The Mormon Church Attempts to Conceal Temple Records for Adolf Hitler
By Helen Radkey


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On August 30, 1998, Don McAreavy, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, wrote to the LDS Family History Library asking if LDS proxy temple work had been performed for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. McAreavy specifically wanted to know if temple ordinances had been performed for Hitler and Braun on September 28, 1993, in the Jordan River Temple, Utah.

A response to this inquiry was sent to McAreavy on September 8, 1998. Typed on an official letterhead of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the letter was signed by Mae Dean Ashton. The address of the sender was shown as: Family History Library, 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3400.

"The only thing I won’t talk about is my metaphysical work...”  Radkey explained that it would be used by the LDS church to discredit her research into Mormon posthumous baptisms.

Ex-Mormon Australia native Helen Radkey is a spiritual consultant and educator, soul reader, past-life therapist, prayer therapist, marriage celebrant, writer and researcher, but is best known as that rabble-rouser who’s been keeping close tabs on the LDS Church’s temple ordinances for the past 18 years. "“here’s a double standard” in which Mormons have renounced polygamy for the living, but “allowed plural marriages for the dead” she said.



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Ashton's reply reads as follows:

Dear Mr. McAreavy:

Thank you for your letter of August 30th regarding temple ordinances for Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun.

We searched the International Genealogical Index TM Addendum and foundno information listed for either. The enclosed printout is the closest we could find and you will note that birth dates are 1836 and 1838.

No additional information is available.


Mae Dean Ashton
Team Leader
Photoduplication Unit



The printout Ashton sent McAreavy shows LDS proxy ordinances which have been performed for Alois Hiedler or Heidler (Hitler), the father of Adolf Hitler.

 Source:   cagle.com         2012

In October 1998, McAreavy was able to obtain copies of LDS temple ordinance records for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun from Philip Roberts of the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. These IGI (International Genealogical Index) copies reveal that Adolf Hitler was "baptized" and "endowed" on December 10, 1993, and "sealed" to his parents on March 12, 1994. These events took place in the London Temple, England. Robert's copies also show that Hitler was "sealed" to Braun on September 28, 1993, in the Jordan River Temple, Utah, and on June 14, 1994, in the Los Angeles Temple. Roberts sent copies of these records to Ashton.

McAreavy sent another mailing to Ashton on October 17, 1998, again asking her if she could locate information for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in LDS files. On November 17, 1998, McAreavy mailed a double registered letter to Ashton. He reminded her that Roberts had sent documentation to her which seemed to indicate that the Mormon Church had done temple ordinances for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. "Would you please be kind enough to verify if the information that Philip Roberts provided is both accurate and proof that temple ordinances were performed for Adolf Hitler," McAreavy wrote.

Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position"
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Atheism is to religion as fish is to bicycle."
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Ashton replied to McAreavy's November 17 letter on December 2, 1998. She again insisted that the [Alois Hitler] copies she had sent McAreavy with her September 8 letter were all that could be located in the IGI TM [Addendum]. McAreavy was informed that he could soon expect to receive a reply from the [Family History] Department Director.On December 29, 1998, McAreavy again wrote to Ashton. He requested the name and mailing address of the Department Director because he had received no communication from that person, as promised by Ashton. When there was no response to this request, McAreavy wrote directly to the Department Director of the Photoduplication Department of the Family History Library on January 25, 1999. McAreavy again asked if the Mormon Church had done temple ordinances for Hitler and Braun.

The following reply, again typed on an official letterhead of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, dated March 16, 1999, was sent to McAreavy from the Family History Library:


To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: Famous or Historical Figures

You recently wrote to inquire if temple ordinances have been performed
for a famous or historical figure. As a matter of policy, we respond to
such requests only when those making the request are directly related
to the person about whom they seek information.

It might be helpful to know that, as an institution, we have no control
over the names individuals submit to receive temple ordinances. However,
we strongly counsel Church members to submit only the names of those
persons to whom they are related. Furthermore, we believe that ordinances
performed in behalf of any deceased individual are valid only if that
person is worthy of and chooses to accept what has been done in his or
her behalf.

The Church spends a great deal of time, effort, and money to make
information available that helps not only its members, but all who are
interested in family history pursuits. You are welcome to use the resources
we provide. We hope you find satisfaction in doing do.


Family History Department

In this impersonal communication to McAreavy, the LDS Family History Department clearly avoided taking responsibility for the discrepancy between Ashton's September 8 denial of LDS temple work for Hitler and Braun - and the IGI copies, supplied by Roberts, which seem to prove - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that this notoriously well-known pair have, indeed, had proxy LDS ordinances performed on their behalf.

