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Nigerian Scam


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worm.gif (3649 bytes)      The NIGERIAN Scam...

Do you want to GET EVEN?
It's easy... Just reply with...

(Think about it a minute)

  Who should read this  ...  

...YOU, if you have received a 419 scam letter, often known as the Nigerian scam.  The letter promised to offer to share millions of dollars with you.  Not only Nigerians send out letters like this.


You can teach this 419 spammer a lesson.

The idea is this:  Send a copy of his entire email to 3 or more of your friends and tell them to do the same.  Tell them to play with the spammer -- have some fun.

In no time at all, this spammer will be very busy.  Do this and help others avoid the scam.


What is this all about?  If you GOOGLE  'Nigerian Scam'  you will find hundreds of very good descriptions of the scam and of its damage.


Nigerian con man nabbed for role in US currency scam...

  The Idea is this: 

Reply to the spammer's email and at the same time...

Send copies  to 3 or more friends and ask them to draw out the spammer by playing with him. 

That's all!

Important:  Use Bcc:, (blind copy), not Cc: (Carbon copy), when forwarding.  The text is at the right.

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Do these things suck? ~~ Unpleasant experiences with companies and organizations. Scams.

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