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Dec, 2001

Curtis Montano was our
tour guide.  He knows
EVERYTHING about all this.

Visitor Center Tours

ROVER: Marie Curie       


Mission Contro, Dec. 2001. Here is where JPL
 keeps an eye and ear on many of its missions.
Back up rover.  This rover would have gone
to mars if Sojourner were not successful.

Mission Control

Jan, 2004

The Mars Lander
Spirit has  just
landed successfully!

Mission Control Jan. 3, 2004. The Mars
Lander, SPIRIT has just touched down.
Engineers jump for joy at news of successful
landing Jan. 3, 2004. 
Seen from ABOVE

Make a paper model of Vassini.
Download files (2)  for free.
Model     Instructions
Free kits

Mauna Kea Telescopes

Apollo - London Science Museum

Flight :
 My Life in Mission Control

 All of the giants of Americans of space
 are now gone, with the exception of
 Chris Craft. Chris is indeed a giant in
 America's race to beat the Russians
 to the moon. He chronicles a proud
 period in  history when we undertook
 the impossible and did it.

Link: A night View of the earth: antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov

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