At the time McAreavy made his initial inquiry to the Family History Library on August 30, there were multiple entries in LDS temple ordinance files which showed that Mormons have performed various rituals on behalf of Hitler and Braun. These records can still be accessed. Ashton gave McAreavy incorrect information. Was this a deliberate evasion of truth? What are the facts?

Adolf Hitler Converts to Mormonism

Dr. Heinerman wrote about
Mormon space aliens.
and about fruit juices.
Heinerman is a BYU graduate.

Current IGI TM Addendum temple ordinance entries for Mr. [Adolf]  Hiedler (Hitler) show that Hitler was "baptized" by Mormons on September 30, 1993, and "endowed" on April 27, 1994, in the Jordan River Temple, Utah. This record was in the IGI TM Addendum at the time of Ashton's denial [to McAreavy of temple ordinance information for Adolf Hitler] on September 8.  I obtained a copy of this particular record for Hitler from the LDS Family Search Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City on July 13, 1998, less than two months before Ashton stated that no such IGI record existed for Hitler.

If Ashton and her co-workers were not very efficient in their search for Adolf Hitler temple ordinance entries in the LDS genealogical computer system, the same could be said for their lack of thoroughness in locating the same type of records for Eva Braun.

Eva Anna Paula Braun, born in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, on February 7, 1912, was "baptized" by Mormons on October 16, 1964, and "endowed" on February 5, 1965, in the Los Angeles Temple. She had been "sealed" to her parents some time prior to 1970. This information is current and is easily accessible in the IGI TM Addendum, in which file Ashton stated that no information was available for either Hitler or Braun. These entries for Braun should have been found by genuine seekers. In this case, it seems these records may have been intentionally overlooked. Was it easier for McAreavy to be given inaccurate information rather than present him with any copies which he could possibly have used against the Mormon Church? Or are the staff of the Family History Library so poorly skilled at accessing their own computer files that they missed the entries in question?

In addition to the IGI, which is a huge database of names and vital information for multimillions of people, with an Ordinance Index attached, the other significant LDS genealogical file is the Ancestral File. In this family history archive, LDS ordinance records may be found attached to pedigree charts.



 Dawkins: Hitler was a Catholic 
 White and Delightsome

There are, currently, Ancestral File ordinance records which show Adolf Hitler was "baptized" on September 4, 1993, "endowed" on October 12, 1993, and "sealed" to his parents and also Eva Braun on June 14, 1994 - in the Los Angeles Temple. The June 14 sealing of Hitler and Braun is the same sealing which Roberts sent copies of to McAreavy and Ashton. These entries could once be found in the IGI. They have since been deleted, along with other entries for prominent Nazis. What is going on here?

Prior to adding the 1997 edition to the IGI, it seems that the Mormon Church, intent on preserving its public image, attempted to remove the names of well-known Nazis from the IGI files. Most of the IGI entries for Adolf Hitler; Mrs. (Adolf Hitler); Adolf Eichmann; Paul Joseph Göbbels; Hermann Göring; Rudolf Hess; and Heinrich Himmler, were quietly removed. Also erased were the records for Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Fascist Italy from 1922 to 1943 and ally of Hitler and the Third Reich.

     LDS may have posthumously baptized Obama's African ancestors
     Church declines to say whether rites were performed.
"Radkey has become an irritant to Mormon officials and the church faithful, who
wince each  time a newspaper reports her latest find in LDS baptismal records."

 Source:   sltrib.com                Links: : Dean  Hovey, a mean little guy...        2009 News article

But the deletion effort was botched. Some entries were missed, such as the ones still current for Hitler and Braun, in the IGI and Ancestral File. The IGI ordinance records for Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, which correctly showed his place of birth as Alexandria, Egypt, were deleted - yet other IGI ordinance entries still exist for Hess, wrongly listing his place of birth as Germany.

Also missed were LDS ordinance records, which still exist in the Ancestral File, for Paul Joseph Göbbels and Hermann Göring. These entries, which include baptisms for each of them, may have been intentionally removed from the IGI files.

Es lebe Deutschland!The LDS ordinance records, of other well-known Nazis, were apparently overlooked by Mormons during their IGI purge. These records are currently accessible [1999] . Included in this liberal list are: Reinhard Heydrich, "The Father of The Final Solution" - Hitler's plan to exterminate all Jews in Europe. Alfred Rosenberg, hanged at Nuremberg for war crimes; Ernst Röhm, once the thuggish leader of Hitler's Storm Troopers; and Field Marshall Erwin Rommel,*  the famous Desert Fox of World War II.

