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R e t u r n i n g  I t

What to do with all those BUSINESS REPLY ENVELOPES !?
It's enough  to make one @%&*#!!!

You often receive unsolicited letters containing
You know -- the ones with the stripes on the side.
You get far too many, right?
You throw most of them into the rubbish bin, right?  But you can...
RETURN THEM!  Returning them will do all of us a favor.   

H o w    i s   t h a t   ?
  Returning the  envelope will teach the senders an expensive lesson. 
Businesses PAY for their return mail.

  Returning envelopes will cost the senders time and money to open the letter and to sort it onto a correct pile.

  Returning it may save paper.   Perhaps you don't recycle.
Recipients often recycle their junk paper.

So, return it.  Express yourself! 

Should you pack the return envelope with extraneous trash paper that you have lying around, which you were going to throw away anyway?  YES, by all means!  Not only may the paper get recycled by the recipient (many recycle these days), but it will make the envelope fat.  A fat envelope will be noticed by the post office because it won't go thru the sorting machines.  Postage for a fat heavy envelope (pic), will be billed by the post office.  Not only will the business have to pay the contracted business reply postage, but it will be billed EXTRA because of the additional fat-weight.

If we all do this, the government may come to realize it is serving no useful function by carrying the papers back and forth across the United States.  The post office may then increase the cost of BUSINESS REPLY ENVELOPES. I say: Good.

Do  I have be neat?  No!  Just retrieve any old papers, bits of sring, plastic, other envelopes and advertisements, etc., that you have around the house or in your wastepaper basket.   Fold and insert! 

But please don't get mean.  Do NOT send biological materials such as sputum, fecal matter, etc., there is much potential harm in this.

Do I need to be sure that my name / address does not show on any of the junk papers I insert in the envelopes?  It depends.  Do you want the recipient to know who you are?  Do you care?  If you want anonymity just tear the identifying information off the materials before you mail them back.

Remember - Returning spam is fair.
After all, THEY started it
!  If we all return our spam-envelopes, it will mean a slightly better place for all of us -- and it's Soooo easy to do!

The Advantages:
Companies will become more responsible and we'll use fewer trees.  We won't get any more junk spam-mail!

And you will have done a small part to make things better.  It's easy, it's fun!  It's a cause to be proud!

What are the disadvantages (to society) if we all return unwanted mail in the postage-paid Business Reply Envelopes?   For one, Businesses who spam us will incur a higher cost of doing business if they need to pay extra to have all their junk mail back.  This results in higher prices.   (On the other hand, businesses which abstain from this practice do not incur this cost.)

   Tape a brick to your next Business Reply Envelope and send it back.
   Tell them "You deserve a brick today" !

Salesmen:  When they telephone, make an appointment to see them -- at an inconvenient time -- make an appointment to see them on Sunday morning.  Make up your mind ahead of time that no matter what -- you won't buy.  Tell them you have to pray about it first; that will buy you time and they won't argue. Do it like this:   Listen to an mp3 recording.

Magazine subscriptions:  What to do with those come-ons we get in the mail?  Return them unmarked, in the postage paid envelope, of course.  Be careful! Often times you will activate a subscription which you did not really order, didn't want.  Later you'll be billed.  That wastes paper, so to make things right you MUST recycle everything you receive.

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