee Bound:     It is a beautiful thing when we refuse apathy. I hope the world continues to increase its caring for the Burmese people
£20 24/09/10 San Htw:     Free Burma! Free Political Prisoners!
£20 20/10/10 Robin Curtis:     You will win through - your commitment is inspiring
£25 9/10/10 Patrick Ye:     I am sure, Bo Gyoke Aung San would be proud of Daw Aung Suu Kyi if he was alive, likewise U Mya Aye would be very proud of you too. Needles to say, people of Burma are proud of you and are with you till we restore democracy and human rights in Burma
£25 8/10/10 O livia Temple:     Your father has ben blessed to have you - you are wonderful and brave too.
£25 7/10/10 Desmond Naing:     Go get them Wai Hnin. Burma needs many more like you. We are so proud of you.
£10 4/10/10 Maureen Aggiss:     All things are possible with G-d. His is the power.
£10 30/09/10 Joseph Batt:     It's wonderful that youn are doing this - mt wishes and prayers for its success. So glad so much sponsior money is coming in.
£25 26/09/10 Pia Niemi:     Thnk you for your courage and for taking action. I send you my love and support.
£10 19/09/10 Vanessa Allen:     Thinking of you, I hate heights too, you are very brave in support of this great cause
£15 17/09/10 Robert Jones:     I visited Burma in 1984. Beautiful country, lovely people. I would like to go there again sometime in the futute and take my Japanese wife, but only after democracy has been restored. Good luck with your jump.
£25 3/9/10 Win Maung:     Righteousness must win one day. I, as an ex-rebellion prisoner, can imagine how much your father and his commrades has been sacrificing for the sake of people. Hold on.
£20 3/9/10 Mark Farmaner:     Splat!


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 From: Wai Hnin <>
Subject: [BurmaCampaign] One day to go until my jump for freedom.
Date: October 15, 2010 9:04:05 AM MDT

Dear friend

This time tomorrow, I will have completed my Jump for Freedom. A 160 feet bungee jump at the O2 arena in London, to raise money for the Burma Campaign UK to support our campaign to free all political prisoners in Burma.

Please support me in my jump by sponsoring me now at:

I am really scared about the jump now. But at the same time looking forward to it and what it represents for my father and all the other political prisoners in Burma.

My father is in jail for trying to get freedom and democracy for his people.

He was arrested over three years ago, at the start of the democracy
uprising, which became known as the “Saffron Revolution”. He is serving a 65 year prison sentence because he wants what you and I want - democracy and freedom in Burma.

I grew up without my father, and now I face the possibility of never seeing him again. I am determined not to let this happen. I know that together, we can work to free the prisoners if we can put enough pressure on the generals, but I need your help.

Please make a donation today – and if you have donated already thank you & please forward this onto friends & family and on my behalf ask them to donate:

Thank you for your support,

Wai Hnin
Campaigns Officer at Burma Campaign UK

P.S. Please donate today and I will let you know how it went.

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