In May 1994 and March 1996, from LDS genealogical centers, I obtained numerous Nazi IGI entries which have since been deleted. In this collection, are copies of the LDS records for Hitler and Braun that Roberts sent to McAreavy and Ashton, with the additional sealing of Adolf Hitler to his parents on June 14, 1994. I have IGI copies of all of the LDS ordinance records for Hitler which are currently in the Ancestral File - but no longer in the IGI. As well, my copies show another baptism for Hitler, almost identical to the one still in the IGI files under Hiedler (Hitler), with the same ordinance dates. But the deleted entry is listed as Hitler (Hiedler) Adolf, showing a birth date of 1889. The Hiedler (Hitler) entry shows a birth of 1891 - so they are different records.

A mysterious record for a Mr, Hitler, of Vienna, Austria, with date of death 1900, and showing a proxy baptism date of April 15, 1924, in the Logan Temple, Utah, is also no longer in the IGI files. Other vanished IGI entries are a sealing of Adolf Hitler to Eva Braun on October 19, 1993, at the Jordan River Temple, and a baptism for Mrs. Hitler (Hiedler) on September 10, 1993, and an endowment for her on March 17, 1994, also in the Jordan River Temple.

The Mormon Church has attempted to deliberately conceal LDS temple ordinances for Adolf Hitler. This first occurred with the disappearance of many of the IGI records for Hitler and other publicly-known evildoers of the Third Reich. Then - there was a second attempt to cover-up Nazi records when Ashton told McAreavy that no LDS temple ordinances had been performed for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Even when confronted by IGI temple records, for Hitler and Braun, by Roberts - those in charge of the Family History Department at the Family History Library, representing the genealogical arm of the Mormon Church, did not want to take responsibility for these records. Their implausible excuse was that they have no control over the names individuals submit to receive temple ordinances.

Like a slippery snake in the grass, the Mormon Church may have tried to dodge public criticism by denying its questionable proxy recognition of Adolf  Hitler - the amoral and evil Nazi genius who was responsible for the terror and barbarism of the Third Reich and the loss of millions of innocent lives, before and during World War 11. But LDS ordinance records speak for themselves - Mormons have repeatedly claimed the unpopular Hitler. Anything stated to the contrary cannot alter this conclusion.

Deception is not the hallmark of a church with integrity [Tarot readings].  As the Mormon Church will eventually find out - even the most artful serpent can be choked by its own coils!

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Researcher Helen Radkey seeks to cause a headache for Romney in 2012
Washington Post    By J a s o n   H o r o w i t z,   February 16, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY — Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has major headaches named Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  This month, he also had Helen Radkey.

On Feb. 8, Radkey, an excommunicated Mormon who spends her days combing through databases at the church’s Family History Library, emailed Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, named for the famed Nazi-hunter.

“FYI, discovered today: Posthumous baptisms for the parents of Simon Wiesen­thal,” Radkey wrote. “I am collecting evidence, which will be e-mailed to you, if requested, as long as there is a public stink.”

The Wiesenthal Center obliged, and a week later, Radkey followed with the revelation that Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor, was also listed in the private Mormon databases as “ ‘ready’ for posthumous rites.” This appeared to be a violation of the spirit of the Mormon agreement with Jewish groups not to posthumously baptize Holocaust victims and led to Wiesel’s public appeal to Romney to demand that his church stick to its word. All the reports credited Radkey, an independent researcher in Salt Lake City, as the force behind the revelations.

Radkey, an eccentric and familiar face at the church’s sprawling genealogical archive here, has a knack for notoriety.

Mitt Romney's underwear collar betrays
his Mormon garments. 
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 An outward expression of an inward commitment.

She has acquired a measure of acclaim for her discovery that Mormons in the Provo, Utah, temple had posthumously baptized Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, during the 2008 presidential campaign, as well as revealing that Joan of Arc, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe had also received proxy baptisms.

Now Radkey’s energies are directed at a new area of research, which she hopes will cause a new headache for Romney: the posthumous plural marriages of his ancestors. She calls this “Romney’s polygamy tree.”

- - -

On a recent afternoon in Radkey’s apartment on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, a menorah and Virgin Mary statuette stood atop the refrigerator, a Buddha sat under a lamp and Egyptian sun gods rested on a coffee table. A book called “The Animal Wise Tarot” helped explain the preponderance of wolf posters hanging on the walls alongside a framed “universal life church minister” certification.

