...using falsehoods to illustrate _principles of


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They got their foot in
the door under false

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Faith-Based service?

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“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” ~ Voltaire  (Wikipedia)

 The Short of it... 

   I was visited by a Mormon insurance salesman -- He'd called first; I always say yes to blind calls. I want to punish those who do not honour the our National Do Not Call List.

   Two salesmen came to my house under false pretenses.  That's because I invited them.  You see, I, like many of us, am on the national Do-Not-Call-List (file a complaint), but his company called me anyway. 

  One, the unit supervisor, is a Mormon (corby . hansen @ bankerslife . com); the other, a young man, a subordinate trainee, is probably a Christian; perhaps he's a Lutheran.  One of them called me one morning asking to visit me at home to explain Medicare. But my phone number is listed in the "National Do Not Call Registry" !  That makes it illegal for him to call me.

  If salesmen violates this law, then I pretend to do business with them -- that's my policy : ).

  The Mormon fellow believes that the inventor of Mormonism, Jos. Smith, could read, understand and translate Egyptian hieroglyphics!  This is how the Mormon Book of Abraham came about -- or so the salesman believes.  

This is how the Mormon Book of Abraham came about.

    Mormons believe there exists a planet named Kolob (in Cancer) from whence space aliens, god' children, arrive daily by the millions -- in the guise of human neonates.

   If some salesman is stupid enough to believe, or dishonest enough to act like he believes -- this, and more equally stupid Mormon things (LINK) ... then why  should I believe the rosy benefits he touts from giving his company my money ?  If someone believes the Mormon faith-based things, then he or she does not have the wherewithal to understand how things work.  That's my opinion, please don't confuse me with facts.

 35 years after Jos. Smith's fatal defenestration, the  BANKERS LIFE insurance company was established.

  The Mormon insurance salesman believes that his religion is better than that of Christians' religion;  especially, the thinks his world view is better than that of atheists.  He once had been a Mormon missionary*), explaining this idea to those who opened their doors to him. It seems that much of Corby E. Hanson's time -- since his youth -- has been spent gaining access to people's houses to explain to them that:

1.)  they have the wrong religion -- they will benefit if they convert to Mormonism,
 they should buy his insurance / annuity plans.

  Mormons give tax-deductible "tithing" to their church, the LDS church.  This deduction is money the government does not receive and which other tax-payers must pay to make up the deficit.

  All the while this Mormon insurance salesman crows about how concerned he is about others (me) and how he wants to help them.  (If he wants to help me, I think he should pay his fair share of the tax burden.)

  This Mormon insurance salesman met with me under false pretenses.  He wanted to sell me annuities and such.  But he entered my house saying he wanted to help me with signing up for Medicare plans (Medicare is a social insurance program administered by the U.S. government for those over 65).

  His company violated the the national "Do Not Call law (file a complaint here) by calling me on the telephone -- to get his foot in the door.  When challenged on this point -- he came prepared -- he showed me a copy of my state's law (13-25a-111 Code) , which purports to exempt Insurance companies (sic)  from the national lawI could not find anything on the 'Net except the below -- and it seems to mean nothing relevant.

 My Advice 

  Don't do business with Mormons because they are ignorant or gullible or dishonest.   For example,  Paul Dunn, General Authority, practices illustrating principles of truth by using falsehoods.

  Tell the the salesman you have to pray about this first, before you buy.  Say that you'll ask the lord  (Heavenly Father) to notify you -- and ha, ha, ha -- if He  wants you to purchase this annuity.  Tell the salesman that that's how you will proceed and that you'll let him know after god has spoken to you.  The actual conversation went like this:

"Corby:   Tell me what's your hold-up on this, why would you not enroll and take care of this today?

I:   I think I have to pray about it first.

Corby:   OK, 'cause John and I could wait or we could go in another room while you do that.

I:   Well... really?  

Corby:   Really.

I:    ...we could all pray together.

Corby:   We could pray together, absolutely.

I:   Or... I could do it on my own and then let you know what the Lord says.

Corby:   You could, absolutely.

I:   That's, I think, my preferred route.

Corby:   OK. Let me tell you some things to consider ..."
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Take note...

"The number 1 problem
 facing seniors today is longevity.

.mp3  / Alcor Life Extension

The Greatest Prank Call          How we get paid.mp3

(Returning It)

About salesmen:  When they call on the phone, make an appointment to see them -- at an inconvenient time -- make an appointment to see them on Sunday morning!   Make up your mind ahead of time that no matter what -- you won't buy.  Tell them you have to pray about it first; that will buy you time and they won't argue.

     Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, Sections 13-25a-103 and 13-25a-108 do not apply to:
(1)  a telephone call made for a charitable purpose as defined in Section 13-22-2;
     (2)  a charitable solicitation as defined in Section 13-22-2; or
     (3)  a person who holds a license or registration:
          (a)  under Title 31A, Insurance Code;
          (b)  issued by the Division of Real Estate established in Section 61-2-5; or
          (c)  issued by the National Association of Securities Dealers.      
Last revised: Friday, December 12, 2008

The salesmen came prepared with a Printed explanation (above) ion their briefcase. 
THIS is evidence that this company makes it a regular practice to violate the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL Law!

