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This scammer wants us to impersonate the next of
Kin of Carlos Mantoya, a victim of the Faith-Based
9-11 attack on the US by strict adherents of Islam

Off-site Link: Nigerian Consulate



 The Email:

From: "Barrister Charles Chukwu Esq" <>
Subject: Be Carlos Montoya Next Of Kin.
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 03:13:47 GMT
Barrister Charles Chukwu,
Principal Partner,
Chukwu Law Chambers.
Suit 112, Oshopey Plaza.
Ikeja, Lagos.
Tel:234 8033596854

Dear Jun,

Thanks for your early response to my prospectus, I want you to understand that this transaction is real and will benefit the both of us if only we can come together and work as partners. I have mapped out the intelligent and constructive means to get this done with ease. The $9M US Dollars is domicile in African Continental Bank Plc.

You should understand that late Engr. Carlos Montoya, was one of the victims in the September 11,2001 terrorist attack on America, Here is the website of the victims that lost their lives in the September 11,2001,America terrorist attack my client (Carlos Montoya) inclusive:
< >

All I require from you is that you act as the next of lin to this man. To get this done, I will require your personal details like Full names and address, telephone and Fax for easy communication ,then your full account details will be required. With all these, an application for the transfer of the Estate will be submitted to the African Continental Bank on your behalf.
Then the funds will be wired. We will ensure that all relevant funds transfer approvals as demanded by the international funds transfer regulations are in place before the funds will be wired to you. Everything must be legally done. In that way, there will be no problems for me and you any time any day.
You must understand that a transaction of this nature must be confidential. Please, keep everything about this transaction to your self only. If you are some how apprehensive of sending me your existing account details, please, go and establish another account for this purpose. You do not need to tell the bank yet that such money is about to come. Call me or send me emails anytime there is something you do not well understand.

I will be hoping to hear from you soon.


Barrister Charles Chukwu (Esq)
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This dialogue  fizzled... but don't despair!  There is a much better web page about this fellow.  Click this picture.


Do these things suck? ~~ Unpleasant experiences with companies and organizations. Scams.

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