“The only thing I won’t talk about is my metaphysical work,” Radkey, 69, wearing a red sweater and black beret, said in her Australian accent. She explained that it would be used by the church to discredit her research. She preferred to leaf through stacks of manila folders labeled “Gaskell Romney, grandfather,” “Archi­bald Newell Hall, great-great grandfather,” and “Parley Parker Pratt, great-great grandfather.”

Radkey, who is a regular guest on the weekly cable show “Polygamy: What Love Is This?” (“a live, call-in television talk show dedicated to the subject of polygamy and Mormon fundamentalism”), has decided that the world should know about what she considers the posthumous love life of Romney’s forebears.

This is because, she said, “there’s a double standard” in which Mormons have renounced polygamy for the living, but “allowed plural marriages for the dead.”

More important for her, she found Romney’s depiction of polygamy — he called it “bizarre” and “awful” — in bad taste. “How dare he say that polygamy was horrible when it was what his ancestors believed?” she said. “I believe you should honor your bloodline. I have convicts in my bloodline. I don’t reject them.”

- - -

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Posthumous baptisms are a sacred ritual that Mormons believe offer a second shot at salvation in the afterlife to those who never received Mormon baptism on Earth.

The church insists that there is no polygamy in the afterlife. “We believe that marriage is the most important relationship in this life and can continue after this life when performed in a temple. Temple marriages — also known as sealings — are performed only for those married in this life,” said Michael Purdy, a church spokesman.

Radkey, however, has produced documents from private church databases that suggest many prominent Mormons, including Romney’s ancestors, have been sealed to multiple spouses after they died.

This obsession with clandestine Mormon rituals is four decades in the making for a woman about whom the Salt Lake Tribune asked in a 2009 profile: “Who is Helen Radkey and why is she out to get the LDS Church?”

In 1963, two Mormon missionaries knocked on her door in Hobart, Australia, opening an eight-year passage to Mormonism that eventually ended her marriage and cost her custody of her two children. She met her second husband, an American, at his own conversion baptism, but later fell out with church authorities and was excommunicated in 1978.

Two years later, the Tasmanian arrived in Boston with her husband and took in a showing of the movie “The Jazz Singer,” starring Neil Diamond. She described the viewing as a transformative, almost religious experience that persuaded her to stay in America. “It was Neil,” she said. “We’re coming to America! Neil had this sound, and I wanted this sound.”

Her second marriage ended in divorce, and in 1984 she moved with her young twins to the capital of the Mormon church, Salt Lake City.

“I wanted to research Mormonism,” she said.

She bounced around from religion to religion, and soon after her third marriage fell apart, visited the shrine of Gabriel Lalemant, a 17th-century Canadian Jesuit who she believes was her son in a past life. (She still keeps a shrine to him, complete with a relic, in her bedroom.) She was thus appalled to discover at the library that Mormons had performed a proxy baptism for Lalemant.

“I started to collect rigmarole, proxy baptisms and sealings on famous people and saints,” she said. Her research resulted in an April 1994 Associated Press article headlined “Mormons on Their Way to Baptizing Everyone Who Ever Lived.” She followed up with a short letter published in the Salt Lake Tribune reporting on the vicarious baptism of St. Patrick. “I propose that those of us who are proud of our Irish Catholic heritage raise an extra glass of the old bubbly to St. Paddy on March 17,” she wrote.

Radkey took three trips to the Vatican in unsuccessful attempts to drum up interest about the Mormon proxy baptisms of Catholic saints. Dejected, she returned to her Salt Lake apartment, where she underwent an epiphany when one of her twin sons brought home a Jewish girl from college.

“I said, ‘I’ve had enough of the Vatican,’ ” she recalled. “I’m going to help the Jews.”

- - -

In 1995, the Mormon church had reached an agreement with Jewish groups to remove more than 350,000 names of Holocaust victims from their records.

Pursuing her new mission on the library computers, Radkey checked the private Mormon databases for Holocaust victims and still found thousands, including a record showing that Mormons had posthumously baptized Anne Frank. At her request, groups such as the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors began to pay her for her research, and she sought to convert to Judaism. “The Jews didn’t want me,” she said.

Radkey says that in the course of her research into what she describes as the postmortem marriages of the Romney ancestors, which she hopes to turn into a book, the genealogy experts of the library, which is open to the public, have been only polite and helpful. The feeling hasn’t always been mutual.

In 2006 and 2009, the library disciplined her for sneaking onto computers used by Mormons who had not logged off their terminals and then spending hours using their accounts to dig through the private church records.

“I don’t hack the database,” she said. “Let’s just say I have a way of accessing it through a confidential Mormon source.”

