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Ruben Ortega
Chief of Police, 1999



  If you visit Salt Lake City, Mormon country make sure your car's  stickers are current!

And don't spit on the sidewalk, or -- God forbid -- curse, especially not near the Mormon temple...

...because that won't be tolerated.






 Meet our Police Chief, Mr. Ortega.

          Salt Lake City, Utah is very unforgiving if you have a minor car registration problem.  They will impound your car! Read on.  The following is a true story of what happened to me.  I would rather not  display my name here, but you probably can get it from public records if you are really curious.  My name is not important.

They impounded my car.

         Officer Levalsai Uesele had my car towed away because I did not have a current inspection sticker on my license plate.  I forgot, OK?  Shoot me!

        It was a TON of trouble to get the car back... I won't even go into details... it cost me a day's wages, time and money, not counting the impound fee -- just to drive it home.  (The impound lot is a horror story in itself... stay tuned).

       I called the internal affairs department of the Salt Lake police and I filed a complaint.  Months passed. The department found in MY FAVOR, on one count, at least. 
The police admitted to an "Improper vehicle impound". 

It's only my opinion, but it think the officer, Levalasi Uesele was just plain mean.  That complaint, however was not sustained.  Hmm..  She's Not supposed to impound the car, but it was not mean of her to do so?  Correct me if I'm wrong.

The police did not immediately send me a refund check as of today, June 19, 1999. What did you expect?  The police to make right on its mistake?

Whenever you have an unsatisfactory contact with the police, you can file a complaint with the police's INTERNAL AFFAIRS department.   This makes them do some work, paperwork, to check things out.

 I appealed.

Here is the letter that Ruben sent me, stating that the vehicle impound was improper (image):

This was my reply

I got my refund:




UPDATE The Appeals guy, Mr. Jeff Rowley was very responsive.  He sent me a form to make a claim to recover my money.  He even agreed with me on the phone, that the police should automatically refund one's expenses if they have wrongfully caused them! 

This is what happened.   I think there are no inaccuracies.  I invite any party involved here to make corrections.  I will apply valid corrections to this page.


 Update:  Update February 2012:

Salt Lake City police took its website offline after it was hacked.

From: Police PR Unit <>
Subject: SLCPD investigation into computer attack continues; please change your password
Date: February 1, 2012 5:20:52 PM MST

If you are receiving this email, it is because you supplied your email address to the Salt Lake City Police Department through its website, As we continue to investigate the scope of the computer attack (...more)

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