Legislative Review Note as of 2003:
This bill modifies provisions related to the database of persons in Utah who object to receiving unsolicited telephone calls. The database consists of the Utah telephone numbers contained in the national "do-not-call" registry. This area of law is unsettled at present. A federal district court prevented theFederal Trade Commission from enforcing the national "do-not-call" registry, which is similar to the Utah database, because it violates protections of commercial speech contained in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has accepted an appeal of that decision. While the Tenth Circuit has not yet decided the appeal, it has allowed the F.T.C. to continue to enforce the registry because the court said there is a substantial likelihood the F.T.C. will win the appeal.















...using falsehoods to illustrate _principles of


Mike got his foot in
the door under false

worm.gif (3649 bytes)Mormon Insurance Salesman
Faith-Based service?

Please Help Eradicate Intolerance

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 The Short of it... 

  I was visited by a Mormon "Energy Consultant" --

  He came to my house under false pretenses. I'd invited him.  You see, I, like many of us, I'm on the national Do-Not-Call-List (file a complaint), but his company called me anyway. 

When that happens, I invite these salespeople to come to my house to waste their time -- my intention is to teach the company a lesson. This salesman, Mike Tyler, spent over two hours explaining things, making phone calls and filling out forms for his company.

He tried to have me buy all kinds of energy-saving things for my house -- solar hot water heater, insulation, and a heat shield (radiant barrier) for the attic. 

I did learn lot about energy conserving ideas, specifically the aluminized attic heat shield, which, it seems, would indeed reflect a lot of summer heat from the roof away;  and in Winter it would reflect house heat back into the attic.  I think I'll buy one of those, now that I know!

Mike explained that his company can install such a heat shield  for about $5,351.  I asked how much he thought I'd have to pay if I bought the materials myself and had this thing installed professionally.  He told me that it might cost l;ess than $2,000.  To me, that's a no-brainer!  I don't need his company for that.

And who knows, as dishonest this company has been with me by calling me in the first place, what kinds of shoddy materials and workmanship I'd be receiving.

That energy-saving business with the heat shield makes sense to me.  But I'll have to research it some more.  After all, the salesman, Mike Tyler is a Mormon.  He doesn't know how most things work.  I say this because as a Mormon he thinks he is a Space Alien from the planet KOLOB.  If someone is so stupid as to believe that, what else can he be wrong about? And that's not the only goofy thing those Mormons believe.  They only believe, but they don't think.  Correct me if I'm wrong.


Company name:
ONE Energy
500 North Rainbow Blvd. #300-1
Las Vegas, NV  89107 
(This domain seems defunct )

Mike Tyler

801/ 889-4712
2150 S 1300 E #523
Salt Lake City, UT 84106


Mormonism, or the LDS Church, is one of the world’s fastest growing religions. But unless you were raised a Mormon, you probably don’t have a clear picture of this great religion, which was unearthed by Jos.  Smith, a nearly illiterate farm ...

...Explains how the world’s great religions, true ones and false ones,  answer questions that persist through generations. Authors Rabbi Marc Gellman and Monsignor Thomas Hartman are trusted religious...

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Attached are two amazing options for your 401K.  Both have a guarantee of 6% at a minimum per year.  One gives you total access to all money, the other does not but has plenty of access for your situation.  I will better explain in person.

Thank you so much for your consideration. 
Feel free to call me with any of your questions, let's talk soon.

Thank You,
Corby E. Hansen


Unit Supervisor - Bankers Life & Casualty / Colonial Penn   Salt Lake City, UT
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Agent # N0526
BO# 5061


I am very humbled, no need to look at your recent email attachments now, thanks anyway.

That's because the Lord did finally speak to me @ 2 hrs ago. You know.  That, in answer to my

Today, just a little before 7:pm, as I was returning form a short trip to the liquor store, God spoke to me and mentioned your proposal, but he did not say what to do next. HE said to wait until the fullness of time and he will then contact me again to tell me to partake. So, that's all I know. FYI.

From: Michele Chantrill <>
Subject: Mormon Insurance Salesman
Date: September 3, 2013

I'm about to create a website about you.

People who disparage people based simply on there religion just to make a completely bigoted point are prime targets for this type of thing. Good luck with trying to deflect this one my friend.

Oh and by the way.
The do not call list is for telemarketers, not sales people who are out working the streets trying to make a living, by educating the ignorant. HOWEVER those of who are out there trying to make a living will ALWAYS respectfully apologize and hang up when the ignorant inform us haughtily that they on the DNC.

Does this suck?    Some harm happens to you when others exercise their faith.


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* Mormon Missionaries are people who go door to door, all over the world to lie about very important things. They don't know how things work but they believe that praying has efficacy.