After putting her Romney folders in order, Radkey drove to downtown Salt Lake and Temple Square, where she passed the historic home of Brigham Young. (“Of course, they don’t talk about all the wives,” she said of Young.) At the library, Radkey logged in for another session of Romney research, next to a man wearing earmuffs and other regulars in a small band of committed database diggers.

“How long have I been working on this?” Radkey asked her friends at the terminals.

“Since we’ve been in Mormondom,” answered another woman with her face inches from the screen. “Forever and ever.”

Source:  WashingtonPost.com

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Mormon war criminals who converted to Mormonism posthumously and who were baptized as LDS
1. Baldur von Schirach
Hitler Youth leader and Gauleiter of
Vienna, sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Released in 1966, wrote his memoirs,
I Believed in Hitler, and died in 1974.
2. Alfred Jodl
Chief of Operations. supreme
headquarters. Jodi was hanged in 1946.
but posthumously exonerated by a West
German court in 1953.
3. Franz von Papen
Diplomat, former Deputy Chancellor
to Hiller. Acquired at Nuremberg, he
tried unsuccessfully to reenter politics
after the war and died in 1969.
4. Arthur Seyss-Inquart
Reich Governor,
5. Albert Speer
Reich Minister for Armaments, spent his
20 year sentence in Spandau prison,
but upon his release wrote Inside the Third
. one of the most famous memoirs
of the Hitler period. which turned him into
something of a media star. Died in 1981
during a visit to London.
6. Constantin Freiherr von Neurath
Reich Foreign Minister and Protector of
Bohemia. Sentenced 15 years but was
released in 1953 after a heart attack and
died three years later.
7. Hans Fritzsche
Head of Wireless News in Göbbels'
Propaganda Ministry. Acquitted at
Nuremberg but later retried by a German
court, sentenced to nine years, then
released on health grounds in 1950.
dying of cancer three years later.
8. Hermann Wilhelm Göring
Chie' of the Luftwaffe, Adolf Hitler's
nominated successor and an avid art
collector. Sentenced to death but
committed suicide.
9. Rudolf Hess
Deputy Leader of the Nazi party. Hess
spent the rest of his life in Benin's
Spandau Prison, where he is thought to
have committed suicide with a length of
electric cord in 1987.
10. Joachim von Ribbentrop
Foreign Minister.
11. Wilhelm Keitel
Chief of Staff of High Command of Armed
Forces. Hanged.
12. Ernst Kaltenbrunner
Head of Reich Security main office and
the Gestapo from 1943. Hanged.
13. Alfred Rosenberg
Nazi theorist. Minister for the Occupied
Eastern Territories and a keen anti-Semite.
14. Hans Frank
Governor General of occupied Poland
who, after his capture, attempted
suicide.  His apparent re-conversion to
Christianity left the court unmoved and
he was hanged.
15. Wilhelm Frick
Minister of Interior.
16. Julius Streicher
Editor of the notorious anti-Semitic
newspaper Der Stürmer who advocated
annihilation of Jews,
17. Walther Funk
Economics Minister from 1938 and
Director of the German Central Bank.
Sentenced to life-imprisonment, he was
released due to ill-health in 1957 and
died in 1960.
18. Hjalmar Schacht
Economics Minister and Director of
the German Central Bank before Funk.
Although acquitted at Nuremberg,
Schacht was retried by a German court
and sentenced to eight years in a labor
prison. He was released in 1948 and set
himself up in business as a financial
adviser. He died in 1970.
19. Fritz Saukel
Reich Director of  Forced labor. Insisted
that Speer was the real culprit.
20. Erich Räder
Commander-in-Chief of the German Navy
until 1943. Räder received a sentence of
life imprisonment but was released on
grounds of ill-health in 1955. He wrote
his memoirs My Life two years later and
died in 1960.
21. Karl Dönitz
Submarine Arm Commander.
Commander-in-Chief at the German Navy
1943-5 and briefly Hitler's successor as
German president in May 1945. He served
his full 10-year sentence. Never repented
and became a hero to many West German
military men. He died in 1980.

Source: BBC Knowledge magazine Oct. 2008 #1



The Mormons' Reply

An answer by the Mormonm Church.  See  http://www.sltrib.com/1999/oct/10091999/religion/35861.htm.  Or see here.

Another seemingly standard answer

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In your article on the Mormon church keeping records on ordinances done on 
Nazis, you gave a list of notable Nazis done, in which was included Erwin 
Rommel, the Desert Fox. To set the record straight, Erwin Rommel was not a 
Nazi, he never joined the Nazi party. Therefore he was not a Nazi. 
   Joshua H. Behn

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